HauteLook Beauty Bag Goes On Sale Today at 11 AM EST!

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HauteLook Beauty Bag Goes On Sale Today at 11 AM EST

The latest HauteLook Beauty Bag launches today at 11 AM EST! (This one is a collaboration with Nordstrom!)

The Box: HauteLook Nordstrom Beauty Bag

The Cost: $25 plus shipping (shipping is free on orders over $100 – otherwise it varies between $5.95 to $7.95)

The Products: $180 worth of beauty products and a makeup bag

Ships to: US only

I think this is the best HauteLook Beauty Bag I’ve ever seen – it may sell out quickly! Are you grabbing one (or more)?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This is a must bag!! My screen on the desktop says ends Monday 8am, but that’s all.

  2. I just got one thru the app. I waited patiently until the on hold message went away – then kept refreshing the “add to cart” icon. It’s 10:41am CST so it seems they are still available. Persistence (and patience!) pays off! good luck!! 🙂

    • How do I refresh on my android app? I can’t see a refresh button for this app! I’ve been trying like crazy since 15 mins before it launched 🙁

    • I was able to snag one at 11:25 Eastern time on mobile. I just refreshed until someones cart emptied I guess.

  3. It’s sold out! 🙁 I couldn’t get though online so waited on hold and they told me it’s all gone!

  4. I got one immediately at 11, no problems, went to check out and found I could use my Nordies card and didn’t have to use ‘real money’ (I’m weak!) so instantly decided to spend $100 and get the free shipping (logic?). Added a second beauty bag then was shopping around Nordies Rack, taking my sweet time, and the bags expired.

    I kept refreshing, got both bags back in about 5 minutes, and then went to check out. HC checkout was being wonky so I switched over to Nordstrom Rack checkout (same bag) and it was smooth as buttah.

    Moral: If you don’t have the bag, keep refreshing. If you have the bag in your cart and the HC checkout is freaky, slide over to the Nordstrom Rack and you should be able to complete your purchase. Also, don’t be like me – spending $75 you don’t have to spend to save $5 in shipping!

  5. I was all set to purchase one, and then it added on a 20% surcharge for Canada, plus $10.95 for shipping, so that gave me the willpower to say “no.”

  6. I am in California, I just bought 1, but only through app. I am going on 12 step program for sub boxes for awhile, work through my stash. Thank you for Great help, Lovely Liz and MSAers!!

  7. Now it says the event is no longer available. This feels just like the Allure box. Dang!

  8. I got mine! I’m SO excited! I had to keep tapping add to cart, but I got it!

  9. Just got mine through the website. Keep refreshing and you’ll get through. It’s slow but keep refreshing.

  10. Still shows on hold on my app..

  11. Finally got one on the app. Definitely won’t bother with the site for things like that in the future.

  12. Persistence paid off. I finally scored one!! So happy!! After the whole Allure fiasco, I wasn’t too pleased with the idea of being bummed out again.

  13. It was on hold, but after refreshing a few times I was able to add it to my cart and checkout.

  14. Keep trying ladies! I kept refreshing, it logged me out and when I got back on I had one in my cart and was just able to purchase one a minute ago. The site is just wonky right now.

  15. Yeah keep trying. I used the phone app and refreshed about 10 times. Finally got it! The Member Care chat people from the website are just useless. They told me to try again later.

  16. I went to the app and it kept saying on hold. I kept adding to cart till it let me. Good luck it took about 10 mins of trying but keep at it.

  17. I let mine go. The sizes were so small!! Finally, I found the will power to just say, “NO”! It wasn’t easy!! 🙂

    • This comment makes me feel better about not getting one 🙂 Though there are many great items in this bag, and it is a really nice assortment, I have so many deluxe samples already. I still would have gotten one, though, if it wasn’t sold out in minutes. Haha

  18. Got mine, too! Used the iPhone app, refreshed repeatedly (for about 10 seconds). I got the Add to Cart, and then got a Sold Out message. But I refreshed a few more times and then was able to check out.

  19. I just got one, keep trying!

    • Me too! The site isn’t showing anything and the app said it was sold out, but I refreshed a couple of times and it eventually added to my cart. I would suggest getting on the app if anyone else is having trouble.

  20. I just got mine using the app. At first it said “on hold” but I kept refreshing. About 5 minutes later it allowed me to add to my cart & place the order.

  21. It isn’t sold out! Just keep refreshing, it will eventually let you but it’s on hold currently. I got the sold out message once then got to buy it 5 minutes later.

  22. I downloaded the App and kept refreshing until someone removed it from their cart, so I managed to get one. YAY!

  23. Ugh. This is so frustrating. Wish I knew to use the app right away. Probably going to be late to work now… and with no bag.

    • I tried both the web and the app shortly after 11am but it said on hold. I never got a chance to add it to my cart. Very disappointing.

  24. I had my iPad, iPhone, and laptop all refreshing and got in under 30 seconds with the iPad app and got it. Phew!

    • Now that’s what I call dedication!

      • Guilty as charged! 😉

  25. I just got one but I had to use the app to buy it 🙂

  26. Gah. I bought two. No discipline what’s so ever.

  27. It says it’s on hold 🙁

  28. I’ve made it to checkout, but now it won’t let me actually purchase the thing? This is frustrating…

  29. I went on right at 11 and no add to cart ever showed up. It’s like the Allure bag all over again. Bummer.

  30. Now it says it’s on hold?

  31. I was able to get one, though I got on right at 11 and refreshed till I was able to select it. I tried looking at it again to see if I could provide a link but am getting the same thing you guys are. So maybe it is sold out? You’d think it would just say that though! Hope some of you are still able to get it!

  32. I should have used the app. Darn. Looks like they are sold out.

    • Wow, that was fast. (Giving thanks for a fast internet connection and liberal internet use policy at work…)

  33. It’s not sold out yet. It’s just on hold, keep on refreshing cause I’m sure someone will take it out of their cart

  34. Got two! Keep trying. It told me they were Sold out at 11:01am, but my order went through after about 7 minutes of refreshing.

  35. FINALLY got it to add to cart but tells me its sold out?!?

  36. I got one — wow they went fast! Whew!

  37. I can’t load the page. Does anyone have another link?

    • It let me in through my iphone not the webpage. Try a mobile device.

  38. I can’t buy the bag. I’ve been trying since 11:01

  39. Anyone having any luck? It’s after 8am and I can’t see any live links. I also noticed the front page says all new events start today at 1pm Pacific.

  40. I selected it as soon as it hit 10am but it hasn’t gone to my cart. It’s like it’s locked up.
    Anyone else have this problem.
    I can’t find it now does that mean it’s sold out already??

  41. Can’t it to it. There’s a picture of it but that’s it.

  42. Site crapped out for me. I was able to get one using the Hautelook iPhone app.

    • Excellent tip, download the Android app and it works fine! Doesn’t seem to be sold out there, website is just struggling…

  43. I literally refreshed at 11 am, got to the page that said all the individual products and there was no way to add to cart. I am annoyed, still not working. 🙁

    • Same here. 🙁

      • it is sold out

      • Use the smart phone app if you have one! Worked fine!

        • I tried the app. It says on hold.

      • Same here. I am so mad at this time. Was online and on IPAD and still can’t get the damn bag. On Hold!!! What does that mean?

        • The “On Hold” means all items are in people’s carts, but if they remove it or don’t check out within 15 min of adding it, the item becomes available again. So keep refreshing if it says On Hold.

    • It was doing that for me, but it just worked a second ago!

  44. does that mean it already sold out?

  45. its not letting me add to my cart. 🙁

    • me neither. there is no option to actually buy – just view.

    • Never mind, it finally worked.

  46. Got three of them (one for me and two for friends who are always jealous of my subscriptions)! What a great deal!

    • yes, it’s already sold out

  47. it’s not working!

  48. It’s not working!!!

    • It’s not working for me either!

  49. got mine!! 🙂 it was only $25!!

    • Me too. Shipping was $5.95 and I had to pay tax (I’m in GA).

      • i had to pay tax, too… so the total was $32 and some change… everyone should watch the swaps… i know there are a few things i will be putting up.

        • I’ll be putting a few of the items up for swap, too!

  50. Did they change the time??!! I had my alarm set!! I need one of those bags!

    • No, it’s still 8AM Pacific, 11 AM Eastern. I’ve been reloading the page periodically and nothing has gone live yet.

      • Oh, I see. It’s says 10am pacific on the mobile app. Had a small panic attack lol. I need to get this bag over with so I can calm down!

    • It’s going on sale in 20 minutes! 🙂

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