FabFitFun VIP Box Summer 2014 Subscription Review & Coupon

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FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box

The FabFitFun VIP Box is a quarterly subscription from FabFitFun.com. Each season they send you a box of $100+ worth items in categories like beauty, fashion and fitness. (Has anyone else noticed that Giuliana Rancic is no longer anywhere on the FabFitFun site?)

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review First Look

FYI – The Summer box is still available for purchase as of 7/3!

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Items

The Box: FabFitFun VIP Box

The Cost: $49.99 a box sent every quarter

COUPON: Use coupon code FLASH10 to save $10 off your first box!

The Products: The hottest seasonal items (worth at least $100) selected by Giuliana Rancic and the FabFitFun team

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FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Info

Each box comes with a fold out card detailing all the items included.

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Purlisse

Sonia Dakar Flash Facial – Value $99

Pur-lisse SPF 30 Sunscreen – Value $55

I’ve used both of these products before and really like both of them, so I knew these products alone would make the cost of the box worth it to me. (I never seem to have enough SPF!)

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Hair Oil

Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil – Value $25

I’m so used to getting tiny oil samples in subscription boxes, so I was thrilled to see a full-sized organic hair oil in this box. It has a nice lemongrass scent, and when I tried it on my dry hair it definitely helped with frizziness, but also weighed it down a little bit. I’m thinking I will have better results applying a lesser amount to damp hair.

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Water Bottle

FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-free Water Bottle – Value $15

I have quite a few of these infuser bottles thanks to subscription boxes, but I really like the design of this one since the cap completely covers the area where you put your mouth. (I’m really particular about water bottles). Now I just need to find out if it is dishwasher safe!

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Clutch

Thursday Friday Mini Clutch/ Makeup Bag – Value $35

This item had variations, and I can’t believe I actually received the print I wanted! It’s a well-made little bag, and it also came with a $30 off Thursday Friday gift code.

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Zoya

KissStix Lip Balm Set – Value $6

Zoya Nail Polish in Maya – Value $9

I remember seeing KissStix on Shark Tank a few years ago and thinking it was a product for teens (I could be wrong), but I gave it a try. I think the raspberry and lemonade flavors compliment each other well, but the flavors were a little too intense for me!

I am really happy about this Zoya nail polish though – I love their formula, and this is a fun neon summer color!

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Pop Chips

POPchips – Value $1.29

These aren’t too exciting since they’ve been around for a while, but I love POPchips and ate these almost immediately, so no complaints!

FabFitFun VIP Summer 2014 Subscription Box Review Sponsored

Sponsored Items: Skintimate Shave Gel, Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar, and Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners

This is the first time FabFitFun has had items on their card listed as “Sponsored.” I’m guessing that means these companies paid FabFitFun to be in the box. I have no problem with that if it means FabFitFun has more money to spend on featured items for the box. I think they may benefit from putting these sponsored items in a separate bonus item bag like New Beauty Test Tube does though, since sometimes having freebies in a box can make a box feel cheaper – if that makes sense?

Verdict: Aside from the KissStix and the sponsored items, I will use every single item in this box – so it was definitely worth the $49.99 I paid. I think my only complaint would be that I would have liked to see more items in the Fitness category. What did you think of the Summer FabFitFun VIP box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ran out of hair oil today. I received a sample size from a different sub box and been looking for it. The hair oil is my favorite item from the summer box. I did use up the Purlisse, but I spend a lot of time outside. I haven’t used the flash facial much. Has anyone been using it consistently? It seem to dry out my face which I don’t want!

  2. For anyone that got the code used 3 times, did you also get get charged full price this morning for a box you thought would be Free?

    • Hi Lily

      They tried to do the same thing to me. I had a feelin they might so I changed my payment into to a prepaid cc that I haven’t loaded funds on yet so they weren’t able to charge me. I contacted customer service about it. Just waiting to hear back since my box is suppose to be free.

      Recently a sub wrongfully charged me $100; it took 2 weeks for the money to post back. I didnt want to take a chance with FFF so I changed my payment info since my box is free.
      Hopefully they get it sorted. I don’t think they have set their system up to not charge those who have free boxes. hopefully you get your money back quickly.

  3. The fff site is still showing summer boxes so I thought it was worth posting my $15 codes: 4440916 & 9483222

  4. The first Fall box spoiler is coming this Sunday, Sept 7th. Per the FFF facebook page……

  5. Hi,
    Here’s another code. Good for 3 uses 9694066

    • Thank you used your code!

      • Your welcome… And thank you!! I hope you enjoy the box and get the clutch design you want 🙂

    • Blessedmommie, remember me? I just wanted to let you know I finally received the summer box today! It was well worth the wait 🙂

      • Hi Michelle 🙂

        I’m so glad you got your box!
        I hope you got the clutch pattern you love.
        Are you excited about the fall box.? The apron spoiler was so cute. I can’t wait for it to arrive next month 🙂

  6. The Summer Box is still available, but website says almost sold out!
    Get $15 off your box with my code: 7721139
    thanks 🙂

  7. Hi,
    Here’s another code. Good for 3 uses 🙂 9694066

    • used your code Blessedmommi, thank you!!

  8. Two more uses available with code 1527693 – thanks

  9. Please if anyone has anymore valid codes keep posting. I know some people looking for codes and they track your code via Fab Fit Fun and give you $15 off the fall box for each person that signs up. I posted my code via this website, Facebook Fab Fit Fun and subscriptionboxmom I think was the one. Anyway I posted to 3 sites and I receive the box for free. I verified with Fab Fit Fun with my email address and code and they said my box is completely FREE and scheduled to ship September. Do you know how suprised and giddy I was?!. Lol..

    But I came to thank you guys for using my code because without your help I wouldn’t have received the free fall box!

    That is why I say please anyone wIth codes go to the bottom of the page and submit a comment with your code and you are helping other people and yourself as well. Thanks again!

    Who else has received a free fall box from sending codes? I would love to hear about it. 🙂

    • Here is my $15 off code! I don’t think it’s been used three times yet. 5060602!



    • NOTE.. I think my above code has already been used 3 times. That’s the code limit. Please keep trying other codes because it originally took me a few tries with Different codes. Write them down and then go to Fab Fit Fun and see which code is valid. 🙂

      • New code 8020876 – should be good for 3 times. Thank you!

  11. After contacting Thursday Friday I found out that the $30 gift card will only work on purchases of over $35 at least $36+, next bag up is $45 + 10 shipping.. And so I would pay $25 including shipping to get a bag that doesn’t look like it’s worth near that much. I’m pleased with my FFF box so the card isnt too important but for some people it is, especially going through the trouble of having to use it and not being able to. I am sure FFF did not realize this but I wish they would have looked into this fully first.

    • If I wanted the bag bad enough I would just order another box. Some ppl buy boxes and sell gift cards on Ebay and so it wouldn’t be fair to the buyers. I used be a big buyer on Ebay but got out of it, my only problem now is sub boxes. 🙂

  12. Here is a code for $15 off of your box to get it for $35!! 3 people can use it. Code 4474098

  13. Can someone please help me. I tried to use the gift card that FFF sent me for Thursday Friday and don’t know how. When I go check out it just asks for Discount Code and that doesn’t work. It says nothing about Gift card. I emailed them and waiting on response. I called and got a voicemail.

    Thank you!

  14. I have a coupon for the FFF summer box almost sold out. $15 off your box. Code valid 1943231

  15. Thank you guys for the $15 off code. I got my box for about $35 and the exiting items for me are the Flash Facial and hair oil. I am also finally excited to be able to try the Zoya nail polish. I have Purlisse but this will be my first water infusion bottle. I’ve never tried PSMH but the coupon prompted me to try FFF. A turkish towel would have been a nice addition to this subscription. I don’t have any but I don’t think I could get tired of a nice turkish towel. I would have loved to see some more makeup in this box. I’m debating if I won’t to stick around for the fall box.

    I have Purlisse from boxycharm. I feel so spoiled by boxycharm and blush that I want to cancel my sample sub boxes for the full sizes. The only thing that keeps me with the small sample subs is having items to travel with and new items to try and bb point system. Plus I just got off the ipsy waiting list and the cute cosmetic bag and samples look amazing this month. I’m finally going to try New Beauty Test Tube in Sep and can’t wait. I love all the items they normally carry and used to be addicted to QVC.

    • FFF may send you a survey asking what should be in the fall box. My sister suggested a fall eyeshadow palette on her survey. They even requested websites for items suggested.

      I don’t know if you saw my experience with Beauty TestTube (not the QVC version) I received a Welcome Tube for my first month’s box. I wanted to give you a head’s up.

      Full sizes does make one feel spoiled 🙂 I keep going back and forth with that and sample sizes. I want to be able to try everything, yet have enough of it to see if it agitates rosacea.



        YOU GET $245.00
        WORTH OF ITEMS!! 🙂

        COUPON CODE 1943231

        HAPPY SUBBING! 🙂

    • I tried the Flash Facial and it’s amazing! I have absolutely never tried anything like it and my face loves it. I’m addicted!!

      The hair oil works well and smells divine. This will last forever.

      I have tons of Purlisse already so I’m fine with SPF for a few years!

      The Kisstix SPF feel so silky on the lips and taste great. You get two and I received Chocolate and Strawberry.

      The water infusion bottle is great to have plus it’s a FFF exclusive.

      I can’t wait to try the Zoya nail polish, I’ve heard great things and it’s a pretty peach/orange

      I also like the bonuses for travel but the SlimFast and PopChips are gone! 🙂

      I’ve seen mixed reviews on the summer box but this was totally worth the price. The Flash Facial alone is amazing and retails for $95.

      My main reason for purchasing is the Flash Facial and hair oil but I love everything. $245 value is fantastic for the $35 I spent.

  16. Here’s another $15 off code if anyone needs it 9575546

  17. I still have 2 more uses of $15 off with code: 1527693

  18. I recieved my box way later than everyone else. This was my second box & I’ve had nothing bit problems. The orange (weird orange) polish was open & spilled all over. I sent FFF a msg on Facebook & was told that they’d immediately send me a new polish. Well that was almost 2 weeks ago. Nevermind the fact that nearly everything in the box was covered in orange polish, but I also had a hell of a time just getting the damn box delivered! I am so mad that they haven’t done anything to make this situation right. Screw the polish! Literally! Screw the damn lid on next time! Lol 😉 I feel that customer service is a big deal, & I’ve had nothing but problems with the summer box. I shouldn’t have to remove finger nail polish from everything. IMO. I’m bummed because I’ve been patient, & I feel like thry just don’t care. I’ll be unsubscribing too unless FFF does something to make this situation right, & soon… not in another month from now!

  19. I got my first FFF box and love it! My variation is exactly the same as Liz’s reveiwed here and I’m very happy with the feather pattern clutch. Sonya Dakar, Purlisse and hair oil are great. I’m tempted to get another box…

    I have $15 off code too, which is 2079315. Used once but good for 2 more uses!

  20. I have a code for $15 off if anyone would like it. It’s 1249632 and valid for three uses still. Enjoy 🙂

    • I used your code and it is still valid so I paid $35 and am super exited about receiving my first Fab Fit Fun box. Does everyone recieve the same box? I had to fill out a quick survey. I can’t wait! 🙂

  21. Use code ***9575713**** for 15 off

  22. I have a coupon code to the first 3 to use for $15 off your summer box, If interested Code is: 7211531 This is an awesome box!!!

  23. Here’s another code for$15 off, good for 3 uses. Hope someone is able to use this! 🙂 3524888

  24. If anyone would like to use this coupon code for $15 please feel free. I’d hate for it to go to waste. It’s 1685397 (valid for 3 uses).

    • The first code was redeemed but here’s a second I won’t be using. The code is 3275510 and it’s valid for three uses. Enjoy!

  25. Hmm, I live in Idaho… Both my boxes had that tag on them and then the box they both came it did. I just figured it was a code for boxes that contained it variations I recieved. I was hoping i’d get one feather one and differences in nail color…. O wells

    • Oh okay, probably not for the airport then lol. One of my other subs (citrus lane I think) also comes with the ORM-D sticker every month.

      • Oh ok.. Lol I just sub to that box for my little girls 2yr old and 4 month old. I’m hoping it’s nice stuff. Do you like that box?

        • I also tried Bluum and Stork stack, before they merged. I like Citrus Lane the best. They send a good mix of stuff, and usually items I wouldn’t buy but my lo ends up liking them (8 months old girl) Plus u can add stuff to your box (sometimes with additional coupon codes) then u don’t have to pay shipping. And they do mystery boxes which have been pretty good.

  26. Use code 9575713
    For $15 off 🙂

    • I have another code if anyone needs one. Just let me know

  27. Just got my box today. It’s my first FFF box. I bought multiples and each box had the same clutch 🙁 each box had the same code marking ” ORM-D. So I think each variation has a diff number… I’m not for certain but it appears that way. Which sucks because I was really hoping to get a diff clutch 🙁 they should have at least given ppl who bought more boxes diff variations.

    • Which pattern of clutch did you get? I got the white purse one, I was hoping for a different pattern. Hoping to trade for the feather or the floral pattern.

      • I got the flower purse!

        • let me know if you want the white one – I’d swap with u 🙂

      • hi Lily,

        i have the flower pattern purse.

        both my boxes were exactly the same, Same nail polish color same clutch same lip balm flavour 🙁 I wanted some differences!

        • I really want to get another box ( yet I don’t want the same white bag ) – The second box is $39.99 unless I sign up for another subscription with my coupon code ( $15 off code: 8470151) I like the flash facial, and the flower bag, let me know if you want to swap, for them. Or the bag. — A few months a I got a Kirk s Folly Mystery / Grab bag so I have some other items, that I know I’m not going to use like a cute pair of mermaid wiggle earrings, sea shell earrings ( i can’t wear earrings ) and KF fish scarf/shawl.

    • My boxes were identical, same polish, same flavor of lip balm and same clutch design.
      I have the flower design

      • Blessedmomi

        Do you have anymore valid codes as of Aug 18 today ?? Please post if you do. Thanks 🙂

    • Do u live in Florida? ORM-D means it came to the Orlando airport. *im not 100% sure, but I always thought it meant this* I get other sub boxes with this sticker too.

      • I wanted the flower one too! I got the blue purse one

  28. Just got the summer box – As expected – The only thing I was not thrilled with was the clutch I wanted the colorful one – I got the white one – I’ll end up getting another one of these online with the coupon code they sent out. Otherwise for my first box I paid $39.99 ( I wish I would have waited for the $15 off code ) The items in the box I know I’ll use. I like hair oil a lot and know I’ll use the all the other products. Thinking of buying another box, since I’ll use the items. What I found fun was those little extras like the shaving cream and the coupons.

  29. Looks like the summer box is still available — I just got a coupon code in the mail. Code: 8470151 – $15 off your summer box ( Valid for 3 people only ) While supplies last. — Not sure if anyone needs the code or not, just thought I’d post it just in case if someone was looking for a code

  30. Hi, for anyone who will be purchasing this box, I am happy to share my $15 off code (still available for 3 uses). Just let me know!

    • Hi Shal, I missed the $15 off when Liz first listed it. Do you still have the discount code available? Thanks so much for offering!

      • I have a coupon code of 7859963 if anyone needs one for the summer box – $15 off.

        • I used the code – thank you Shana for sharing!

          • Glad you were able to use it, this is a fun box. Those codes are good for 3 people. I am actually debating getting another one of those boxes, but I really have ordered too many boxes lately….

            Love this site Liz! Just found out about subscription boxes and this site has really helped me see which ones I would like. The reviews and pictures are very helpful.

  31. I’m pretty happy with this box in that the pur-lisse alone made it worth it. The nail polish is great and im hopeful for the hair oil. The rest was a bit of a wash.
    Im not thrilled about the water bottle, but I intend to try it out for making travel-sized sangria for the beach or maybe pimms cup.

  32. I got my box and was so happy to get a beautiful floral tote rather than the one shown in the photo above. I also got strawberries and chocolate chapstick which was amazing. I am happy with this box and will use all of it.

    • I got the floral tote and choc/straw chapstick too – what I was hoping for.

  33. Has anyone had good/bad experience with customer service for FFF? I got my box today and the flash facial was missing! As it accounts for (almost) half the value of the box, it’s very disappointing. I emailed them…waiting on a response.

    • I still have not gotten my box. According to the tracking it will not arrive until next week,

  34. The hair oil, moisturizer & facial seem so much smaller in person! Especially considering the cleanser we received last summer is so much larger than the moisturizer in the same brand! I can’t believe it’s worth $55 and the facial $95. I can’t say if ever pay that, but I guess since I paid about $35 for this box, I only really paid $12.50 each for those three items. Still worth it to me. Everything else is a bonus and can be swapped.

    Anyone get the feather clutch that would prefer the spiky blue purse one? Let me know!

  35. I was really disappointed by the box this quarter. I really wanted something fitness-y and would have loved to see makeup in the box. I don’t need a hair oil or the makeup bag, so I plan on swapping many things in this box once I’m off the wait list! I cancelled this subscription once I saw the reveal on MSA and now I’m awaiting my first PSMH box to arrive!

    • Good news- we just opened up the waitlist! 🙂

  36. Does anyone know if this water bottle is dishwasher safe!?

    • I put mine through the dishwasher and it seemed fine.

  37. Compared to the flaming dud Nina Garcia box I just received, my FFF box was fabulous. I was already happy with it before but I’m even more so now, considering I only paid $35 (past referral credit) and got much better quality products than the $100 NG craptastic box of tourist souvenir stand junk. The Sonya Dakar facial is great and I really like the water bottle (I didn’t already have one). The makeup bag isn’t so great (and I hate when they include a “gift card” that has a spending minimum and they exactly zero items at that minimum price, plus you pay shipping). But I’ll use it as another makeup bag (it is quite sturdy so that’s a plus; the cheesy pink purse print is not). The hair oil is pretty fantastic, too, but a little really does go a LOOONG way. I agree with others about the lip balms, very adolescent (and I still enjoy a good flavored lip gloss but this tasted odd; hubby thought so too, lol). Overall it was a good buy though the curation did seem to be lacking. I’m sad to see that Guiliana is apparently not associated with the sub now. I do think her involvement, even in name only, made for a better thought out box overall. I’m with the other commenter who said they’re waiting to see spoilers for fall and only plan to but if I love them all (I was ambivalent about the bag and had to convince myself it was cute).

    • Oh no!! I really am disappointed to hear you didn’t like your Nina Garcia box 🙁 I have not recieved mine yet and I absolutely loved the last one. Ugh, I hope there is something in it I love, I will be really ticked if I wasted $100!!!

      • oh Paula – you will be ticked off. It’s a pile of steaming…

    • I had the same reaction to the NG spoilers/unboxing by others. I like the FFF box more. I will be using everything from the FFF box except for the lip balm which I gave to the boys. They love clear flavored lip balm and thought it was great. I even ordered a 2nd FFF box for my sister because she will use all the items. When I first unboxed FFF I tried to figure out what was wrong with the items. I think, for me, it is having a shaving creme sample the same size as the lotion and facial. It seems off having something inexpensive being the same size as two of the most expensive items in the box. I like Liz’s idea of having the sponsored items packaged separately.

      As for NG, I added up what I will be using from the box and it came to around $66.00. I will be giving away one of the high value items to my sister because I don’t use the product. I don’t know what to think of the other high value item except I hope to receive the variation that will be appealing to a 5 year old boy. It’s disappointing because I loved the reviews on the spring box. I haven’t received my box yet and may feel different in person.

    • Oh man. I just read an unboxing post for the Nina Garcia box 3. That is an AWFUL box for the money. I felt so burned by the PS resort box that I’ll never do another high cost box again. If I can’t get it for under $50, I’m not taking the risk. That is SO disappointing. I would expect MUCH more from a Nina Garcia box.

    • NG was a fail for me too. I too got burned by BOTH recent Pop Sugar LE boxes (Resort and Summer) and now NG.

      This FFF wasn’t bad for me. But I feel like all the lifestyle boxes are repeating them selves and for that I think I will cancel FFF and just keep Pop Sugar. B/c, honestly, I don’t need multiple full sized water infusers, hair oils, face serums, etc. in one season.

  38. My box comes on Monday, and honestly, I’m a little torn. I don’t mind the “freebies,” but I definitely feel like there wasn’t much thought process on the curation of this box….especially since this is a quaterly box.

    I’ll use the flash facial and SPF, but the purse is not my thing at all. I feel like the lip balm is juvenile and would have done better in a tween box. Don’t really care for the cheesy saying on the water bottle, but I’ll make it work.

    I thought the Pop Sugar June box was spot on for summer. I’m surprised in a fitness box we didn’t see anything that could be used for fitness….although I’m glad I didn’t get another exercise ball or DVD. Would have loved to have a great absorbing hand towel and some hair accessories for a hot summer.

    I don’t feel “swindled,” but very underwhelmed. I won’t be buying unless I love every single spoiler. I think they’ll lose a lot of subscribers to Pop Sugar if they have two big duds in a row.

    • Carrie Rae – Completely agree! Love the flash facial and moisturizer. I gave the clutch to my niece (she thought the purse on the clutch was cute; she is also 12 years old). I liked the smell of the strawberry lip balm but agree it’s juvenile. And even my teenager thought the saying on the water bottle was dumb.

  39. I think this subscription is comparable to PSMH and I prefer that over this. The flash facial and SPF are welcome, the water bottle…it’s a water bottle and I prefer glass over plastic (I have a bunch of awesome LifeFactory water bottles) but the infusion aspect is cool. I received the hideous baby blue purse print on my makeup bag. Everything else is kinda meh. But for the $30 something I paid it is totally worth the value it is just not very exciting to me. PSMH boxes just feel more exciting to me but I wonder if that’s because they’re monthly instead of quarterly? There is a lot more pressure for a quarterly box to be awesome than a monthly box, IMO.

  40. My box came yesterday, love it so much and so happy it came before I leave for vacation! The flash facial is amazing, I was shocked at the large size of the bottle and at how smooth my face was after leaving it on one minute. Thinking about buying another box just for this product. Okay actually I loved most of the items. I’ve been wanting to buy an infuser water bottle so this worked out great. I got the canvas bag with the blue purse in it – not my top choice but okay.

    I’m not a spoiled brat like some other people who are suggesting that getting additional free items has somehow cheapened their box. I may not use that type of always, but shave gel and a protein meal bar? I don’t see why people complain about their sponsorship. More products that I’ll use = better box. Especially if it allows FFF more funds to spend on the box items, as Liz had pointed out.

    I read pop sugar reviews but haven’t ordered a box yet. To me FFF is a much higher value and way more “me”. I like or love every product.

  41. I completely agree about the fitness aspect. One of the reasons that I signed up for this box was because I liked the incorporation of fitness items, and I would have loved to have seen a fitness DVD or cool tool included. I am actually more excited about the lower-end items than the three higher-end items, but hopefully I’ll be able to swap or sell them.

  42. This was my first FFF box and I was pretty happy! Love the facial and hair oil, and I’ve enjoyed other Purlisse samples so I’m sure I will love this. I also got a bizarre patterned clutch – turquoise looking bag style screen printed on – and I’m not sure I’ll use the $30 coupon as it requires a $35 purchase and shipping is $10 so I can’t get a freebie. I still may order a fall box for a friend and keep my subscription for at least one more box.

  43. Oh man, mine arrives Saturday and I’m SO excited. I bought this box purely for the Purlisse and the Flash Facial, so as far as I’m concerned everything else is bonus items for me. I’m THRILLED about the organic hair oil. I’m definitely hoping for the same bag though. I really like the feather print.

  44. My first box and I’m pleased with it, not ecstatic. Really excited about the flash facial, purlisse is popping up everywhere, love the bottle, the bag is whatever.
    One reason I signed up was the curation by Giuliana rancic, or so I thought. Is she no longer involved in this project? Is that why everyone seems to think it’s going downhill?

  45. “Value wise” this box is definitely worth it. However, even though all of the items will definitely still go to good use (there’s always swaps, donations, re-gifting, etc.), some of them fell a little short for me. I feel as though they could have stepped up on the fitness aspect this month. The water bottle is cool, but it’s a water bottle. There have been a few of those floating around lately that are pretty similar. I just think that if they’re going to include the word “fit” in their title, it should focus more strongly on the fitness aspect. There are plenty of “fab & fun” boxes out there. I was hoping for (even just a little bit) more “fit” with this one. I still love this box, and think that it’s a great value, but wish that it would incorporate more fitness and less items that are near duplicates from other boxes.

    Also, this is way off topic… Liz, I CAN’T WAIT for your sub box to debut! This review (along with all of your other reviews) could not be more spot on! I feel like you read my mind with your opinions on boxes (P.S.- yeah, where is Guliana? And your comment about it making it feel more cheap does make sense!), plus I love that you are so ingredient conscious! I feel like that will be the box that will set the bar really high for all of my other boxes. No pressure, haha!! Such a cool opportunity for you to try your hand at something that you are so gifted at, and knowledgeable of, and for us to reap the benefits of your expertise!

    • Thanks Trish! I really hope everyone loves the MSA Quarterly Box. Hopefully we can get a spoiler out this month too! 🙂

      • I googled MSA quarterly and couldn’t find it. Do you know when it will be releasing.? I didn’t know about it until I read this post. Thanks! 🙂

  46. I cannot wait for mine to arrive! I just wish it was going to be here before I leave for vacation, but it seems that will not be the case. I’m looking forward to pretty much all the featured items! The freebies are a bit “eh” for me, but will probably be used by someone in the house.

  47. I got the same design in the bag. For polish, I got the “Elodie” color. I don’t see the difference between this subscription and PS, so I’m thinking of canceling this one. I also agree about the promo items making it feel “cheap.”

  48. This was my first Fabfitfun box and I really think it has a great value. I tried the flash facial and found that if left on for too long it doesnt want to “peel” off as it should. Just an FYI. I unfortunately got one of the bags that in my option is absolutely hideous 🙁 I had my fingers crossed for the pattern you recieved instead of a picture of a purse. Seriously, it makes no sense to me, lol. The flash facial and the infuser bottle make the box worth the price. I also love Zoya polishes!

  49. Can you still get the summer box or no?

    • I just signed up for it like 20 minutes ago and I received an email stating I’ll be getting the Summer box. 🙂

      Also, I tried the coupon listed above and it said it was invalid. 🙁

      • The coupon code is only valid up to 3 uses. Every subscriber received one. If you want I can send you my code. Same amount $15 off.

      • You can use the code 5060602 for $15 off…or anyone else as well up to three!

      • YES.. The box is still available until sometime in September when the fall box ships out.. Unless they sell out first.

        Today is Aug, 18 and they still have them available but they are close to selling out!!!! Probably will sell out by the beginning of Sep.

    • YES and if you’d like I’ll send you my code for $15 off!

      • I have a code for $15 off too. 1472614

  50. I got that No Frizz Oil in my Ipsy bag for May. I’m so in love with it (I have thick hair and live in Florida…the struggle is real!) My hair has looked amazing so far this Summer. You really don’t need a lot of it – I put it on dry hair, and only about 3-4 drops. I use it almost every day, and I still have well over half a bottle left (and it was half the size of the bottle you received in this box.)

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