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August Birchbox Sample Selection Time!

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August Birchbox Sample Selection Time! Options

Check your email! It’s time to pick one of your Birchbox samples this month! Or you can pick the Everygirl Box which includes these five samples:

August Birchbox Sample Selection Time! Details


I think I’m going with the Everygirl Birxhbox because I really want to try the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner! (I am having issues with their website right now though). Which sample or box are you picking this month?

They also have 3 Birchbox Plus upgrade options you can add to your box at a discount:

birchbox add ons



Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m wondering if anyone was able to receive the triple c battery charger from Julys plus options. I just got an email today saying its backordered and I won’t be recieveing it however I will be getting a full refund and they are going to send me the Chloe and Isabel necklece from Augusts plus options which is nice but I don’t wear much jewelry and my job doesn’t let me ( I work in the bakery at Walmart) so I’d rather wait for the charger oh well

    • Nope! I ordered the headphones too and I never received those either. They gave me 100 points when the plus order was originally delayed. After two weeks with no sign of shipment, I wrote customer service and asked for a refund. I finally heard back from them today saying that my refund was processed, and they gave me another 100 points.

      So.. No products, but I guess I made $20!

  2. To everyone who wants an Everygirl box but has been told it’s sold out as a sample choice: I think they are reserving some of these for new subscribers… Just buy a 2nd birchbox! Make another account and use the promo code EVERYGIRL. A $10 box when the Benefit liner alone is worth $25? Score! I want to try the liner so I ordered this.
    I had the same issues with not receiving the emails but was sure it was because I had opted out of receiving the emails, which was true. My fault, not Birchbox. The customer service rep was soooo friendly and nice. I asked for the Everygirl box but wanted stainiac as a 2nd choice. She said there were no guarantees but that they probably will have the box back in stock to send me my choice. So I may get 2 of the same box or just one, oh well.

  3. To all the ladies who have had problems, I missed out on the July choices and after I got my box, explained the situation calmly in an email and was simply sent the sample of my choice.
    The problem is, people dont realize how many subscribers they have that feel the need to message them every other day about problems at peak times when everyone wants answers. They cant just give away all their products because they need back ups to fill orders if people’s items are damaged or whatnot and need a replacement.

    Moral of the story, Id say just wait until its a less stressful time for them, at least a week or two, and then get in contact via facebook, twitter, instagram or email and you will most likely get the sample of your choice, if not a good complimentary gift. Its not the end of the world though.

  4. I also had the website crash and no every girl box, but I emailed them as soon as it went out of stock, and they got back to me within 12 hours saying I was confirmed for an every girl box, sorry for the troubles. I always think I’ll switch or cancel, but their customer service is truly amazing.

  5. I’m new to BB. Can someone tell me where in your account you can see what selection you’ve made. I think that I picked one, but I’m not sure. Also, I added a 1 year sub earlier this week and I see a tracking number for July but when I click it, it doesn’t say anything. How can I tell if I’m getting a July box (and if so, what’s in it) or if I’m starting with the Aug box?

    • Hi C- As far as I know there is no way on the site to check your special selection for Aug. Try going back to the e-mail they sent you and click on it again, it should take you to the selection page. Instead of having the option to select again, it should say what you picked. This was the case for me.
      If there is a tracking # in your account, that means you are getting a July box. They haven’t shipped August yet. Try checking back to your account page periodically and soon you should be able to track your package, eventually, if you go under the tab that says “box” and select “women’s box” it will show the items you are getting in your July box. Hope that helps! I figured this out through a lot of trial & error.

      • Thank you!

  6. Second month for me with no emails from Birchbox. I feel left out.

    • Maybe you should check your birchbox account and make sure that you authorized them sending you emails. Or email birchbox and ask them to fix it, they will help. Maybe check your spam? Also, I missed out on the july sample choice and explained my situation to them and they immediately sent me the sample choice I said I would have chosen. Great customer service!

  7. This is the second month that I didn’t receive any email either, so I guess there are several of us. I emailed them earlier this month and they said it probably wouldn’t happen again but were really rude and unapologetic (a simple apology would have made me feel a lot better) and when I wrote back that I wasn’t satisfied with that response they never responded. Today several hours later I still haven’t gotten a response about this month’s mishap. 🙁

    • i emailed them today to ask that i be added to the marketing emails list, so now i should receive them. the customer service that i’ve experienced has actually been pretty good, but it can be hit or miss depending on who responds. their number is 1 (877) 487-7272… you can always try calling as well.

      • Thanks I’ll try calling them!

  8. Hope this helps. If you are not getting an email first make sure you are on the email list. Second if you gmail like I do check the promotions tab to see if the emails are showing up there I had been wondering why I never knew about the bb plus items and that’s where my emails kept going so I found d a way to make sure that all emails from BB go to my primary tab I think you just right click the email but I can’t remember. Third if you have another Ema provider check different folders. If you still can’t find an email let customer service know and ask for the sample you want and they might be able to help you. Hope this helps everyone who is having trouble!

  9. i took myself off the waitlist for the Everygirl Box… i’d rather have items based on my profile. i hope i like what i get! 🙂

  10. If I sign up for Birchbox now will I get the July box or August box as my first?

    • If you haven’t gotten a July box (new account, or inactivated existing account), you will get a July box first. It might come really late in the month, or early into next month. If you want to start with August, sign up in August. (But it is too late to choose any of these samples, you had to be subscribed before today.)

  11. I called Customer Service to complain that this has been the 2nd time where I was not able to choose the product that I actually wanted. They gave profuse apologies and offered to put me on the wait list for the EveryGirl box with no guarantees that I will receive it. They offered to provide my feedback to Management with regards to BB not having enough supply to meet the demand. If you aren’t watching your email 24/7, you will always fail to get the selection that you want.

  12. Also my 2nd month not getting an email. As someone who’s subscribed for over 2 years and regularly orders from the site.. that’s not cool. 🙁

    • On another and more inappropriate note…

      That necklace looks like a weiner.

      • Yeah it does! Anyway, I hate it when these companies don’t have enough supply to meet demand. It seems to be happening more and more and I am pretty frustrated. Oh well – I am ok with waiting to see what I get based on my choices.

  13. I just saw the email in my Inbox and all four options were available, but the Everyday Girl box was sold out. I chose the eyeshadow and got a message that my selection was processed and I’d get a confirmation email. I probably would have gone for the Everyday Girl box if it had been available, but I’m kind of glad it wasn’t because now I’ll get a few surprises in my box in addition to the eyeshadow I selected.

  14. I am interested to see what I get. I originally jumped on the Everygirl Box but read some reviews about the benefit eyeliner being hard to remove plus I wasn’t crazy about getting another No. 4 comb and prep and no surprises. So I panicked and emailed them asking to switch to the bronzer and they said it wasn’t a problem but when I went back to check what my account says it claims that I am on the reservation list for the everygirl box. Soooo I guess we’ll see when my confirmation email is sent out.
    also, when emailing them I got four responses, three were exactly the same from different people and one finally said that they could help me get the sample I wanted. I really thought they’d be more on their game this time around!

    • Mollie, where did you find that it said what you’re on the reservation list for? I actually got in right away and got the everygirl box, but it would be nice to be able to double-check.

      • you’ll get a confirmation email on July 29th.

      • I reclicked the email to see what it said after the CSR confirmed that she picked the bronzer for me and it said “congrats you are on the reservation list for the everygirl box (out of stock)!”
        even though I was told that I will be getting the bronzer, so I assume it just doesn’t update there and that somewhere deeper in the system it is correct.

  15. This is so frustrating, as this is the second month in a row! I was really wanting the evergirl box, but it kept saying error. So i gave up and chose the noir eyeliner only to be told I had picked the modelco shimmer bronzer! grrr. i sent them an email, and she let me know that i could just resubmit my choice but there is absolutely no where that i can change it. Any ideas?

    • Staci- same thing happened to me. They said go in and resubmit but there’s no way to do that. I e-mailed them back to ask but still haven’t heard back. I chose the staniac but really wanted the everygirl box but oh well! I’ll let you know if I hear back from them.

      • Update- I heard back from them. Try e-mailing them, when I told them I couldn’t resubmit, here is what they said,
        “Thanks for getting back to us and I’m so sorry for any continued trouble. We’d love to help!

        Do you mind passing along what you opted in to receive? I am more than happy to ensure you are put on the reservation list for the Everygirl box.”

        • Thanks for letting me know! I also re-emailed them. Still haven’t heard a response hopefully soon. What a mess…

      • Hello,
        I am hoping that someone can walk me through this…Where do I choose either the sample that I want or the everygirl box? I have not received an email asking me to choose, and when I emailed customer service, I was told to resubmit.
        —I don’t know where I am suppose to resubmit to? Can anyone answer this? Do, I log in to my BB account, and check sample? If so, I just don’t see it. I missed out last time, and don’t want to miss out an a freebie sample again.
        Thank you in advance.


  16. I was actually able to choose my sample this month unlike last month. although last month when I got my box I let them know I wasn’t able to choose and they sent me the Cynthia Rowley creamy lipstain one week later. I was so happy about this even though I didn’t like the product (haha!) so this month I took advantage (again, no less) of the womenshealth100 code to get 100 points. this is the second month I have done this and it worked! I also sent myself a referral to get a second box this month and used the womenshealth code again! so I got to choose two samples no problem! I chose the model co bronzer in one box and the staniac lip stain in another, since I wanted to try both so bad!! these past two months of BB have been wonderful with the 100 point extra and you can turn in your women’s health subscription and get your 9.99 back, free money pretty much!

  17. Same here. Second month, no email. How do you get on the list??

  18. Thanks so much for adding what products are in the box! I almost picked it without checking your site. I’m glad I didn’t! I got a free sample of They’re Real at Sephora and that stuff WOULD NOT come off on my hand where I swatched it. I had to SCRUB with makeup remover, so I’m afraid to put it near my eye balls!

  19. I was having trouble with the submit button. It didn’t seem like it was working so I was clicking it repeatedly and would get an error. So I started over from my email and just clicked it once and waited patiently 🙂 and it worked. I also switched from my IPad to my iPhone. Good luck!

  20. It wasn’t working forme earlier, but I just tried again and it worked. Looks like the Every Girl box is out of stock

  21. Same as everyone else… I wanted to get the Everygirl Box but one hour after the email was sent it was “sold out.” Shocking! Did they only have like 100 of those set aside?
    I ended up choosing the lip stain as my sample option. I’m sure the Lighten Up box will be great but I’m really confused to why they offered the “Everygirl Box” when that was not this month’s theme.
    Anyone know?

  22. I would’ve gotten the box, except I got that Number 4 product in my last box and didn’t like it. I decided to just let them send me a random box instead, and after seeing so many people had problems I am glad left the page before I tried selecting anything!

  23. I had no issues this morning at all making my choice. Maybe I got in there at the right time and soOo happy I was able to get the Everygirl box! Chose it just for that benefit eyeliner I have been wanting to try!!

    • Me too! I’ve heard the Benefit liner is amazing!!! Also I like Acure from getting it in Yuzen boxes, and I’m a sucker for any lemony bath product!!! I’m so glad I wasn’t my usual wishy washy self and pounced on this box.

  24. I emailed them immediately when I had trouble with the website crash. They got right back to me and confirmed my choice. Same as last month. Great customer service via email. Too bad it’s necessary.

  25. Be careful refreshing your site. I tried dozens of times to get the Everyday Girl box, and at some point it auto-selected the eyeliner for me, and you can’t change your mind. So now I’m stuck with a “select-your-own-product” that I didn’t select or want. Normally I LOVE Birchbox, but this is incredibly frustrating. This is my first negative experience with them so I can’t really complain to much, but it seems like a very poor change to a product most people are already pleased with.

    • Did you email them? I had trouble getting my selection, I was trying to select the everygirl box for over 50 minutes and emailed twice. They reset it or something and I was able to choose the box. They do have excellent customer service, they responded to both of my emails within 30-45 mins.

  26. After refreshing the page over and over I finally got confirmation on the lip stain. There has to be a better way.

  27. Horrible. I didn’t know there was going to be a 2nd awesome box you could select instead and of course after selecting over and over due to error – it was all gone. That other box looked awesome! Why not just give everybody that one? Ugh.

    I did have an email at least – looks like others didn’t 🙁

  28. UGH… I have been trying since I got my email to get the Everygirl box and it just showed up as Out of Stock. Thanks Birchbox.

    • omg are you serious?

      • Yes, but it keeps flip flopping between in and out of stock :/

    • Same here! I’m so irritated by that. I’ve been trying for 45 minutes to make my freaking selection, and if everyone else is having the same problems then how on earth did it go out of stock! I had emailed them prior to it selling out. Maybe they’ll still honor that. I hate websites with issues.

  29. No email for me either. I also have the annual subscription.

    • I have the annual subscription and got mine.

    • I have an annual subscription and got mine. Make sure you are opted in to receive their emails.

  30. The problem is that they didn’t try to fix anything! They just added more choices thinking that would spread the traffic out.

  31. Any other bb subscribers not get the email? I have an annual sub if it matters…

    • i did not get the email. i sent them a private FB message with my choice. i hope that works.

    • Yep, second month, no email. If it weren’t for this website–I would never know what’s on sale or when new limited edition boxes are on sale.

    • I did not get the email…I didn’t get it last month either.

  32. This is a complete repeat of last month. The website crashed!!!

  33. Just tried to do mine (silver eyeshadow) and got an error message. Sigh.

    • Tried again a minute ago and was successful! As others noted, the Lighten Up box was listed as sold out.

  34. I’m having the same issue….can’t get into the site to pick. Oh well. I’m sure I will still like whatever I get.

  35. I may need to re-sub to Birchbox is you can choose stuff about the box now!

  36. I’ve been trying to make a selection for 15 minutes and I can’t get the submit button to work. I emailed Birchbox, I just hope the one I want doesn’t run out.

  37. Ooh, technical difficulties again? You’d think they’d be doing a better job after last month…

    Well, it’s no matter to me. I no longer subscribe to this one. Good luck to everyone else, though!

    • I know – I can forgive one time when they don’t know what kind of traffic to expect, but you’d think they’d be over prepared before they tried it again. 🙁

  38. I picked the stain I didn’t have issues with the site right away since I clicked the link as soon as I got and when I saw the harvey prince hello and number 4 I knew I didn’t want the everygrl box since I don’t like either of those items I was able to pick but then I went to my account and the site was down

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