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Swap Site Updates – Counter Swapping!

Counter Swapping

I think this has been the most requested feature since the launch of swaps, so I’m very excited to announce that the counter-swap functionality on the swap site is now live!

Now instead of either accepting or canceling swap terms, you have a third option of countering with a different offer. When you click Counter Swap, you will see this screen:

Swap Site Updates

You can add or remove items that your requested and/or add or remove items that your fellow swapper has requested, then send the counter proposal.

Let me know if you have any questions! We’re still working on a list of swap site requests (like canceling a swap that has been accepted by both parties), but please keep the feedback coming!



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (47)

  1. Hi Liz, I’m just wondering where in the swapping process the counter swap button appears. I’ was sent a request, and only seem to have 3 options: Accept, decline, or keep open. Is the counter swap feature gone? or do I have to accept and then counter swap?

    • Wondering the same thing. It looks like the counterswap is only available after you respond to their original swap, and then they can counterswap, but I don’t see it right away either. I would like to swap but need to delete a request they made as item is already pending.

  2. Hi Liz, not sure if you are aware of this. This happen twice now, and thought you should know. When the other party accept my counter swap, and click accept, they receive an email, but not me. I didn’t know that it is accepted, until I receive a comment email. Just thought it is weird.

  3. Not sure what I can do? I have a couple people I swapped with and have sent their packages in good faith. When I attempt to contact them, I get no response. Looking at the ranking on one swapper now, they have 2 very negative reports against them…mine may be the 3rd. Is there a point where they are kicked out of the swapping group for not sending tracking info or the swap that was agreed to? Maybe I am too trusting,but I think offenders should get dropped from the group!

  4. what is this new + number thing? i cant figure out what it is?! for

    • I was wondering that to

    • The number + indicates that there are 2 items in addition to the one shown that you are swapping.

      There are a few other updates too, so I’ll do another update post about it!

  5. I wish the product info (size/used or new/additional info) would remain visible even after the swap has been accepted. As other have mentioned, I’ve accepted swaps where I was sure that the item was listed as full sized, yet once I received it the product was a small sample size. At this point, once the trade is agreed on, we are unable to go back to the trade to check the exact product info that the trader listed. The size/used or new/ and additional info disappears once the trade is approved. Therefore there is no way to go back and double check to see the details of the product that the trader listed. So you can’t prove or disproved if they person sent the item as they listed it

    • I agree–it would be helpful to be able to view the size/other details info about an item after the swap has been accepted.

  6. Can’t wait to get off of the wait list. I have so much stuff that I’m sure someone would appreciate.

    • When I saw your message I laughed – LOL! I had a bunch of stuff, when I first started to swap, the more I swapped the more I shopped. I wanted more boxes to swap stuff. – Then when someone declined my swap I looked up the product and bought it on line. MSA has been my husbands worst shopping nightmare – He used to say oh no not another package – Now he’s used to it – LOL! – He did say something nice about the face cleanser I swapped for yesterday which was a surprise. So most the time I look for stuff we can both use when I swap – LOL!

      • OK YOUR comment made me laugh because it is sadly true! It is a vicious cycle…and one that costs me a fortune! 🙂

  7. DYING to get off the waitlist for swapping! I got burned in January by a swap through the ipsy website (gave away a full size Em mascara and received nothing in the mail back :'( ) and would like to try again with such an official swapping program! Any idea when spots will open? I have SO much stuff to get rid of!

    • It should be within a week!

      • Thanks Liz! Looking forward to it!

  8. A little off topic, but I’m trying to request one of the Turkish Aqua blue towels and there are 25 listed. Possibly because there are so many, the list of swappers with the towels won’t load. I’ve tried for 15 minutes at a time and the list doesn’t appear.
    If it’s not only me having this problem, there won’t be many towels swapped!

    • This is happening to me too. With items that have a bunch of listings it just thinks and thinks and doesn’t bring up the swappers that have it available. This has only been happening the last two days. Some sort of glitch I guess.

    • Thanks for letting us know – we’ll look into it!

  9. Loving the counter swapping idea!! But will also chime in about people who do misrepresent sizes. I have been through 4-5 swaps where it was listed as deluxe or full sized product, only to get a sample. As someone else mentioned, you can’t even go back to the listing to affirm they listed it incorrectly. When I have complained to the swappers, they always say it was my mistake, and they said it was a sample.
    In one such swap I was sending out a clock with a $40 retail value. I certainly wouldn’t have accepted a swap for a few sample makeup items. I lost very big on that swap.
    I have always listed the item with every possible detail I could, including the size. But there will always be people that are looking to scam you, which is a shame on this site. Please do require size as mentioned above- foil packet, small sample, deluxe sample, etc.
    Thanks, Liz!

  10. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the new update but I just accepted a swap where (this is a bit confusing even as I type this) the other swapper added more items in between the original email I received that she had reviewed my items and when I actually clicked accept. It was a time frame of less than 5 minutes. There are items that I “accepted’ that did not show up on the original swap proposal and now I have agreed to them and feel obligated to swap even though I think the additional items have made the trade a bit unfair. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Hm, that should not be happening, we’ll look into it. (If you could email me the link to the swap that would be great). In theory you should see the final items before you accept, and the other swapper at that point should be locked out of making changes.

      • What is your email address? I’m sure I could find it somewhere on here if I looked hard enough but it’s late and I’m tired. 🙂 On a positive note I explained the situation to the other swapper and she was very nice and has agreed to let me add another item to the swap.

  11. As far as sizing in details …. I would like to ad what to what others have said ….. It would great to see a size be as: __ Foil Size – __Travel Size/Deluxe Size – –__Medium Size or __Full Size — There for the other swapper could determine quicker what the swap is for instead of looking up ounces and looking up what the product looks like online ….. I know for me if someone clicked on foil sample verses deluxe sample size or full size. I would know imediately how big or how the small product is.

  12. I think there are issues with the search option. When you type what you are looking for so many options appear but then when you hit search it says zero options found. This happens quite often when I am on the internet on my phone. Not sure about the website.

  13. Thanks so much for this update, Liz! This really will make negotiating much easier! I appreciate all your efforts. I would like to chime in to support the idea of having the size of an item be a required field. I also think it would be helpful to have “retail value” be a required field. One other thing to note, if there was a way to show the additional field detail for a given swap item in all cases (regardless of whether you are the person initiating the swap, responding to a swap, or after a swap has been agreed to…it would be so helpful. As others have said, in some scenarios, the detail fields entered about an item do not show, and it can be difficult to know exactly what you are supposed to send. Thank you so very much for all you do!

    • Would we be required to do research and hunt down prices on items that come from boxes that don’t list prices? Personally, I think retail values are often inflated in these boxes and do not use them to determine my swaps. Many of the items listed by a box at a certain value are actually clearanced or overstock and can be found for less than half price online. So the MSRP doesn’t represent a true value.

      And I feel like some swappers want to focus on MSRP and others don’t. (I know I don’t and have had conversations with others who don’t .) Many people just try to swap an item they don’t like for an item they do like. Right now people who want to list MSRP or search for others who want to list MSRP can do so, but we are not all required to.

      I’ve swapped with a few people who add up the numbers and simply won’t do a swap unless the dollar amount is equal. Often it works, but realistically if the MSRP on your two nail polishes is $30 and the MSRP on my highly sought after NGQ frame is $15 I’m not going to trade the frame for just one of your nail polishes.

      Of course, I would be compliant in entering the MSRP if it was required, but would not want to do a bunch or research for my listing. I guess if this became a requirement, I just wouldn’t list the items that don’t have a price listed on the sheet. Though I would have felt kind of tricky if I’d listed that serum from SB as $100 since we all knew it was listed on Amazon for $15.

      • I’ve been hesitant to add retail values as a field (required or not) on item listings for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. There’s MSRP, there’s the price that it might be available for sale on Amazon, ebay etc, and then there’s what it is worth to you. Also, sample size values aren’t always standard, so I worry there could be discrepancies there as well. And then there are items that don’t have a price tag on them like Nature Box snacks, or craft products.

        For now I recommend that anyone who is interested in listing the retail value put the product’s price in the optional additional details field when they are listing an item.

      • I am one of those who really don’t get caught up in prices of swaps. There have been some that were even, some where I made out a little and others that my fellow swapper made out with the “better deal” based on price. There may be low price items that I love and am willing to swap for something that I really don’t want but is more expensive. I respect the ones that need to swap based on value and am never offended if those swaps don’t work out. To me its all about getting rid of the things i’ll never use or really don’t need for things I really want!

      • You made a good point … As far as values, it really depends on the item. If the item is a limited edition necklace, or nail polish the value goes up. If it is regular item that can be purchase online or instore the value goes down for me. If I’ve had the item for over 2 months, even though the retail value is one thing, I’d except less swap value then on a newer item. I’ve had swaps that the value was $50 + in the other swappers favor, and even though I was okay with it then, now I look back and know I’m not okay with it. My comfort zone is not to exceed a swap value of $30 in the other swappers favor. One thing I don’t like doing is keeping cosmetic or beauty products on swap over 3 months. These products expire and I would rather swap them for less then have them get old in drawer.

  14. Hi, I know I’m late to the game so forgive me but how do I go about getting on the waiting list? Thanks!!!

  15. Love the counter swap!! It can get messy when both people want to swap, but have to negotiate a bit first. This will make it much more streamlined. I imagine people will probably still discuss via message first, but now we don’t have to cancel the swap and start a new one. Thanks for all the wonderful updates you’ve been doing. It just keeps getting better.

    Can we add a way to see the listing after the swap is accepted? There have been a few times where I’ve received a sample size and I was sure it was listed under the full size of an item, but I’m not able to actually go back and looking at my fellow swapper’s listing.

    Also, though I don’t think it’s necessary to provide a picture or size info of every listing, especially if it’s a common item like a Popsugar item, I do think people should be required to create a new listing if the item is not as pictured. For example, there was a facial product that was sent out in Popsugar in a large size, months later Birchbox sent out a small sample of the same product. Many people listed the BB sample under the PS listing. I got burned twice with this and ended up with samples when I thought I was getting a full size based on the fact it was listed under PS. I never would have swapped what I did for a sample, but I didn’t want to accuse my fellow swappers of misrepresenting. I finally wised up and now I have to pester each swapper and ask directly what the size is before I accept a swap.

    Anyway, as always, thanks for listening to us a creating such a fun site!

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Mary Beth! What do you think of making entering the size of an item a requirement when listing a beauty product? (You’re not the only one who has had this issue and I’m trying to brainstorm the best way to make sure every item is properly listed!)

      • I like that idea, as long as there is a way to look back after the swap is accepted and confirm it was listed correctly. I had one time where I am positive I double checked a swapper’s listing before I accepted and the item was listed by her as “full size.” When I received it was a sample and I had no proof to back my claim up other than the fact that she had listed it under a picture of a full sized item. (Again, I am positive she also typed the words “full size” in her description, but I couldn’t back my claim up since her listing was gone.) Maybe we could keep all listing details in the completed swap? Most of this issues will arise after people have received their items, so insisting they list size before hand doesn’t necessarily eradicate it.

        Most of my issues have arisen when people listed a sample size item from one box under the existing listing of a full sized item from a different box. So even then, if someone listed their sample Jurlique from BB under the full size Jurlique from Popsugar it might be easy to miss the size. Since I have PS I know they only ever sent out one size, so I’m assuming if it’s posted under that listing that it definitely came from PS.

        Personally, every time I’ve had an item that did not have an accurate picture representing the listing, I’ve created a new listing. I’m not sure if that’s what you want us to do or not.

    • I agree maybe the option should only available for a couple hours and then it goes away.

  16. Woohoo love the idea! Thank you so much for your hard work.

    With the idea of canceling a swap after it has been made, can I make a suggestion? That a swap is not allowed to be cancelled if one of the parties have already entered shipment information, which means they have shipped out. Because the swap site will stick if people start canceling after someone sends out. Our maybe a time limit to cancel. I usually send my stuff as soon as I can. I just don’t want the other to cancel and I lose both the swap stuff and my stuff. Hope that makes sense

    • Your feedback totally makes sense, and that’s the reason why it hasn’t been a simple update for us to do. To avoid the situation where one person shipped out an item and the other person could cancel the swap, I think we’ll do something where both parties have to agree to canceling the swap. I’ll keep you posted! I’m glad you like this update 🙂

  17. I did notice in the recent swaps one swap came up as our previous orginal deal not after the counter deal was updated…though it was started before the counter swap option was available.

  18. More general comment on swap – I wish swappers would ad 1 additional picture of the actual product to the swap list. It’s easy to attach. — I don’t know about anyone else …. yet sometimes ( I don’t read the size – or it’s not there ) and when the I get the package from the other swapper, I become disapointed that it’s a travel size or a foil pack, and the item I swapped for was at least a full size, and had much more value – The static photos are fine yet nothing is like a real photo of a product since some of the static photos make items bigger then they actually are.

  19. Liz: Great Idea! – I know sometimes I like to many items or the swapper likes to many items, yet I still want to swap so this will work out well 🙂 – Thank You 🙂

  20. Thumbs up! This is an excellent update!

  21. Just curious as to when you’ll be moving more people off the Swap Site wish list!
    (Changes look good!)

    • It will likely be sometime this week! 🙂

      • Great, thanks!

  22. This, is great, swappers learn to counter with conversation, but this, is so efficient and much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Thanks Kelly! 🙂

  23. Awesome!!


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