Swap Site Updates – Canceling Swaps

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Swap Site Updates - Canceling A SwapTime for a quick update on swap site improvements! We’ve just added the ability to cancel a swap after it’s been accepted. Here are the rules for how canceling works:

1) Both swappers must agree to canceling the swap. Either person can request to cancel the swap from the swap page, and the other swapper will receive an email letting them know, they will then have to agree to cancel on the swap page.

2) If either party has already entered shipment tracking info, the ability to request to cancel is no longer available.

3) If both swappers agree to cancel, then the items in the swap will go back to being listed as available.

We put together this logic for canceling with your feedback in mind to make sure that there couldn’t be a situation where one swapper has already sent items, and the other swapper cancels.

Let me know if you have any questions – and keep the feedback coming!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz: What would really be a help full blog post – would be how to stay organized while swapping — I was doing great on my first 10 boxes I got it — After that I’ve gotten more and more disorangized because I’m now getting 12 boxes in monthly sometimes more then that. — Every now and then I have to cancel a swap because after 2 hours of looking I can not find that item. —- It would be a nice to see a blog post on how you keep all your items organized and even packaging ideas , and general dos and don’t on what can be sent via mail and what can not be. There are so many things that can not be shipped by priority mail

  2. Hello Liz and all,

    First of all, thank you for these wonderful updates, they have been great! I am asking as cancellations have been an updated add on if there is a grievance forum or swap moderator? ( Other than leaving negative feedback) I am in the midst of a swap issue (my first) and leave some assistance / advice. I have sent an item to an experienced swapper, she has yet to reciprocate with providing tracking information or shipping my portion of the agreed upon swap. The brand new item I sent her did not fit, so she requested to mail it back to me & cancel the swap. I declined her request and she agreed to send me the original items I asked for. Unfortunately this has not happened. She has listed the item I sent in the swap forum for trade, but has yet to respond to tracking requests and shipping update requests. Help? Thoughts? Thanks all.

  3. Have definitions of “used” and “new” been established? I have noticed some swappers identify items as “new”, while also stating the item has been “swatched”. In my opinion, an item that has been swatched is used, whether it has been swatched on your hand, your lips, or your eye. Obviously if a swapper states that an item is new and has been swatched I am free to determine it is actually used. However, I am thinking of a scenario where a swapper posts a swatched item as new without mentioning it has been swatched, because in their opinion, swatched does not necessarily equate to “used”.

    • I agree – swatched is not new —- I also don’t like the word sanitized when it comes to cosmetics ….. liquid Perfume ( not solid ), and hand cream in a tube I can understand it a little bit more, if something is tried on / tested ( USED) and the top is wiped with a rubbing alchol based tissue — yet I can’t see how a product that has direct contact with the skin be sanitized after using. – Seems to me the brush would have to be thrown out. ( the products I’m refering to are: mascara, lip stick, lip gloss, eye shaddow pencils the ones with the attached sponge top – makeup items that one would have to use the attached applictor to use, — Just my opinion

      • Not that I’ve been involved in swapping, but I agree. Also eyeliner (which falls under your catch-all category). Rubbing alcohol won’t kill everything, especially if a material is soft and bacteria could get into the bulk of the material (i.e., past the surface).

        • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way ….. The items i’m okay with used or tested are: nail polish ( because of all the chemicals in it ), hand cream ( tube only ), liquid perfume ( due to the alchol content in it ), anything else there is no way I’ll get used. I’ve had a few swap experiences where someone says a lip gloss is new, yet when I got it was used ( gross! ), if I don’t see a plastic seal on a photo of a lip gloss, or if it is not clearly indicated that it is sealed. I’ll skip it. Both used lip gloss and eye products can carry a lot of bacteria, which I do not want to be exposed to.

  4. Hi Liz, I have a problem w the thumbnails that show up when there is a swap request, they are small and don’t often show the product being requested. its a problem when several items are being requested. I got a request for 4 things which I thought and only saw the first 3 things. So I sent a fair trade response which was accepted and then realized the swap was for more than I realized. I have requested a cancel to swap but it appears that unless the other person agrees to cancel – the swap it uncancellable. Somehow this doesn’t seem right.

  5. There are so many doubles on the site it is driving me nuts! It makes it so much hard if you want to search for one specific item.

  6. Liz: It would be great if there would be maybe a link at the end of the completed swap on what can be mailed and what can not be via priority mail. It could be a simple post office link. — So many items can not be mailed by priority mail: Nail Polish, Airsole cans, liquids.

  7. It would be great if there was an area ( like the new size area ) where someone could put the color if it is different then the photo. Sometimes I’ve seen the color of an item in details yet it would be nice if it would be more clear and have a seperate space above details to put the color.

  8. I keep trying to accept a swap from a certain person, and it will redirect me to the latest listings page and will say “sorry this swap cannot be accepted at this time”. I have been doing this for awhile now, and it’s the first time I’ve seen that. Just wondering why it’s saying that. Thanks!

    • We’ll look into it – can you email me the link to the proposed swap? (Liz @ mysubscriptionaddiction . com)


    • Same for me as well

  9. I would love if you could also make an counter swap option for the proposal portion. A lot of times I get a request for multiple items, but only see one lesser value item of theirs I’m interested in. It would be great if you could propose a swap for a certain item or items they proposed instead of all the items requested.

    • Good news – that exists! You can add or remove any of the items they requested in your counter swap. Hope that makes sense!

  10. Is there a way to ask make a swap pending questions?

  11. I have a couple feedbacks got today but it doesn’t say a rating or positive or negative? Nor neutral?? Ive never got anything less than positive …is this right? One person said good swap I believe they should’ve at least meant for that to be positive????

  12. Just wanted to say thanks for all you do to make the swap site run so smoothly (and be so addicting)!

  13. Liz…another awesome update! Thank You! On a different topic, I noticed one thing this evening that I wanted to bring to your attention. I am loving the new “counter-swap” offer. I noticed when looking tonight under the “Recent Swaps” tab, that a swap I had just completed was reflecting all of the original items that were requested by a swapper, and not the updated listed that I countered and she accepted. Just thought I would let you know…Thanks again for everything you do!

    • I’ve been having trouble with the counter swap option too. If you go onto the second page of a list of items the option to submit the counter swap disappears.

  14. This is a great update! I also really love that there are now different colors for feedback! There have been several times I almost clicked negative without realizing it. 🙂

  15. Keeps getting better and better!! I cannot imagine the amount of work that it takes to read/consider/think of how to implement all these requests! Thanks again for every deal, review, update, etc! Great work!

  16. Is there a way to flag items as duplicates to be merged? There are a few items I’ve noticed that have multiple listings but they’re all from the same original subscription.

    • I totally second this suggestion. When I’m searching for an item and also trying to keep track of who I’ve requested a swap from it gets a bit confusing/frustrating to look at different listings. Also, thank you so much for all these upgrades you are doing to the site. They’re great.

    • Agreed!! I’m not sure why people come in and set up new records for items that already exist, but it is irritating when you’re looking for something in particular. (Completely just users having bad digital hygiene though, not you guys’ fault at all!)

      • I will step up and say that I’ve most likely done this in the past because I have seen some dupe entries on occasion in “Latest Listings” – but it’s not solely a user issue. Sometimes keyword results aren’t enough to return a product listing, and in the case of several variations of the same product like Julep polishes, you really can’t go back through every single listing. Sometimes a title is listed like “Julep PolishName” – or listed as just “PolishName” – and depending on how they added it (by product and box name) and how you search for previous listings and then add it (by product name and box name), it’s fairly easy to make multiple same-product listings. For things I’m really trying to find to swap for, I’ve used Google and enter swap.mysubscriptionaddiction.com plus the product name in quotes and that will find listings that never showed up with any search combo on the swap site’s searchbox.

  17. Awesome, perfect, thank you!

  18. Liz: Thank you 🙂 – I noticed that today 🙂 – Great idea 🙂

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