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Ipsy Review – July 2014

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Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products, plus a cute makeup bag. I think it’s one of the best value beauty subscriptions and a great way to build out your makeup collection on the cheap!

(FYI – Just like Birchbox, Ipsy sends out many different variations of their bag each month – so my review is just one of the bag variations you might receive!)


The Subscription Box: Ipsy

The Cost: $10 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full size and samples of makeup and beauty products. (Plus a makeup bag!)

Ships to: US and Canada

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bareMinerals 5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream EyeShadow SPF 15 in Divine Wine – .03 oz Value $5.40

Pure-lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen – .5 oz Value $16

This bareMinerals eye shadow sample is so tiny, but it turns out a little goes a long way (it’s about a third of the size of the full size version). I absolutely love it too! It goes on as a liquid creme, and you have about 15 seconds to smudge it as much as you want before it sets. This color is perfect for a more natural smokey eye look with my skin tone, and it seriously stays put. I want to buy it in a few more colors now!

Also, I’m officially declaring that this is the summer of Pur-lisse SPF and Water Infuser bottles! (At least it feels that way from subscription boxes). I can always use more SPF and like this brand so it’s a win for me.


Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass – FULL SIZE! Value $23

Whet Nail Lacquer in Facetious  – .3 oz Value $9

I first assumed this nail polish was full size, but the full size version is .5 oz. I think the color is a little too bold for me to pull off, so I will probably swap it. (I like that it’s 3-free and vegan though!) I think the lip and cheek stain will get swapped too since I prefer cream lip tints and blushes.


Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Flash Dry Thickening Spray – 1.3 oz Value $3

I don’t use hair spray everyday, but I’m always looking for a product that adds volume without stickiness. I just tried this one out and I’m pretty pleased with the results so far – we’ll see if it lasts the whole day!

Verdict: I paid $10 and received over $50 worth of products! Even though I won’t use everything the value is always great for me, and I am in love with the bareMinerals eye shadow, so that alone makes this a great Ipsy month for me! (The bag is not a hit for me though – it has that chemical smell I’ve noticed in some Ipsy bags from previous months).

What did you get in your Ipsy glam bag this month?



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I can’t wait to see your August review Liz! 🙂

    I received my Aug bag and the eye liner is nice and lip balm is full size. The pore refiner is okay and the eye liner is too small and uncomfortable to even try to use, it’s so tiny. The blush is also tiny. I will try to use them but WOW. This is not the best first month. Will try for another two months and see if it improves. The bag is adorable but I do not like the plastic material. It’s not good for shipping and there are crinkles I’m trying to remove by stuffing it with socks, etc. Lol

    I’m just a sucker for new cosmetic bags and this one is just meh! 🙁 I’m partially satisfied but Idk.

  2. I was on waiting list for 2-3 weeks. I contacted ipsy via email asking the time frame and asking to please be removed from the wait list and never got a response but the next day i was removed and get my first box in August. Yay!!!

    • WOW! You are lucky! I emailed them 4 times and it still took about 2 1/2 months to get off the wait list. What I really like is the cute make up bags 🙂

      • Aww…. Lily I am so sorry for the long wait. Wow.. I must have gotten lucky or a nice rep that took me off. My friend said she was on there 2 weeks.

        When I emailed them I told them that I liked there Facebook page and tried for you tube not sure if it worked or not and i dont have Twitter. I explained also that I recommended all my friends to ipsy and even placed posts on Facebook.

        As you see, I really wanted off the wait list and couldn’t get anyone to join though. When I emailed them i never recieved a reply back but sure enough the next day I was off the wait list.

        Did they ever reply back to you?

        I’m very excited about getting my first August box! 🙂

      • When I signed up they gave me an option to like them on facebook as well as post something about them on twitter and that way I didn’t have to be on the waiting list at all. I signed up last week and will be receiving an August bag! So if anyone else wants to sign up and doesn’t want to wait, I would def recommend sharing the things on social media to skip the wait list!

        • I was able to share via Facebook and you tube. I didn’t have twitter but I did email them about it after being on the waiting list a few weeks.

          They are already showing the entire bag early this month and it looks great. The bag is adorable! The products are great but no full sizes. (Maybe the lip balm). In any case, I’m thrilled to be off the wait list and become an ipster. Plus I will have some great items for traveling! The cosmetic bag alone is a big hit for me. Yay!! 🙂

    • Dear Liz,

      Thanks so much for your wonderful site. It’s the best around and I wanted to thank you. I have gotten into subscriptions thanks mostly to your site. Btw.. Does everyone get the same ipsy products or is it customised to our settings. Thanks again! 🙂
      I bet you have a ton of purlisse and other duplicates. What do you do with them all? Lol.. Sorry but I was so curious. 🙂 Great work!:)

  3. I was on the wait list for 2 months. Post on facebook but no twitter account. keep getting emails that I have to post to both to skip the waitlist. I am not getting a twitter account just for this, so disappointed.

    • All of my social media accounts exist pretty much exclusively for entering contests and the like. I never actually visit Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter. I sometimes look at company pages on Facebook but only if I am having some kind of problem — to get a sense of whether others are also having the same problem.

    • I agree Wendy it is a annoying process. I was lucky enough to get in when they had their open window. You could always have someone send you a referal email to join quicker.
      What’s your email I’ll send you one and see if that helps.

  4. This was my first sub ever. I am disappointed. I am a fair skinned red head. The only item I can use is the healthy sexy hair texture spray. I got the pixie balm, love the feel but bright pink, really? Tanning oil, bronzer and dark 5 in 1 shadow. I feel like the time I spent on my profile was a waste. I will try August, but I think I need a recommendation for a sub that looks at the profiles.

    • I will say that ipsy seems to get better with time. They don’t seem to choose products that fit all of their profile criteria–everyone I know who subs to this bag got the really dark eyeshadow, so I’m guessing that’s what they chose to send to most everyone. It seems to help when you go into your “Glam Room” and review products. They ask you about products of this type. Once I filled out strongly dislike for bronzers and spray tan stuff, I never got it again.
      It seems like from the reviews that Wantable does a really good job of customizing based on your profile.

  5. I’ll be receiving the tanning oil too, and like some commenters here, I too am appalled that they would send such a product. Several people have posted to ipsy’s FB wall suggesting different uses for it (as a hair oil, a cuticle oil, etc) but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a tanning oil and that ipsy is either inadvertently or advertently (I know that’s not a word lol) promoting tanning. That’s very disappointing to me. Skincare is important and they know it (re: January bag lol).

  6. My bag was awful , first I am a dark skin African American women, and they sent me the dark tanning oil with SPF. I am very careful with my skin and use sun screen, and I was very upset to see that I got tanning oil so I sent an email asking why they would send me tanning oil, the reply was so horrible that I am really thinking of canceling and spending my money elsewhere. Basicly pthey said that the minerals in the dark tanning oil were perfect for my skin and that I should really give it a try.. Personally God made me dark enough and I don’t feel like I need any help from IPSY.

    • That’s terrible! I saw a lot of people saying the same things and they basically just said too bad so sad. Terrible customer service.

      I got the same terrible tan oil in both my bags. As a faired skinned 28 yr old woman who had 3 biopsies with the possibility of cancer. Then had to have one complete extraction. I will not tan or promote anyone using it. The SPF in the oil is a joke and does nothing. I live in Florida I need at least SPF 50 just to leave the house and go outside.

    • I am black too and i got the tanning oil! Besides that, I also received healthy sexy hair spray, pixi tinted lip balm, the cream shadow from bareminerals, and the pop bronzer which is way too light for me!! This is my first bag and im so upset. the only thing ill be using is the lip balm and maybe the shadow.

      • My bag is just the same as yours. I have a skin disease and couldn’t believe the reply to my complaint. This was my first bag as well!

  7. My bad was a little different, and I was so glad not to receive more hair spray! I received Hang10 SPF 8 tanning oil. SPF 8???? That seems way too low.

  8. I’ve been on the fence with my Ipsy as of late, considering canceling, but they’re still so much better than my Birchboxes were that I finally let go. This month, Im actually pretty happy with my Ipsy. I got the Bare Minerals shadow, the Elizabeth Moss Tints & Sass, The Purlisse spf, Models Own Polish in Red Sea, and Marrakesh Endz by Marrakesh Hair Care. I haven’t seen any others get the Endz creme, which I guess is a Argan & Hemp oil blend for slit ends that you rub into your ends before styling – that will help me because even though I have greasy hair, summer elements make my ends frizzy and crunchy. The Models Own Polish is a hot red, good for a summer pedi. Being so pale and having a plethora of spf already, I was almost bummed about the Purlisse (it seems all Ipsy is doing lately is giving me either SPF or super dark bronzer lol) but I didnt have any that was good for my sensitive facial skin so.. we shall try it. I dont really have use for the tints & sass, because I have flushed/rosacea like cheeks.. but ill try it on my lips.. I hate wearing lipstick or sticky gloss in the heat so if the stain works Ill be happy. And Ive never tried this bare minerals shadow, so Im pretty excited about it to see how well it works. I have greasy lids, and its humid here in New England summer… so if it works, Ive found a goodie!

  9. Well, another month and another Ipsy issue. Last month it was the stinky mascara, and now this month my bag has completely failed to show up. It’s been “ready to transport to USPS” since Monday with no updates on either the DHL or USPS website. I’m in Pittsburgh, PA so it’s not like it has to make it to Oregon or anything. I haven’t contacted customer support yet, but I will if the status hasn’t changed by Monday. I normally don’t mind waiting, but it seems like everyone else has already received theirs.

    • I feel like everyone has already gotten theirs! I live in NC and I still haven’t gotten mine! I finally got the tracking info and it left NC yesterday to sit in Georgia until it gets shipped to me…back in NC! Ugh! It is getting further away!

  10. I wish I’d cancelled last month after the bad mascara. This bag is terrible for me. I am now at the point where I will cancel any box if I get a blue nail polish. I just redeemed all my ipsy points, which means I need to get the August bag to receive my reward items – then I’m cancelling for good. I got several blue nailpolishes in my year with Birchbox, this is probably my 5th or 6th in 2 years with Ipsy, 1 with PopSugar, and 1 with BB5. WHAT IS WITH BLUE NAIL POLISH!? I hate it so much. I need to list all my swaps, maybe someone out there likes it.

    • I like blue nail polish but I don’t need any more. I personally hate (pale) pink nail polish but tons of subs have sent it to me. I decided to quit Ipsy after the stinky mascara and I’m not regretting it. I never would have accumulated enough points to redeem them for anything, though.

  11. Definitely give the lip stain a chance, because it’s fabulous! I don’t do stains normally, either, but this really is great. There will never be a month when they make everyone happy, obviously. I haven’t yet gotten a bag that wasn’t worth what I paid. I also received the a travel size Hang 10 SPF oil (a brand I discovered and love, thanks to ipsy), a travel size (a very generous travel size) Benefit They’re Real mascara (had been on my to test list so this was awesome, too), Lavalin Jojoba body gel creme (haven’t tried it yet, still not sure what it actually is), and the Bare Minerals shadow but not in Divine Wine but more of a beige neutral shade whose name I forget. I agree the eyeshadow/primer is minuscule and was hyped as being something much better than it was in terms of size. That said, the Elizabeth Mott lip and cheek stain is full sized and I love it. I subscribe to test products I otherwise wouldn’t have purchased, so I never rule something out unless I have to due to ingredient allergies. You never know when you’ll be surprised by a new method of applying makeup, a new color, or a whole new genre of products and isn’t that the main purpose of this kind of sub? No matter what it is, I’ll at least give it a whirl once. I’ve discovered quite a few great products in the past year, so for me, the $10 monthly investment is well worth it.

    • I was relieved I didn’t get more Purlisse. I have enough to last me until next summer, lol!

  12. This was my first Glamor Bag. When I saw the POP bronzer, I was really wondering if ipsy read the beauty profile I filled out. I am beyond pale. Also, I’ve received a ton of Pur-Lisse in other boxes this summer, which isn’t great for me because I’m photo sensitive and no amount of SPF helps that. The jojoba skin cream might be good. What lady can have too many moisturizers? I will happily try the bareMinerals eyeshadow. I’ve had their products before and liked them. The Pixi lip balm may also be good because they sent me a very light color. Sorry if I sound whiny… I saw what other products they offered and I kinda felt like I got the leftovers. My Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 look awesome though.

  13. Oh I know what you mean about purlisse and the water bottles.. Gotten about 3 already lol! Please have none of these items in your quarterly box!! In fact it would be great to see completely different items and brands 🙂

    • You have my word – no purlisse or water bottles 🙂 And hopefully new products/brands you will like 🙂

      • September is too long to wait! This is so cool that we actually get to interact with a “just one of us” celebrity.

      • I’m joining your box Liz! I would love to see lots of makeup, a body butter, and night cream or mask something like that. No purlisse. I am dying for glam glow as is a lot of people I’ve chatted with. jewelry would be beyond awesome! Something different like primer and things like that. I am not so much into hair products. I’m picky and everyone has different hair. Mine is color treated and frizzy. I know it must be stressful trying to pick box to suit everyone and please. I know you must be super busy.

        My focus is on beauty, makeup, skin care and definitely jewelry. I don’t wanna sign up for a jewelery subscription that I may not love. I am not terribly into fitness either because I have way too much already.

        I wouldn’t mind some hot tea and a cute mug to go along something healthy and different then snack bars. Just some suggestions. A cute mug about beauty would be awesome .

        I’m kinda getting over FFF and PSMH in a way With repeats.

  14. Have you ever tried the Bare Minerals eyeshadow primer? If so, how does this compare to that? That was my favorite eye product for several years. Just swipe it on, apply mascara and you are good to go for a light makeup look. Last year, I noticed they cut back on the colors they offered the eyeshadow primer in. I would love to try the 5 in 1.

  15. This month’s bag was okay. The actual bag is 100% not me, but I’m about to move so it’ll come in handy carrying all my samples. 4/5 of the items were a win for me. I got the tanning oil, bronzer, Big Sexy Hair beach spray, the Bare Minerals eye shadow, and unfortunately the Pixi Lip Tint (which I put on the swap size if anyone wants it!)
    Overall, a good month. Sample sizes are extremely generous.

    • I got that same box and most of the items were a miss in my book – I’d be fishbelly pale before bronzing myself up or using tanning oil. The Pixi may be the only thing I want!

  16. Hi everyone,
    It might be important for some of you to know that ipsy charges tax on your order. I’m a CA resident so i’m guessing it might be only CA tax that we have to pay. But for other people wanting to subscribe the charge to your account is actually $10.80. That might make a difference for some, just thought you all should know.

    • They charge tax in NC as well. It’s because the business is actually based out of CA so that’s why CA customers get charged tax. And the shipping facility is out of NC so that’s why NC customers get charged tax. This applies also if you ever order anything from ipsyme.

      • Interesting…I didn’t realize they shipped out of NC. That being the case, I would have thought I should have received my bag already since I LIVE in NC! I am extra impatient since this is my first Ipsy bag!

      • I live in New York and signed up for a one year Ipsy subscription last fall & was billed $119.49.

        • That’s the other state I was forgetting. They have an office in NY as well. So if you live in any of these states you will be charged a tax.

    • I live in Wisconsin and I don’t get charged tax for any of my boxes I have Glossybox, Birchbox and Ipsy so it’s probably different depending on where you live

  17. I agree this is the worst month ever for Ipsy. I received the same Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass, BareMinerals BB Cream Eyeshadow, and Pur-lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen.

    I also received a Faith Aromatherapy Citrus-Ginger Anti-Oxidant Body Lotion ($2.10 value) and the Pop Beauty Bronzer which I believe is full size ($10 value).

    The only item I was happy about was the Pur-lisse SPF. Although I have received a million Pur-lisse items this year I love the brand so this is good for me. I will also keep the BareMinerals BB Eye-shadow because of Liz’s great review of the product.

    Step it up Ipsy!!! You have never let us down before! Wow us in August!

  18. I really liked my bag this month! The bag itself is really cute and simple even though it’s pink. I don’t care about the chemical smell… Doesn’t bother me. Contents were great with one exception. Loved the bare minerals eyeshadow in divine wine! Looks so great on my eyelids as a natural color. Got the spot treatment which will be nice in emergency break out situations. The purlisse is always welcome and the tiny and sass looks amazing on my lips (haven’t tried it on my cheeks). Only horrible thing was the model co nail polish. Oh god I’m not a pink girly person and this was gloppy and pink with sparkles. Eek! Up for trades it goes! Other than that this month is one of the best! 😀

  19. I received my bag on Monday. Though I didn’t like the hot pink bag itself I liked what I received. Any bags I don’t like I either out away to make a cute gift bag for one of my sisters or nieces or ask my daughters if they want it. They love playing dress up so those bags never go to waste. I recieved the 5 in 1, the Elizabeth motts lip tint, pürminerals waterproof mascara, a daily moisturizer with SPF 15, and the tanning spray. I’m actually keeping everything in the bag. I can never have enough mascara or eyeliner and I live in AZ so the tanning spray will definitely be used. And again since I live in AZ one can never have enough moisturizer. Especially with SPF in it.

  20. I got my bag today. I am on the fence about some of my goodies. the darker shade of pixi is great, the 5 in 1 in divine wine was HORRIBLE; I am as pale as they come and currently I look like I have a huge bruise where I swatched the color! A big surprise for me was the bronzer; I was so dissapointed when I learned I was receiving it but it works better with my skin tone than most blushes! The tanning oil is something I would never use and it has already gone in the gift pile. I haven’t tried out the beach spray yet; fingers crossed it doesn’t make my hair crunchy or sticky. Very pleased with the bag itself… I usually don’t go for pink but it is cute in a Doris Day kind of way 🙂

  21. I attempted to sign up for ipsy (my first ever subscription box) but after being on the wait list for 2 months I got impatient and cancelled. I emailed them to question the fact that I felt like they are being a little bias to us non Facebook users and how it wasn’t fair that others could get off the wait list by referring friends and then their friends would not have to wait either. I received a response 2 days later explaining that the Facebook thing was not their intention to be unfair to others and that the are working on something for the non Facebook users. However, the next day I received another email advertisement with the Facebook only option again in order to get off the wait list. I was not happy to see that email for like the 4th time so I cancelled immediately. Very poor customer service in my opinion.

    • I ended up creating two fake Facebook profiles and accepted my own referral. When original ipsy account was taken off the waitlist I just cancelled the subscription on the duplicate account.

      It was a pain, but it works.

    • I actually created a dummy fb account just to get off the waiting list. It’s probably a violation of everyone’s terms of service but I consider their waitlist a joke in the first place. They make it hard to join so you are reluctant to quit. Assuming Birch Box doesn’t have a waitlist or kooky fb requirement you are better off with that sub. I only picked ipsy because i thought i’d get more use out of the bags than boxes.

  22. I absolutely hated the bag and the bag contents! This was the absolute worst bags that I have ever received. This is the first time with ipsy that I have been so close to cancelling. As soon as I opened the envelope all I could smell was that awful chemical smell. The smell was so bad I thought something leaked all over everything.

    I received one of my bags and I never even received my tracking emails. The only saving grace is the Pixy, but lets wait and see what color I get

    This is all after 2 months in a row received my bags super late and items were broken. I’m so beyond disgusted with ipsy at this point I don’t know what to do.

    • So much for my saving grace. It arrived today and I opened the bag. The cap was off and pixi was on everything. And the bag itself ruined.

      3rd month in a row with a problem. I don’t want another replacement item. I just want them to take pride in their product and pack it with care.

      I got my birchbox today as well and it was packed perfectly and nothing damaged. So it can be done and I think I’m done with ipsy.

  23. This Ipsy bag was okay – I did not get the Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass – and the
    Whet Nail Lacquer in Facetious. I did get the full size bronzer yet I don’t wear bronzer ( it’s now up for swap ) and I got some gel cream and a lip pencil. – I really like the eye shaddow, the pink bag is cute, even though I have enough of this sun screen, I like the tiny travel size, and I liked my lip pencil.

  24. This bag is so adorable! I’m jealous you got yours in, I haven’t even gotten my tracking email yet 🙁

  25. Hi Liz,

    Can you share what you put in your beauty profile for ipsy. I have two accounts a annual and a monthly and no matter what I do I seem to get the exact same bag for both, and I’d like to get bags more like what you receive. Any help you can give would be great!
    Thanks 🙂

    • Sure – do you know where I could find my beauty profile on Ipsy’s site? I’ve been looking around and can only find a link to re-take the quiz.

      • Click on your glam room and you’ll see your 5 products and the bag design (as usual). Under the bag design there’s a button to retake your quiz. When you do so, you’ll see all of the things you selected (your quiz is saved)

    • I feel like how you review items in your glam room currently has more bearing on what you receive. I was getting all kinds of bronzer and tanning products (despite filling out that I’m very fair), so I reviewed the items as strongly dislike in my profile. Haven’t received any of them since.

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