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Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Box Review – August 2014

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Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August

Artistry Gift Wrap is a monthly subscription box which contains quality gift wrap, bags, ribbons, bows, and more from artists and designers all over the world. Items included in each box are selected to be mixed-and-matched. Many of their papers are even made from recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Artistry Gift Wrap kindly sent us this box to review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: Artistry Gift Wrap

The Cost: $25/month including shipping for their Wrap-It option, or $20/month the Papers Only option. They also offer seasonal delivery options.

The Products: The Wrap-It box includes items such as papers, gift bags, bows, and more. The Papers Only option contains 3-7 different wrapping papers each month.

Ships To: US – all packages are shipped on the 5th of each month. Order by the 15th of the month to receive that month’s paper, otherwise your subscription will start on the following month.

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 Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August 2014 Letter

Each box comes with papers describing this month’s items and gift wrapping ideas. This month’s featured papers are from Loft 213 and are actually made out of salvaged limestone! I read this sheet only after photographing/using these papers, and I never would have guessed that these papers were 100% tree-less. They all have a nice semi-matte finish, are waterproof, and they don’t tear when gliding your scissors along them to cut.

Artistry Gift Wrap is also starting to personalize their boxes!

Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August 2014 Ribbon

Silver Metallic Tissue Paper – value: $3.50

Butterfly Kisses Petite Square Bag – value: $2.50

White High Gloss Curly Bows – $2.50

 Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August 2014 Flowers

Cottage Garden Wrapping Paper – value: $4.50

I love floral patterns, and so does my mom – I know I’m wrapping all presents for her in this paper!

 Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August 2014 Wedding

Chalkboard Love Wedding Wrap – $4.50

This paper could not have come at a better time for me! Usually, June and July are the months full of weddings, but this year it’s August and September. We’ve got 3 or 4 weddings to go to before the end of the year, so this paper will definitely be put to good use.

 Artistry Gift Wrap Subscription Review & Coupon - August 2014 Chevron

Pink Chevron Stone Wrap and Silver Chevron Stone Wrap – value: $4.95 each

The best part about these patterns is that they’re simple and versatile. I couldn’t find the pink or silver chevron patterns on their site, but I did find black, red, and gold.

Verdict: The value of this Artistry Gift Wrap box adds up to a little less than $30, so I’m happy with the value – especially because I never would have found out about this stone paper from Loft 213! I also love that they’re beginning to personalize selection based on your preferences because this means I’ll be sure to only get patterns I’ll actually use.

What are your thoughts about this tree-less paper? What’s your favorite pattern included in this month’s Artistry Gift Wrap Box?

Written by Haley Faye

Haley Faye

Haley Faye first discovered Beauty Army and Birchbox in 2012 and instantly fell hard and fast for the world of subscription boxes. Over the years of writing for MSA she has found many subscriptions to fuel her addiction, but her favorites include fashion, geeky, beauty, and mom/baby boxes to share with her son.

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  1. When you mention shopping for wrapping paper at the Dollar Tree and Big Lots you are most definitely sacrificing quality. Every box I’ve gotten from them is completely different than the one before. Every month is a new paper designer. Have you looked at the reviews for some of the other months? These papers are not comparable to the Dollar Tree.

    • Look – I don’t want to get into a continual tit-for-tat back and forth with you. It’s pointless. We are both entitled to our opinions.

      I never said “shop solely at Dollar Tree or Big Lots”. I suggested them for extra rolls (not your main source of giftwrap) – plus filler, ribbon, and accessories. In my own case, I like to build gift towers at the holidays – so the larger boxes have very high end graphic / printed wrapping paper, and some of the middle packages have solid colored paper I’ve purchased in bulk or at discount. When mixed together in a large stack with silk, wired, or grosgrain ribbon surrounding all of it and a big handmade bow on top, you would be hard-pressed to say any quality was sacrificed.

      Go to Fashion Week in NYC. Behind the scenes backstage you will see models head-to-toe in haute couture putting on Maybelline Big Lash mascara. The fact the mascara was purchased at Wal Mart or CVS doesn’t change the look of the total package that goes down the runway. But every enhancement to the appearance doesn’t have to be high end.

      I could link dozens of my packaging photos showing this in great detail, but I don’t want to promote my (former) business in a thread devoted to someone else’s business. Needless to say if you research me online, however, you will see I’m cited as ‘the packaging expert’ to ask quite often.

      In no way whatsoever did I compare them to Dollar Tree. Ever. In fact, I listed the name of the wholesale merchant that a great deal of their products come from.

      And I also provided alternative methods / merchants when putting together a packaging arsenal. When doing so, I listed the bulk and discount sites as an inexpensive add-on merchant. It is possible to cut corners here and there with specific items and still have your packaging / wrapping look like a million bucks.

      If a person needs their hand held and their packaging coordinated and assembled for them so they don’t have to think or stress about it – great. This would be an amazing subscription service for them.

      If a person is capable of matching papers, ribbons, bows, tissue, and embellishments themselves – and they are good at watching sales – this subscription service would be a lot of money down the drain. But not once have I said “don’t use them”. I have said they are a nice service with good quality merchandise (even when some or all of it is purchased in bulk elsewhere and resold / redistributed).

      And with that, there really is nothing more to say now and I don’t intend to respond to you again and keep hijacking a thread. People can make up their own minds based on choices available – and that’s exactly what my comments have provided – alternate choices.

      Much the same when someone recommends Lip Factory or Boxycharm in a post about Ipsy or Glossybox . . . it’s allowed. And is usually appreciated.

  2. (I’m currently on hiatus due to health, but…) I run a packaging and presentation site (primarily for photographers) and these are some of the biggest pricing-value discrepancies I’ve ever seen, even when taking the curation into creation. I wish I’d thought of charging $25/mo for that if people are willing to pay it! 😉

    • I must be shopping in the wrong Targets and Walmarts if $5/full roll is pricey, since I’m paying considerably more than that for average size rolls. At Christmas they can go for up to $10/each. Looks like a pretty good deal to me!

      • Honestly, you must be because my Target carries multi-roll bundled sets every holiday for $6 (before figuring in any kind of sale price). Between the discounted prices during their weekly specials, eBates rebates if the purchase is made online, 5% debit and credit Red Card discounts if purchased in-store or online (including free shipping), coupons via their newsletters, coupons via mobile, etc. – not to mention “after Christmas sales” if you have the ability to store clearance merchandise for the next season) – wrapping can be had for next to a steal.

        A quick Google search showed in the past Target has offered 70-foot character Christmas wrap rolls for $3, and 175-foot holiday rolls for $5 (and at the time of these online features Target was also offering an additional $1 off / roll mobile coupon).

        Staples will put out 40% off coupons for their Martha Stewart wrapping paper line during the holidays as well. And there are always stores like Five Below, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots for additional rolls and sheets, filler, ribbon, and accessories.

        JoAnn’s, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s also offer excellent sales / clearances on wrapping any time of year. (Don’t forget to check and see if a merchant is on eBates when shopping online, and also sign up for their newsletter to receive weekly discounts, sometimes 40-50% off).

        It appears Artistry Gift Wrap is a reseller of the wholesale company The Gift Wrap Company. The pricing on the Artistry website breaks down to the standard 50% markup of TGWC’s bulk rates per item. (Another great, and economical, option for those looking to buy in bulk is Nashville Wraps. They offer eco-friendly packaging lines.)

        For those who are flying blind when it comes to giftwrap, Artistry’s subscription is a nice service – because it automatically coordinates bags, tissue, paper, ribbon, accessories, etc., for the recipient. But the real value here is more in the curation (someone else doing all the work to coordinate and assemble) – not the final pricetag.

        • But isn’t that true of all luxury items. Yes there’s a cheaper version available but you want the luxury item because it’s better. I rather like my Artistry Gift Wrap subscription. All of the papers I’ve received have been of very high quality.

          • I never said anything about sacrificing quality for price. If you view my office photos online, you can see that I certainly use very high end packaging and keep a lot of it on hand at all times. My packaging has been featured in a book, Rangefinder Magazine, on multiple print lab websites, and also by other vendors at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas, New Orleans, Austin, Anaheim, New York, and Boston . . . to name a few.

            I know how to make a dollar stretch so I can get the most bang for my buck – and for $30, because I know where to look and how to snag the best bargains, I would end up with more than double the items in the subscription box shown above. However, I’m also really good at coordinating package looks and designs once I have said items in front of me – and I know that not everyone is.

            I’ve also never said that the subscription featured here did not provide good quality items. But there’s also nothing wrong with pointing out to people that there are other ways to achieve the same looks (and quality) without purchasing a subscription to do it.

            Artistry’s subscription items are good quality because they are reseller of The Gift Wrap Company, and most (if not all) of the items above are produced by TGWC. The Artistry subscription is obviously well-liked because they coordinate those items very nicely and deliver them to their subscribers.

            Again, it has nothing to do with product quality – it has to do with the cost and value of this sub being in the curation of it, and not just the products.

  3. How big are each wrapper? Just big enough for a standard size box?

    • Mary Jane – Thanks for asking! I should have clarified this in the review. The wrapping papers actually come in full-size tubes!

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