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Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Box

I’m always one of the last to get the Nina Garcia box each quarter, (Quarterly ships from the West Coast and I’m on the East Coast), so I had seen the spoilers and comments on this box before I had it in my hands. It seems like #NGQ03 isn’t as popular as previous boxes, but I wan’t to hold off on making opinion about the box until I had it in my hands.

Maybe it was because so many people told me I wouldn’t like this box and I had low expectations, but I really like Nina’s Brazil/Summer box!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 FIrst Look

A first look as I opened the box – I love that Nina has her own personalized tissue paper!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Items

The Subscription Box: Nina Garcia for Quarterly

The Cost: $100 a box every 3 months

The Products: Items hand selected by Nina Garcia!

Ships to: Free to the US. (Canada +$30; rest of world +$40)

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Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Letter

Each Quarterly box comes with a letter from the curator describing the theme for that quarter, and background on every item they selected. I always read these letters after I unbox everything (I probably should do it the other way around), but I think they are excellent for giving context on each of the items selected for the box.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Sapien

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – Value $13

Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator – Value $16

Surya Brazil Sapien Women Organic Shave Gel – Value $20

This Surya Brasil brand is completely new to me, and probably my favorite discovery in the box. This shave gel is organic, vegan, and free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, etc. Plus it smells wonderful! I know we’ll use the sunscreen too, but I think I may end up swapping the Joico K-PAK – I’m not a fan of the scent.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Red Flower

Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Refreshing Hand & Face Towelette – Value $1

Melissa Shoe Desk Ornament – Value $5?

This Red Flower Italian Blood Orange Towelette is definitely refreshing (I love citrus scents) – I just wish I had more than one!

I’ve been a little obsessed with the Melissa shoe brand since I worked at ModCloth. (These all rubber vegan shoes are so unique and smell like raspberry bubblegum! (I noticed they also have a collaboration with ShoeMint). Anyway, this little shoe isn’t the most practical item, but it looks cute on my desk!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Nest

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – Travel Size Value $22

Nest Candle in Orange Blossom – Value $14

This Oribe spray is a luxury item for me – I love the texture and volume it adds, but it’s really pricey, so I’m thrilled to get more of it in a box!

I believe the Nest Candle scent varied box-to-box, and I definitely feel like I lucked out with this Orange Blossom scent. It’s a wonderful sweet citrus scent that isn’t too strong.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Earbuds

FRENDS In Ear Headphones – Value $99

I’ve already tried these headphones thanks to Birchbox and I love them! They look beautiful and the sound quality is great too. Plus the added microphone for phone calls is great too.

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Clutches

Print All Over Me Palm Tree Print Clutch – Value $30?

Koku Pouch – Value $110

I was surprised to see two pouches in this box, but I really like the canvas palm tree print one. (It reminds me a lot of the one from the Limited Edition POPSUGAR Must Have box, but I don’t mind having another one). This shark clutch is a little out-there for me though. (I feel like this is one of those fashion items that could look really chic or really cheap depending on who’s wearing it, and I’m not sure I could pull it off!)

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 CK

CK One Lipstick in DollFace – Value $16

Formula X for Sephora Nail Color in Push The Limits – Value $10.50

In Nina’s letter she mentioned that summer beauty is all about bold colors. I love it for my nail polish, but no so much for my lipstick, so I’m glad I got these shades!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Subscription Box Review #NGQ03 Hat

OtterBox Brazilian Pop! Symmetry Series Phone Case (For iPhone 5/5s or GALAXY s5) – Value $50

Spenglish Muito Cool Hat – Value $30?

This hat is not for me, but I love this phone case! (This card had a unique coupon code I redeemed to get my iPhone 5 case – no credit card info required). Plus I love that this is an exclusive design inspired by Nina!

Verdict: I paid $100 for this box and received over $430 worth of items. There are more than enough items I love and will use to make this box worth the cost for me, even though the more adventurous fashion items I probably won’t use. I also just love that Nina gets exclusive items just for her subscribers.

What did you think of the #NGQ03 box?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Liz, any idea when the “October” box will ship?

  2. I really hope the next box delivers, because NG03 was a tad disappointing. I was hoping for something special, I cannot buy myself, but received a lot of beauty items (if I wanted those, I’d subscribe to another brand/type of box), which can easily be bought at any drugstore. The “Spenglish” items are plain tacky (more so when you are living in Europe).

  3. I too got the email about the delay in Box #4. The reason given, Nina is busy with Fashion Week, didn’t quite pass the smell test. When is Nina Garcia not crazy busy?? I’m planning to cancel my subscription. Box #1 was a small jewel box of wonderful, special products but the last two boxes have been quantity over quality and I’ve ended up selling quite a few items on eBay. So at least I recouped a good $70 back from the $200 it cost to subscribe to the last two boxes. It may be Quarterly Co can sell more boxes with these broader themes, but then there’s much less of a curated feel and less brand discovery as well.

    • Not sure if this is the place to mention this, but I just received my Creativebug box from quarterly.
      It contained a sketch pad and two pens with a link to a doodling video. Um – does anyone Not already know how to doodle?
      There was also a fabric swatch (?) and some washi tape thrown in.
      For $50? You’re kidding me!
      I’m returning it and cancelling immediately. Annoyingly, I’ll never get back the $8 shipping fee. For $8 I could buy my own sketch pad and pens.

      • Oh no! I subscribed to this one but since I’m on the east coast my box hasn’t shown up yet. Sad to hear it is a disappointment. 🙁

      • I’m in Maryland, so you’ll probably receive your box very soon.

        I subscribe to Darby Smart ($19) and Whimseybox ($15), and have had a few For The Makers boxes ($29). Never a disappointment there!

        I honestly thought that a $50 craft box would blow me away. It arrived on my birthday too, so double-drat!

      • I’m glad that I did not order the CreativeBug box. I figured out from the spoiler that it had to do something drawing based since it was an illustrator picking out her favorite items. I’m not good at drawing and would had been disappointed.

        I saw what came in the Quarterly Box 1 Toy and Collectible and showed it to my 15 year old boy. The theme for the first box is the love of video games retro style. It’s not what I imagined. You can check it out on Quarterly Twitter. I will be posting what we receive on the other gaming thread. I’m 90% sure we will be sending it back.

  4. I must one of the few that love Nina”s boxes. I saved up the stuff I really wasn’t crazy about and gifted big boxes to my twin daughters who, with different personalities, loved it. A Fall box would have been nice but I’m sure there will be some super stuff this time, hopefully from Fashion Week. I kinda like pushing ithis one forward so the next box won’t be at Christmas but after the holidays, January needs a surprise . Anyway, the other Texans will agree, September isn’t Fall here.

  5. I came here to post about the email I just received, but PA Anna beat me to it! Boo to having to wait an extra month for NGQ04 and boo to them completely skipping a fall box and going straight to winter… either way, the next box hopefully will make up for the items that a majority of subscribers hated in NGQ03.

    • Hopefully it is worth the wait! Every time I watch Project Runway I get re-excited about this box! 🙂

  6. Email from Quarterly Re Nina Garcia

    As you all know, Nina has been busy preparing for Fashion Week, jetsetting around and constantly thinking of new things to share in her next Quarterly shipment. We are working on securing items for her next box with a focus on winter essentials. It will be ready to ship in October, just in time for the holidays. You’ll see a charge and a tracking email from us once it is en route.


    P.S. For those who received Nina’s previous box, the Otterbox code will expire at the end of this month, be sure to redeem it soon!

    Not sure if I am going to keep it now it is a winter box.

  7. I’m amusing myself while the plumber is working. I looked online and saw that her next box is shipping in October.

    I think the favorite thing from this box is the Joico K-Pak Intense Hydrator which I used up. My hair is long, wavy, and color-treated so anything hydrating is good. I’m still using the shave gel. I passed along a lot to my sister whose favorite item is the headphones. My younger son loves his shark pouch will has a spot of honor in his upcoming shark birthday party.

  8. I was on vacation when my box finally shipped, and was worried when the reviews started pouring in…This was not my favorite box, and I will not use $430 worth of products in the box, but I will us more than $100. of the products. The earphones, I never would have spent that much on a set of buds, so that is a treat for me, the hat I will never wear, I like the palm tree clutch but it is so close to the popsugar one I got last month, so I will gift that to my sister, the shark with plastic fringe is just hideous and I will never use it, I have it up for swapping, the lipstick while perhaps a nice quality, I don’t use lipstick and I did not get a summer color, the nail polish was fine but not new or exciting, I can always use sunscreen, I used the phone case code to get a new case for my phone, but would have been frustrated with that one had I just not traded in my droid for an iphone, candle ok but small, single wipe silly…all in all an ok box

  9. This is my first NG box and while I think it is not as great as the first two boxes, I really liked it. My mum liked it, too, because she received most of the cosmetic items (bright red lipstick / nail varnish is really not for me).

    I am MASSIVELY annoyed with Otterbox.

    Not only do they charge USD 25.00 for shipping the case overseas, they do not even bother to process the order. It has been two days now since I placed my order, but I have not even received a confirmation email. Contacting their custumer service is via email does not work, the waiting time for a phone call is more than 25 minutes.

    I tried to reorder, but it said “code already redeemed”. This company is utter rubbish to say the least!

    I am so annoyed that I will try out the next box. Should there be another “non-performer”, I will cancel my subscription.

  10. After the initial shock of not really liking the box, my opinion has changed just a bit…
    I am loving the shave gel and hair product. However, I still cannot wrap my head around the plastic shoe and the unattractive fringe clutch. I am a fan of project runway and cannot help but think this clutch came out of the dollar store challenge.
    I am hoping the fall box is more on target for what is expected of someone who is so chic, like Nina.

    • I did not understand the shark pouch either- at least mine was navy blue with the green fringe. I do not understand the fringe, but it was ok. I received the white shoe? Ido not understand these two picks. I also miss my magazine not being in the box, Marie Claire. I love everything else. The K shampoo/conditioner is great, shave gel, and the suntan spray on. The box was worth $100., I did not like the clutch or the plastic shoe. I feel like I got 2 pouches.

  11. You can get any SYMMETRY series case with the code!!!
    i chose the pink cheetah and it worked!

    • Thank you for the tip! I got the pink cheetah too! Much more my style 🙂

  12. I’m a bit shocked that people are so upset on this… seriously, they want high fashion, beauty and accessories for $100? I thought there were plenty of fun and useful products in the box… and I’m very pleased.

    I’m honestly amazed that she is able to get such good deals on all these products (just ordered the phone case and it was $49… for free w/no shipping!) and that was just part of it all. I haven’t seen anything else out there that is up to these standards.

    • Would you feel the same if the phone case didn’t fit your phone? I thought the shark purse is NOT worth the money. My 10 year old said she could make the same purse. why there are 2 clutches? The phone case I can’t use… The white shoe… huh?? A black cap… once again Huh?! They reason she got such a great deal on all this stuff is because no one wanted these items! lol. it is nothing like the first 2 boxes… Think my FFF was better by far. 🙁 maybe if the phone case fit I would not have been so upset.

      • The Otterbox thing was the last straw for me. My new iPhone 5C arrived the same day as the Nina Garcia box!
        I emailed Quarterly and said the items this season are, frankly, below standard and not anything I could imagine a grown woman could have use for.
        They emailed me a return shipping label and I sent the whole thing back.
        I will still get the Fall box however, surely it must be an improvement?

      • Couldn’t agree more. The case made me angry. I dont expect high fashion for $100. But I also dont expect plastic scented shoes or a case I cant use because I didnt upgrade my phone right away (I did order one and gave it to a friend). That Muy stuff is OLD already, I do love the headphones but dont wear gold so I will trade them. I think overall the complaint is that it totally doesn’t fit the vibe of Ninas other boxes.

      • Would any of you want to sell me the code for the free case?

      • Hi Jenna,

        The promo code expired last month. So you’ll have to find someone who redeem it for a case in the model you own.

  13. What a disappointment! I’d pay money to see Nina in an ugly baseball cap and a shark bag with cheap fringe! HA!

  14. This was my first Nina Garcia box and I was very disappointed. Quite a let down after seeing the first two! I think what bothers me most is the Otterbox and how it’s just assumed everyone upgrades the second a new phone comes out. I have the Galaxy 4s. Oh the horror, I didn’t get the 5 in Spring, guess that makes me unfashionable. So that’s a waste
    The hat (Rolling eyes), when she said Brazil I wasn’t thinking yet another Spangle sh
    Item. I like baseball hats but this is just dumb all around.

    The headphones are nice but not my taste, if I could have gotten these in black sure. I’ll probably trade or sell them. I love my candle, I got Vanilla orchid and Almond. Yum. I definitely love the Kpak, shave cream and spray spf, but as someone pointed out this is supposed to be a fashion box.

    Oddly one thing i did see spoilers before i got mine so I was really hoping to get the shark Koku pouch. I am a diver and think it’s fun for my dive bag or just on the beach (don’t really need to be terribly fashionable). So envious of yours Liz! Red and white are the dive flag colors. I got the fish in gray and lime green (the colors don’t look nice together at all). I got a strange little black high top shoe not sure what to do with it. Lol.

    Seriously thinking of this being a one and done. Too expensive for this. 🙁

    • Hey Jenn,

      I feel ya on the otterbox case. I have the iPhone 4s.
      It would have been nice I they had left the option open for all iPhone and Galaxy models. They would have a few more happy Customers, if they had.
      I went ahead and orders the iPhone 5, I’ll either sell or keep for when I upgrade.

      You should order it anyways, otterbox has a bonus item that comes with your order “dry case” if it disappears from you cart after you’ve placed your order just call CS and they will send one out to you.
      The dry box you could use for your current phone and the case you could keep, sell or gift! Hope that helps you decide

      I’m hoping the next Nina box is amazing, I didn’t hate this one but I didn’t LOVE everything either so for 100 the next one better have that WOW factor or I’ll quit and put that 100 towards a diff sub!

  15. When I first heard the theme of the box I was skeptical & ended up cancelling before I was charged & I’m soo glad I did!! The best box I think was the 1st one which sadly I didn’t get. I got the 2nd one which was eh and swapped/giving away a few items (still trying to swap the shark necklace). Seems like her boxes aren’t improving.

  16. I didn’t even realize that trading or selling an entire box was a possibility. I unfortunately used the otterbox code and unwrapped everything but otherwise, this box is completely intact and I’d be more than willing to part with it. If anyone is interested in one my email is [email protected].

  17. My box arrived today. My 5 year old eagerly waited to see what type of shark pouch was in the box. He also wanted the baseball cap. It was fun unwrapping each item. My sister will love the earbuds which are gorgeous. The Koku clutch is blue with yellow fringe with a shark on it. My son’s eyes lit up when he saw it. He loves it. I’m looking forward to trying the shave gel which is paraben and sulfate free. Also the hair products. Nest fragrance is grapefruit. Formula X is nailpolish is Push the Limits. CK lipstick is kiss it. My teenager is planning to replace his phone with an iPhone 5 so I ordered him the case. I also received a pink shoe. I do like the palm tree clutch and will use it in my travel bag.

    I’m going to give the fall box a try.

    • I just opened my box. It was interesting to say the least. I will definitely use all of the items. I hope that her Fall box is more “stepped up.” I will have to see what the next box is like. If there are not more wows, I will probably cancel. The items were all very nice, but they did not seem like Nina. We will see.

  18. I just sold an assortment of items from this box and the Spring box for about $55 + shipping on eBay. Could not agree more, this has morphed into a different subscription box altogether since the first box. Where is the taste level?? I will stick around for the September box, but if it’s not back to the “wow” on quality and discovery, that will be it. $100 is too much to be disappointed.

  19. I disagree with the majority. I like the box. It does feel like summer to me! It smells like summer, too! I don’t like a few items, but overall, it was very nice!

    Plus, at MUT, we decoded what the big ticket item was going to be, so it shouldn’t have been any surprise! I think anyone who visits that thread should have known where a big portion of the value was going to come from!

    I think the box was appropriate. While I do hope the fall box is better, I didn’t think this one was bad!

  20. I missed this box but would love to buy it if anyone wants to sell it! My daughter LOVES the shark pouch, if nothing else! Anyone want to part with theirs?

    • I have a shark pouch and would be willing to sell it. My email is [email protected]. Message me and we can discuss. 🙂

    • Lynne, you’re welcome to buy mine from me, I was about to sell it on eBay anyway.
      I’m very active on Liz’s swap site and have tons of feedback if you’re concerned about Paypalling money to a stranger. Plus, we have all these witnesses, lol.

      • Sounds great! What’s your email address? We can sort it out there if that will work?

      • Yes, Lynne, my email address is [email protected] if you want to contact me to sort out the details.

    • My 5 year old son loves his shark pouch.

  21. Doesn’t Quarterly let you return your box if you don’t like it?

    • Yes. I asked them if I could because the otterbox was not offered for an HTC One or an IPod Touch and they sent me a return label. Plus I wouldn’t have used most of the other items in the box other than the phone case. If I had paid anything less than $100…I wouldn’t have bothered with it. But I was kind of frustrated at the time.

      • I don’t understand why people are trying to sell it or put it up on ebay since they can just return it and get their money back. I am very curious about this because I just signed up for Liz’s box for September and Quarterly said that you can always return a box you don’t like for free. I am wondering if there is a catch.

      • Where does it say you can return the box. I read Quarterlys FAQ page and it states they don’t accept returns

      • Their website says “Money Back Guarantee” on all the curator pages and when I emailed them about this they said to me that if I don’t like a box they refund you 100% and send you a free return label. I kept the email in case I have a problem in the future with a return.

  22. I got the same variations as Liz and I’m feeling ugh about spending so much on this box, I’m happy and can use the items in this pic, the shave gel smells great and my hair could use some hydration, and I could always use sunscreen for the beach. I think the shark pouch can be used for miscellaneous items for the beach, as well as the other pouch, but are not fashionable items in my opinion. Not a fan of the lipstick color for summer I like nice brighter pinks or , not a fan of the red orange nail polish, love candles but don’t like the orange blossom scent of mine. Putting up the hair texturizing spray for trade. Hat and shoe items are silly I threw them to my dog to chew up. Headphones, who needs fancy headphones again? Angry that this box cost $100 Where is the fashion?

  23. I was going to start this sub and I forgot until now. But I have to say something is very off here. If you know Nina, look at first two boxes, this looks like a different sub.

    • agreed

  24. While I wasn’t crazy about every item (the pouches, hat and shoe mainly) I thought this box was LOADS better than the last one. Additionally, thanks to the swap site I am always able to trade the things I don’t like for great goodies and get my money’s worth that way (thanks Liz!) I do really wish I could get that phone case for my iPhone 4 tho, I think its really cute.

  25. This was a miss for me…I’m especially mad at myself because I’m moving and need the money! If anyone wants to buy it, let me know!

  26. I had a $40 credit from Quarterly, so I only paid $60 for this box. At that price, I received a great Nina Garcia box!!!

    I live in Texas and we’ve finally reached 100 degrees here. I always worry about receiving makeup, candles, and chocolate in the mail. So, when I received the box today and read that it had a candle and lipstick in it, I just knew there would be a melted mess. But, to my surprise, both were intact!!!

  27. Fashion items were a fiasco for me. Canceled the sub because I don’t want a Muy Cold Scarf for Fall!

    • haha Ingrid, that made me laugh… and you might not be far off!

    • The idea of a “Muy Cold Scarf for Fall” made me laugh out loud – thanks Ingrid! 🙂

    • Muy Funny! Too cute, Ingrid!

  28. I got my box in my office today, and actually really liked this box. I got a yellow Koku shark pouch and a black shoe; I think they’re pretty cute! Since I didn’t get either of the PS limited box and FFF, the two pouches in this box is a make up for me.

    I don’t think I would use the hair products and the lipstick, but I can gift them to my mom. I am not a fan of the Brazil soccer team, but will probably wear that hat to watch tomorrow’s game.

  29. I received the Koku pouch in black with the shark and green fringe. It was hideous. Even my 12 year old hated it. However, after 30 minutes and a pair of cuticle scissors, I was able to remove all of the fringe piece by piece. It looks way better now. Hard to believe it was worth $110. I still won’t use it as a clutch, but I’ll use it for something instead of throwing it in the trash. This was my first NG box and I was not impressed. Gonna give it one more try. If the next one is this bad, I’m definitely going to cancel.

    • I had thought of doing the same thing but I’m so terrified it’ll end in a mess and I’ll have to toss it anyway. I don’t mind the angry little shark on it, but I have green fringe too (grey canvas) and it is disgusting! Wish you had posted a how-to video for me to feel braver about dismantling the mess that is this bag.

  30. I agree 100% that Box #3 is a let down especially after the first two boxes; it feels like a different subscription box now. Where is the taste level? The carefully curated, thoughtful brand discoveries?? I thought the first box was astonishing – I lived in that faux fur collar this winter and have purchased additional products from VBeaute, a line I hadn’t heard of before Nina’s first subscription box. I’ll stick it out through the Fall box, but if the taste level is in fact gone, that box will be the last.

    • Sorry, forgot to include my name with my previous comment!

    • I’ll hang on and see what the Fall box is like, but if it’s not up to the standard of the first two boxes it will be my last.
      I feel like I got burned with the latest two Socialbliss boxes. I missed out on the early ones with cute purses and was saddled with the latest two boxes of garbage before cancelling.
      Maybe I’m the kiss of death for lifestyle boxes? Once I subscribe they immediately go downhill!
      Who wants to bribe me to NOT subscribe to their faves?

      • I think we’ll break the curse with the fall box 🙂 If her fall box is anything like the September issue of fashion magazines, it should be amazing, right?

      • Absolutely! How could a fashion maven not put out an amazing box for the Fall season?
        Keeping my fingers crossed – I really want to subscribe to a more expensive box and hope this is the one.

      • I think ALL boxes lure you in with the first few subscriptions. Popsugar musthave special edition has done it, social bliss has done it, fabfitfun has done it and now the last holdout for TRUE finds and tasteful items, Nina Garcia Quarterly has gone that way. I think this is what happened, somehow she couldn’t get that TRUE value item or items which is why it was 1/2 month late and then just threw in what could be gotten quickly, drugstore items and earbuds that have been used in other boxes and mug-stuff that she must partially own. I guess i’ll give it one more try b/c maybe the powers that be will troll these comment groups and see how pissed people are.

      • muy* stuff, not mug stuff – autocorrect!

      • Totally agree with this! I remember when they said shipping was delayed (again) to July because they had procured an item late and I thought – well that’s fine with me, it’s worth the wait! What a joke! I can accept that there are boxes that are going to be misses every once and a while but when you’re charging $100 for it and it’s as disastrous as this? Not cool. I would have rather paid $100 to see Nina Garcia carry that ridiculous fringe bag and wear that trashy hat in public – I’d at least have gotten my money’s worth!!

      • “I would have rather paid $100 to see Nina Garcia carry that ridiculous fringe bag and wear that trashy hat in public – I’d at least have gotten my money’s worth!!”


      • In fairness to Social Bliss, it’s not a lifestyle sub but a fashion one. And unfortunately for many apparently, it’s not a purse sub. I was happy to not see another purse after getting 3 in a row. It is supposed to be fashion accessories and there’s way more out there than just bags.

      • I was not hoping for another purse, but they had a necklace once, sunglasses once, etc. The last 2 social bliss subscriptions were only so so past the firs couple – not even talking about the purses. I LOVED the bullet necklace for example.

      • Funny, oh no I just signed up for Boxycharm. Nina was a miss for me after the first box.

  31. OMG I can’t believe you’re going to swap the Joico. K-Pak is my favorite line of hair products period, at any price point. None of them have the strongest fragrance, but the difference in my hair is off the charts.

    • I agree… I’ve only used this product twice so far, but I love it! I have fine hair that does not like humidity and the K-Pak has really helped keep the frizziness away. Plus, it’s a huge bottle and it will last me forever!

  32. This is my first Nina Garcia box and happens to be the most expensive box I’ve ever ordered. To say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement!
    Everything seems so un-Nina Garcia – the cheap fish pouch, plastic shoe, beauty products readily available at Sephora – or the drugstore! And a baseball hat to commemorate Brazilian football, come on you’re having a laugh.
    The thing that finishes it for me though is the coupon for a specially designed Otterbox. That really is something wonderful, but it won’t fit my iPhone 5C.
    I’m putting the whole shebang on eBay, I hope I can recoup my $100.

  33. This is my first NG box. There are things I like about it (earbuds, Otterbox, candle, shave gel, and conditioner were the hits for me) and things that I didn’t like or quite simply didn’t understand (TWO clutches, both that are just ok to begin with, the lipstick and polish, hat, and that plastic shoe that I am still trying to figure out.) It seems to me that that special something that set the first two NG boxes apart from the others just wasn’t there. I bought the box expecting to be wowed, and I wasn’t at all. All in all I think I got several decent things for the $100 I spent, but I was expecting more based on the rave reviews of boxes one and two. I’ll stick around for the September box, but if it is just so-so again I’ll probably cancel.

  34. I ordered the phone case from Otterbox. Before I completed my order, Otterbox also offered me a choice of one of three symmetry waterproof boxes for no additional charge. The one I chose regularly sells for $22.95. I am really exited for the free bonus item. I didn’t pay for shipping either.

    • That happened to me too but the free dry box came out of my shopping cart after I put in my code. Glad it worked for you!

      • if you call otterbox CS give them your order number and be dry box you wanted they will send one out with your order. Apparently they’ve been having some Technical issues with the bonus items.
        So I advise you to call them 🙂 their CS is excellent

    • I saw the dry box bonus as well and chose one. However at the final checkout I noticed that it was removed. Bummed I wasn’t able to get it

      • That happened to me and then i called them to tell them and they’re sending one out!

  35. I love this box! The overall quality is one of the best out there, and I always assume that I’ll love some items more than others. I received the pink fish bag (and love the story behind it), the Nest candle in grapefruit (wonderful!), and a great shade of the CK lipstick (it’s already in my purse). I can always use more sun protection and like the way this one smells and applies. I could have used a smaller sized shave cream (that one will last me years!), but it smells too good to swap. I’m shocked that ear buds cost that much, but I like having one pair in my gym bag, one by my bedside, and one in the car. I wasn’t excited about the baseball cap, but am glad that I decided to keep it because it is great for keeping the sun out of my eyes and I like the idea behind Spenglish. All in all, I continue to love Nina!

  36. This looks like a really fun box! =)

    I’ve been stalking the internet for July 2014 Pop Sugar spoilers.

    • Hi Amy,

      I’ve been looking for popsugar spoilers too. Let me know if you find any!

  37. I’m on the fence with this one, and more to the “disappointed” side. Though I like most of the stuff, I expected more from Nina. These are things I’d expect in pretty much any subscription box. My box included the grapefruit candle (no problems there), my lipstick was “Speakeasy” which is a dark color for summer but should be okay for fall/winter. Nail color is “push the limits”. My “shoe” is this gold flat which reminds me of the jellies shoes of years ago.

    The pouch is so. not. me. White fish skeleton, blue bag with yellow fringe (as someone described, like those plastic leis you get at dollar stores). I can’s see using it as a bag or even for jewelry or make-up. And I can’t think of any young friend who would want it. And it supposedly cost how much? $110? Total miss (though I do like the Shark version a tiny bit better).

  38. I just received my first Nina Garcia box, and I’m a bit disappointed, particularly with the hat and the koku pouch. They’re just not my style, and I’m saying that as one who considers herself among the fashion adventurous. If you have a summer Hawaiian luau, the pouch might work. The fringe on the pouch reminds me slightly of one of those plastic Hawaiian leis. Mine also happens to be the maize and blue colors of my college, but it’s not evoking a good kind of nostalgia. It kind of reminds me of the cheaper, more touristy college gift shop items.

    I’m in agreement with Liz about the Joico product being something I am not likely to use. The scent reminds me of those overly-fragrant lotions they use at the nail salon.

    That said, there are enough items in the box to make this worth it I suppose. The ear buds alone are $99 and they’re fantastic. Others have commented about headphones being in other subscription boxes. I don’t have that experience because I don’t subscribe to many boxes, so I know I’ll utilize those. I appreciate the Hawaiian pouch, the Oribe spray, the candle, nail polish, and the lipstick.

    I received a different Melissa item (a cute black bootie style), the candle in Sicilian Tangerine, and the CK lipstick in 700 Little Liar which is a bright red that I really love. Its nice that items differ slightly. Overall a box with potential that I feel will continue to get better each time. Nina Garcia can do better than this, so I’ll await the September box to determine whether this remains on order. That falls in line with the fall fashion week experience. If that isn’t a really good box, I”m not sure what will be.

    • Despite really liking the headphones and a couple of other items, I ended up selling mine to someone for what I paid for it. She will appreciate the entire box more, and I’m going to await the fall box. Nina don’t let us down!!!! I wonder when we’ll be getting the survey for the box. I feel like I remember something on Quarterly saying that there would be a survey/feedback form. I’d like to offer some constructive feedback.

  39. I just got my box today and this is my first. I definitely like the quality of goods, its just that I have a lot of this stuff sort of already from other boxes! Maybe I am at my sub box max out?

    The Frends earbuds are awesome! It makes everything else in the box a bonus. I have these earbuds from the Birchbox Limited Edition Gold Box from Christmas (which is still an epic box for me). I am thrilled about the travel size Oribe texturizing spray – I have the big size which I love and actually almost bought the travel size.

    The hat I am kind of meh about – I don’t really wear baseball hats and am not a fan of the World Cup, but I can give this to my husband. I like the sunscreen spray because that’s easy to apply. I am interested in the Joico for my color treated hair (I didn’t smell it yet).

    I got the same lipstick, Dollface, but its light for my complexion (I also don’t like dark or red lipsticks, but this was a tad too light). I don’t really need more nail polish between Julep and SquareHue, but I like this color.

    As for the bags, I have the similar one from PopSugar, but I like this smaller size. I got the same color in the other bag, but with fishbones rather than the shark – I think its cute, but not sure when I would use it. The phone case is cool, but I have a i-Phone 4s and not a 5 or a Galaxy, so not sure what I will do, maybe order it anyway in a 5.

    I got the Grapefruit scented Nest candle and I love the smell.

    As for the desk shoe, I don’t need it because I have enough cutter.

    Overall, I thought it was a great value with some fun stuff for summer. But if I didn’t already have many similar/identical items from other boxes, I would love this one more.

  40. I’m so bummed I didn’t get in on this box. If anyone wants to sell or trade the entire box, please let me know!!

    • I’m willing to part with mine if you’re still interested. The only extra above the $100 box price I would request is shipping via whatever method you choose. Let me know. I’ll even re-wrap each item for you. 🙂

    • I haven’t picked my box up yet in Blaine WA and am so unimpressed with the reviews I’d be happy to sell or trade once I pick it up. Oh I see someone may have already replied they’d sell theirs. If anyone else is interested please reply.

      • Hi Crystal, My email is [email protected]. If you email me and let me know what payment method you prefer, I’ll get you my paypal info and will send it out first thing tomorrow.

      • I meant what shipping method you prefer.

      • I’ll buy yours I live in federal way was and will pay shipping I don’t know how to give u my info tho..

  41. I can see how this box isn’t for everyone, but I really loved it. The earbuds and phone case are worth $100 to me. I loved the lipstick, candle and clutches too. The only thing I didn’t like was the hat. This box wasn’t as well-balanced as the last one, but I’m very glad that I ordered it. There are so many items that even if I take out the ones that are less exciting, I still like it better than the past two popsugar LEs.

  42. You and I got a lot of the same variations! 😀 I was really glad to see that I received Grapefruit for my Nest candle because it smells amazing. I was lucky enough to get my box super early on and the more I look at the items, the more I love the box!

  43. I think I was the first to complain since I got mine over the weekend. I was super disappointed. It was largely a box of souvenir stand junk. She didn’t even mention the headphones in her letter so they seemed like an afterthought someone just tossed in the box. So much for a fashion/style theme (I refuse to even consider that plastic lei trimmed “clutch” to be a fashion accessory). Even my husband took one look at the items and said it was like getting the zonk behind door #3 on Let’s Make a Deal. The hat is hideous, just awful (total touristy junk but it is by a brand that obviously sponsors the box since they’ve been in before). The pouches (I got fish bones, seriously, fish bones) look like something you can snag at an ABC store or by the dock at a cruise ship terminal in Jamaica. Drug store SPF, Sephora brand polish, a foil packet, a travel size Oribe spray? For $100? Come on, not for $100! And one of the larger (in size) items is a hair treatment? Who needs that much? And I have hair to my waist. The phone case is good, if you have an iPhone 5, which I do not. So it’s going to be given away to a friend. The candle I received is a nasty grapefruit smell that started to give me a headache in the short time I spent unboxing. So that left me with organic shave gel and the lipstick, both of which I liked. Talk about a pricey pair! My sister is a subscription box addict like me and she took one look and said she’d be pissed if she paid that much and got a box of souvenir crap. Oh and I almost forgot the cheap mini shoe – I got a flat jelly shoe looking thing. That won’t be going anywhere in my home or office.

    • I forgot to mention that headphones are so etching every lifestyle box has included over the last 2 years so to include them here as the high priced item of the box seemed like a cop out.

      I tried to like the box, I really did since I was so excited to get it (I paid almost 3 months ago). But you reach a point where you realize you’re trying way too hard to convince yourself you didn’t just flush $100 down the proverbial toilet.

  44. Maybe that means my box is arriving today.

    • No box. Do they ship regionally? My tracking has not updated since July 2. I was hoping it would arrive today since I am in the same geographically region as Liz.

      I may be the only person who doesn’t use ear buds. I’m giving them to my sister. The Koku bag will be used by my little guy depending what variation I receive. I’m going to see if I can swap the phone case code because I don’t have the correct phone. What I will be keeping is not worth the value of the box. Maybe I will feel different once I see it, but I doubt it. I was hoping for more fashionable items. I am on the fence about the fall box.

      • geographic not geographically. I can’t type when a 5 year old is playing planes.

  45. I was disappointed in my box. It didn’t measure up to her other boxes. I didn’t expect drug store merchandise. I expected more high end merchandise. One of the reasons I selected her box, was to receive items I couldn’t afford on my own. I will see what the September box holds. If it is lower quality, I may cancel. Rather than 2 pouches, I would have preferred one nicer one

  46. It was ok. I like the Hawaiian pouch and my little purse came in yellow w/a design of fish bones. I think it’s cute. I also like the headphones. I know its worth over $400, but I don’t feel like I will use all the items and it’s not as good as her first box. I guess I’m picky, but for $100, I want to be blown away.

  47. I am relieved that I didn’t cave in for a Nina Garcia box. It was a tough decision because the NGQ02 didn’t count in my opinion because it was to commemorate her 5 year anniversary as the Creative Director at Marie Claire so there’s only one “regular” box to determine whether to get this one. I love the FRENDS In Ear Headphones with lifetime warranty. It probably makes up for every other item. I also like the lipstick, nail polish, and hat. I think the phone case is a dud – great print, but not compatible with my HTC One M8.

  48. I LOVE that Koku shark pouch! So jealous!

    • Jen,

      I am willing to sell my Koku shark pouch in yellow if you are interested!

      • Hey Jen! Maybe!! I don’t usually go for yellow since the color is bad for my skin tone but it depends on the details. Feel free to email me details at puddleboots77 at gmail.

    • This is my first Nina Box… I’m anxious for it to arrive. I have mixed feeling about it so far, I guess I was expecting more fashion items. The first 3 items are kinda meh for me, sunscreen, and shave gel don’t really wow me.
      The headphones look nice but I took advantage of the birchbox skull candy headphone and haven’t had a chance to use those yet. I don’t think it’ll get much use right away, between the skulls candy headphones and my beats by dre. These pretty buds will probably sit on my shelf for awhile. … At first glance the shark clutch doesn’t appeal to me, maybe I’ll feel diff about it when I get it. Though I might be interested in swapping some items, we’ll see. All in all I’m just excited for it to arrive. It’s out for delivery today!

      Thanks Liz for this review!

      • My box just arrived and after reading the card on why each item was chosen I do like it a lot more than I thought I would. I recieved the exact same box as Liz except the candle scent- I have vanilla Almond.

        Now I’m not in love with every item. The shark clutch isn’t something I would pay a 100 for. It’s kinda tacky for that price tag, it’s fun but not a classy item. I’ll find some use for it I’m sure. I don’t get to use a purse much, with two little babies.. I’m all about the diaper bag. But this can hold my “mommy essentials” I’m not a fan of the white frill.. Doubt those will stay in tact over time.
        I can understand why some don’t love this box. As not every item is my taste or a “wow” ticket.But I think I got my money’s worth bought separately the items I do love would cost 100 easily. Part of the fun of sub boxes is the mystery and the gamble. If you don’t like the risk/ surprise… Don’t buy.. That’s just my opinion.
        I look forward to the next nina box!

      • Your attitude is spot on. I’ve been disappointed at some boxes and absolutely thrilled at others. I have a pile to give to the local woman and children’s shelter who will love this stuff. The fun is opening a package delivered just for me (even though I paid for it!)
        Love the headphones, the candle is a strong yummy scent, can’t wait for the phone case, hat to a
        friend who will enjoy it. Don’t understand a desk shoe. The other items are unexciting bonuses.
        I love to see the different views of the same box.

      • Thanks Karol! I completely agree, I love these boxes/gifts to myself 🙂 I agree this wasn’t a high end box this time around but it was still a fun surprise. Some items are junk for some people some beauty’s! And it’s all fun. Hopefully the next box really wows us! I’m looking forward to it. We can always cancel if boxes continue to be misses . I hope this one keeps me subscribed.

        I personally am always slightly disappointed with sample society, the samples are too tiny for my taste. So after two boxes I cancelled. But I just rejoined to see if the new launch will be diff. This sub box trend is too addicting. Thanks Liz for helping aid my new obsession!! Lol

      • My box just arrived and after reading the card on why each item was chosen I do like it a lot more than I thought I would. I recieved the exact same box as Liz except the candle scent- I have vanilla Almond.

        Now I’m not in love with every item. The shark clutch isn’t something I would pay a 100 for. It’s kinda tacky for that price tag, it’s fun but not a classy item. I’ll find some use for it I’m sure. I don’t get to use a purse much, with two little babies.. I’m all about the diaper bag. But this can hold my “mommy essentials” I’m not a fan of the white frill.. Doubt those will stay in tact over time.
        I can understand why some don’t love this box. As not every item is my taste or a “wow” ticket.But I think I got my money’s worth bought separately the items I do love would cost 100 easily. Part of the fun of sub boxes is the mystery and the gamble. If you don’t like the risk/ surprise… Don’t buy.. That’s just my opinion.
        I look forward to the next nina box!hopefully it will wow me

  49. I always get mine after you do! Apparently it takes longer to get to Texas than the East coast 🙂 Based on what you’ve shown, I’m excited for the box to arrive. Lots of goodies I’ll use!

    • I live in Austin, Texas and my box arrived today! I have not opened it yet. I saw the reviews and I am kind of scared to open the box. Her last 2 boxes have been superb.

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