HauteLook Nordstrom Beauty Bag Launches Friday!

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Nordstrom Beauty Bag

The latest HauteLook Beauty Bag launches this Friday at 11 AM EST! (This one is a collaboration with Nordstrom!)

I could only get a small picture, but here are the brands I can make out:

  • SmashBox
  • Elizabeth Arden
  • Lorac
  • Stila Living Proof
  • Ciate
  • Jouer
  • Whish
  • Philosophy
  • Molton Brown
  • Clinique
  • Lancome
  • Fresh
  • Balenciagia’s perfume Florabotanica
  • Mario Badescu

From HauteLook: “Packed with beauty picks to tide you well through summer, this must-have boasts big names and even bigger savings. Brimming with savvy, travel-sized essentials, this coordinated coterie gives you a sample of Nordstrom and HauteLook favorites zipped into one convenient, throw-and-go cosmetic case. From your tresses to your fingertips, we’ve got your routine stylishly covered.”

No word yet on the price (I’m guessing $30?) but it looks like an amazing bag and I wouldn’t be surprised if it sold out quickly! Are you going to grab the HauteLook Nordstrom Beauty Bag on Friday?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Does this bag still come out?

    • Last year they did one but the value and what was included was utter crap. We are talking foil samples, perfume vials and it was exclusively Estee Lauder/Clinique if I recall correctly. If you go to: https://www.hautelook.com/events/beauty and scroll to the bottom it will tell you which beauty brands are upcoming in subsequent days including if there is a beauty bag. Glad you posted today because I will look harder for it now…the bag was so great 2 years ago.. and then last year, crap.

  2. Liz:
    This looks like a great bag, especially if Nordstrom is the curator, but how often does a bag such as this come up? I would really like to grab one next time they’re available! Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. I got mine today and love everything!!!!!!

    • got mine today, too! the value really is only pennies under $180! i have a few items up for swap, including the bag πŸ™‚

      • Hi Ashley,
        If you or any ladies are not interested in the mini perfumes, please trade with me. I have skincare and make up, mostly skincare items from Sephora to trade. Please let me know. Thank you.

          • Hi Christine,
            Thank you for reply. If you could give me your email address and I could send you the photos of all the items I have to trade would be great. Thank you.

          • christine (dot) radice (at) gmail (dot) com

            I just posted a listing for all of the items I’m looking to part with. I hope it is okay that I did a bulk listing because the items weren’t already created and I just didn’t feel like creating 7 new items tonight πŸ™‚

            I did get one of my hedgies to pose in one of the photos – I use her name for my ‘extra’ subscriptions sometimes.

          • I emailed you.

          • Hi Ashley,
            Cool. I dont know what are the rules to post here so I wonder if we could trade email addresses and then I could send you the photos of all the items I have? Or there are other rules to trade? Please let me know.

          • i think we can send emails… my email address is ashleywasnick at gmail dot com πŸ™‚ look forward to hearing from you!

          • I emailed you.

    • I got mine today too! 2 of them. So quick funny story. I get UPS Choice where any package coming my way I get notified of. I didn’t expect it to be this because the expected date was in August. So I just am like who is sending me a package I didn’t order anything that is unaccounted for.. who is this company named (redacted)? So, I google the company and find some story about Chicago / IL political corruption and the mob and THIS company that is shipping me a package.. anyway that story was 6 years old and so I had fun for the last day wondering what on Earth this was.. and it was much more pleasant than what I imagined. I think I only have interest in about 1/2 of it so off to swap I go. I got Ciate in Pool Party (yah!) and Apple & Custard (ick!) all other items seem to be non-variable among bags. The Jouer lip gloss is crazy bright pink. The Lorac lip gloss is nice but I have that shade in full size already. The perfume bottles are very cute. I’m most excited to try the fresh face mask and the mario badescu face scrub. The Molton Brown body wash – I’ll be using both of the bottles that smells so nice. The Lancome and Clinique creams will be swapped as I have a ton of that from GWP just a month ago. I love Philosophy Purity so both of those aren’t getting pried from my hands either!

    • How did you get it, I went to web sight and can’t find anything about this ,I started on Friday and I am still trying to find ?

      • This beauty bag is from two years ago. They haven’t done a beauty bag like this since then.

  4. If any of you who were able to order two would be willing to sell one, I would like to purchase! I missed out on the bag, and I’m so disappointed. πŸ™

  5. Thank you mysubscriptionaddiction. I have just registered.
    I missed the bag :-(.
    I would love to have the 2 mini perfumes. If anyone was able to grab the bag but dont need the 2 mini perfumes please let me know. I have a lot of beauty items from Sephora to trade.

  6. I called and the guy said they were having trouble and only mobile was working earlier today. I scooped up an extra

    • I got through on a PC at 11:01. (Which is good because I don’t have any mobile devices.) Got a confirmation e-mail so I’m assuming everything is good.

  7. I was able to buy 2 of them and it does look like they are gone. I went in ahead of time and saved my shipping/billing address and payment info so when 10 hit (Central Time) I clicked buy and did it super quickly. Glad I did as it looks like they all sold out in 1 minute.

    • i did the exact same thing! it looks like some people can still get it using the app?? but i think they are having problems. they also suggested deleting your internet cache and cookies.

  8. It’s saying it’s not available…is it possible it sold out in 1 minute?

  9. Just saw it’s up online (not available yet for purchase) for $25!!!

  10. What will the link be? I am not seeing anything when using any of the links above.

  11. I got the e-mail just now. It will be $25 and sale starts at 8 a.m. PST! I think I am grabbing one!

    • I was going back and forth based on potential prices. But $25 (even if I have to pay shipping) is a great deal.

  12. Items from this could be listed as swaps, right? I want some of the items but know there are a couple I won’t use.

    • Hi Jill,
      I would like to have the 2 mini perfumes. If you would like to swap please let me know. Thank you.

      • OK, I’ll have to see after I get them. I’m allergic to many scents in perfumes, so there’s a good chance they won’t work for me!

        Question though for experienced swappers–I know perfume is considered a hazardous substance by the USPS. So is there a certain way we have to ship it? I know it can’t go priority, and I assume not first class. So just ground shipping?

        • Hi Jill,
          I have traded a few times before with the people from Sephora BeautyTalk and we have sent the mini perfumes to each other through USPS just fine. Last time I traded 2 mini perfumes. I wrapped them in bubble wrap carefully put them in a small box and I sent them from Southern California to Nevada for $3.50 and she got the box after 2 days. Pretty fast and cheap.

  13. Couldn’t find this on the HauteLook website. Hope I can at least check it out tomorrow when it goes live!

    • it won’t be up on the website until tomorrow. the cost is usually around $25, plus shipping.

  14. I’m going to take a chance that this bag does not sell out like the previous bags. I’ll buy it if they mark it down. The price plus shipping is a bit steep right now.

  15. Can anyone offer what these types of beauty bags from Hautelook have cost in the past?

  16. The Philosophy Purity face wash MIGHT be the best face wash I’ve ever used. I’m really excited to try it again. I got it as a GWP before and noticed I had incredibly clear skin while using it, but need to be convinced one more time before spending over $20 on a bottle of face wash! And thrilled about the Balenciaga perfume. Paris L’Essence is one of my two daily fragrances, but I don’t think I’ve actually tried any of their others. This bag is great! Crossing my fingers the price tag isn’t too high because I’m definitely getting this.

  17. This looks like a great bag- I would definitely use at least 80% of the products in it. Anything I won’t will be swapped.

  18. It’s my birthday next week so what if I’m over my $100 limit/month on boxes – yeah it’s my birthday AND my first day of 36 days of vacation! What a perfect way to start vacation!

    (oh my husband may be happy that I don’t have internet access for three weeks)

    • Happy early Birthday! πŸ™‚ And 36 days of vacation sounds AMAZING!!!

  19. I’m absolutely snagging this. The question remains whether I’ll do it Fri or hope it’s not a sell out like the lip beauty bag and the price goes down by half. I’m thinking this one won’t be offered on sale later so I’m leaning toward grabbing one on Fri. I’ve never been disappointed by a Hautelook beauty bag in over 2 years of buying them all.

  20. That mascara looks like Estee Lauder’s new Sumptuous Infinite. That right there is probably gonna sell me on this bag! lol

  21. Do you get all of these items listed? Or is this like you do in BB or ipsy where you can get a few of these items in your box? This looks so amazing! Totally getting it.

    • It should be all of the items shown – the only thing we don’t know yet is the price!

  22. This looks like a great bag if you have been wanting to try a few of these items or don’t have a huge hoard. I got really excited at first, but I am going to pass. I might not be able to if I didn’t already have that exact shade of Ciate.

  23. I will probably order it too.

  24. i so want this!!!

  25. OMG! Why do I do this to myself?!?!?

  26. Oh yes I think I will put a calendar appt so I don’t forget to order this.

  27. This looks awesome! I love almost all of those brands! hopefully it’s still available wen I get home and the price isn’t too bad.

  28. The bottle on the far left is Balenciagia’s perfume Florabotanica, which smells amazing and is amazingly expensive!

    • Thanks adding it to the post, and now I’m excited to try it! πŸ™‚

  29. The item on the far right in the jar with the light green logo is Mario Badescu.

    • Thanks – adding it to the post!

  30. Would the price include shipping?

    • No it wouldn’t unless you have a total purchase of $100 or more or if there is a code for free shipping out there. But that’s unlikely since most deal websites don’t.

      • That’s the one thing I don’t like about Hautelook–the high shipping minimum. It’s fine when you’re buying clothing, less so if I just wanted a small beauty purchase. And although you can access Nordstrom Rack from their site, you can’t combine purchases for free shipping (like you can with, say, Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic).
        But they have lots of good deals, so maybe try to put stuff in your cart from other categories before the sale starts.

        • Unfortunately you can’t keep things in your cart longer than 15 minutes, unlike with ideeli where your timer expires but the items stay in the cart unreserved. So unfortunately that’s not an option.

          • Right, I forgot about that. Was thinking of Woot, where you can leave stuff in your cart as long as you want, assuming it doesn’t sell out!

  31. I said I would limit the number of subs I got. I did NOT say I would limit the number of single-box purchases. =) I think I’ll have to go for this one if there is still money in my bank account come Friday…

    • LOL, too funny!

  32. CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  33. i think i’m going to have to!

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