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GlossyBox Review & Coupon – June 2014

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GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty subscription box. They have the best packaging in the business (this Stars and Stripes box is amazing), their products are usually deluxe-size or full size, and the value is usually really good too. The only issue with this box seems to be the late shipping – I would recommend just keeping that in mind and setting your expectations accordingly if you sign up for this box.

(My personal subscription I pay for hasn’t shipped yet, but this box I’m reviewing was sent to me via GlossyBox for review purposes).

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 3-month, 6-month or annual subscription)

COUPON: Use coupon code HAIR to get a full sized NIOXIN Diamax Hair Thickener ($50 retail value) with your first box!

The Products: Deluxe and full size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Info

Each GlossyBox comes with card detailing the items included.

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Strange Beautiful

Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy – 1.35 oz Value $10

Strange Beautiful ColorBloc Duo – Value $18

This Camille Beckman hand therapy lotion is very moisturizing, and the lemongrass scent is growing on me! (I love all citrus scents, but this lotion also has a bit of a floral scent as well).

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Polish

I had received Strange Beautiful polishes in other subscription boxes (I’m a fan of the formula), so I wanted to show that the ColorBloc Duo is a smaller size. (The two polishes on the left are from the latest BoxyCharm box). Fortunately these red and blue colors are pretty bold for me, so the smaller size is fine!

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Rusk

Ayres Patagonia Body Butter – 1 oz Value $4

Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray – 1.5 oz Value $4

This Ayres body butter is a very unique scent – it’s a mix of jasmine and rosemary. (And it’s another scent I can’t decided yet if I like or not!) The scent of the Rusk finishing spray is great though, and on my first try I found it did a good job of adding some texture and hold without getting sticky.

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - June 2014 Sumita

Sumita Beauty Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil – FULL SIZE! Value $18

I think this is my favorite item in the box. The color is very natural looking and very easy to blend. I can see myself using this eye shadow pencil for everyday non-dramatic eye looks!

Verdict: This month’s box has a value of about $54. It’s not my favorite GlossyBox every only because I’m not sure where I stand on the two scented lotions, but I really like the other items. (If my personal box that ships later is different I’ll post a second review).

What do you think of the June 2014 GlossyBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.







    • That certainly is a great deal. Glossy box is up there with the best of the beauty boxes, but be prepared for your box to arrive late. I still haven’t received my July box, but I expect delays so am not too concerned.

  2. The items in this box are a win for me. My first box too. And my C Wonder card was worth $50 😀

  3. extremely over-promoted on this one!! and very disappointed

  4. Wow, got my first Glossy Box today, fun stuff. My gift card is worth $50 and I am in shock. Trying to figure out what to do with it. I don’t normally have this kind of luck. Glossybox sure does have nice packaging, just like Christmas

    • Congratulations! I might actually have used my card if it was worth that much. Glad to hear someone is getting a higher-value card and that it’s not just a rumor.

      • I ended up picking out starfish earrings and a jewelry box. It would be interesting to see how many of each denomination they had on the cards. But it was a nice surprise.

  5. I sent them an email last night about my missing box. The tracking information was all over the place, and it hadn’t changed for 10 days. I had low expectations of their customer service due to all of the complaints I’ve read about them. So it was a nice surprise when I received a reply this morning saying that they were going to send a replacement box. Maybe I got lucky?

    I would have rather received a refund, but I didn’t ask since the box was the last of my 3-month subscription. I’ve updated my profile several times, and the products they’ve sent me have been a major miss every month. Even my BG box, which was a great value, but it was full of advanced anti-aging products. I’m 26! My June box is supposed to be the same as above, and the only thing I’ll use is the eye pencil.

    • I don’t think glossybox has regular variations like ipsy or birchbox from what I’ve seen reviewed its all the same products other than the BG box

  6. I finally got my box in today and No C Wonder Gift card for me, I searched the whole box and nothing!!! I sent them a message on FB maybe I will hear back from them. Sucks too. This was my last month of the subscription I bought and now I don’t know if I want to resubscribe. My birthday month and do they do anything special….. no…… they forget to send me an item. (Not that I really expect them to do anything special for my bday) But just sucks really. I Love their packaging/boxes, but the products to me are just ahhhh.

  7. Definitely worth it for me this month. I subscribed for the April box, was not impressed but decided to give it another month. May was worth it for me, although I didn’t love the box itself I used the BG gift card for Dior mascara. I decided to try boxy charm so I canceled my glossy box but after looking at the nioxin code and needing something for my thinning hair I resubed for this. Well I received my box today with the Nioxin and a 25.00 C wonder card. Score for me! Maybe I will give it another month.

    • Please tell me how to cancel. I have been checking the site and can’t figure it out. Thanks.

  8. My GC was worth $5. Not going to use it. Too bad, as I might have gotten something if I received even a $10 or $15 card.

    • Meh. I had $10 which would only cover the shipping. While there were a few sweaters I liked on the site, I wasn’t willing to use the entire gift card amount for the ridiculous shipping. Especially when the item wasn’t something I needed in the first place.

      Contrast that with the BG gift card from last month — free shipping and everyone got the same (known) amount, which was actually enough to get quite a few items on the site (which has a much larger inventory, by the way). I used it on a (clearance) bra, which was something I was in the market for anyway.

  9. I actually got a $25 C-Wonder gift card. I used it on the gladiator sandals that were 70 percent off.

    • I’ll be lucky to receive a C. Wonder card at all. There wasn’t one in my box so I contacted Glossybox via Facebook and they told me that CS were looking into it.
      It would be nice if they sent me a high value card for my trouble, but I know that Glossybox aren’t into grand gestures like that. As I said, I likely won’t ever get any card. I can dream that it would have been the $500 GC though!

      • Are you sure it wasn’t there? Mine was glued to the bottom of the box – so maybe yours is still in the outer box that it got shipped in? Mine was $5 so no use for it – the site doesn’t have much of interest to me, but I’m happy to hear what others got – it would be really nice to know that it was legit that someone got $500 and I’d sincerely be happy for them. So right now the $25 card is the highest I’ve heard of.

        • Unfortunately not, I looked under, over and everywhere else. It was probably another $5 card which I’d never use so I shan’t bother about it too much.

    • This was my first Glossybox and it arrived today. Given their history, I guess this was ‘early delivery’. I got the extra Nioxin treatment (which is the reason I decided to get the box) and I did get a $25 code on my card. With my card I purchased two cheese boards w/matching cheese knives and a (cheap) set of coasters. For those of you who cannot get your code to work, I learned the following by playing around at the site: You can use the code on sale items (or any item) but you cannot use it towards shipping. Therefore, in order to make the code work, you must buy a product at least as much as the value of the code. (Mine was $25.17.)

      As for the contents of the box—kind of a bust. I liked the hand cream and the small hairspray will be good for travel. Cannot wear shiny/glittery type eye products so that is a total bust and the most value in the box. Therefore the box itself is kind of a bust for me. I don’t think I will continue. Actually, I am not sure if I signed up for one box or more than one box–must figure that out!

      If I cancel and re-sign in the future, do they ‘remember’ my account (keep it open in some way)? What if I want to use some kind of code or bonus when I re-join?

  10. After not getting my last box (Thanks Glossybox!) I’m surprised to have actually gotten this one. Not impressed in the slighest. I can’t smell any of the hand cream stuff because my allergies are CRAZY right now but nothing stood out for me. The nail polishes are small and not interesting in the least. I might use the spray but it just doesn’t go with my curly hair. Overall not happy. Ugh.

  11. After not getting my last box (Thanks Glossybox!) I’m surprised to have actually gotten this one. Not impressed in the slighest. I can’t smell any of the hand cream stuff because my allergies are CRAZY

  12. I was pretty disappointed with this box… ESPECIALLY since they ship so late. Even though I know to expect that, I guess I anticipate it more as the “last box of the month. Also the packaging is SO adorable I expect the contents to reflect it. This was my third and probably last (at least for a while) Glossybox. This month in anticipation of the highly-marketed stars & stripes box, I actually ordered an extra for a gift. (Which by the way, if any of you subscription ladies live close to each other, having one sub and getting an extra gift box for $15 would save you a few bucks. I’m sure I’m not the first person to suggest that, so forgive me. If I knew anyone close to me into the subs, I’d do it and take turns each month ordering.)

    I do love the stars & stripes box (what a total sucker I am!) and would love to hear peoples’ tips on how they’ll repurpose the boxes around the house. (Stuff besides re-gifting.) So, the products: (1) I’m happy with the polish formula, the duo concept and the colors (I need to be treated for nail polish hoarding – ESPECIALLY since I joined Julep this winter.). However, they are half the size of the same brand duo (different colors) in this month’s BoxyCharm. So I think that listing these at full-size is completely misleading. I so very rarely actually use up a bottle of nail polish though, so it’s not really a big deal. (2) I’ll have to try the Rusk spray to determine what I think of it. I do REALLY like dry shampoos, but this is not really marketed as such. (3) Ayres Body Butter: a win! I love the scent & texture and would have liked a bigger jar. (4) Camille Beckman hand therapy smells SO “old lady” (and I am no spring chicken) that I need to wash it off momentarily. Too bad, because I like the texture & packaging. (5) Love the Sumita Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil. It has a great texture too. It doesn’t seem to be “self-propelled” so I guess it will need sharpening? Can anyone confirm that? I really dislike having to manually sharpen because it wastes product. ** I haven’t even logged onto CWonder because my code starts with $5, so that would be frustrating. If anyone wants it, I’ll mail it to you. I haven’t tried the swap programs yet because of severe post-office aversion AND fear of becoming more addicted to sub stuff! 🙂

    I SO WANT to love GlossyBox (again, sucker!) but when I compare GlossyBox to Boxycharm it’s hard to believe they’re the same price. Of course, I prefer make-up to skin care so it’s a little like comparing Birchbox to Ipsy.

    Uh oh…longest comment ever! Sorry I droned on as if I’m the blogger. Happy unboxing to all!

  13. I was pretty happy with this box. The box it came in is beautiful and I will definitely use it to store something. Glossybox seems to be one of my favorites lately. I am so glad I signed up for an annual subscription with at a great discount thanks to one of Liz’s codes. They did mess mine up a bit this month. Looks like they forgot the nail polish and gave me 2 hand lotions instead. But I prefer the lotion to polish anyway. I never seem to use the nail polish items as I am incapable of doing my own nails and never remember to bring my polish to the salon. Happy mistake.

  14. I am so upset at Glossybox right now. First I had a 6 month sub and it was due to end in April, so I finished that and signed up for a new one to get a discount. Ended up they overlapped, and I got two April boxes. Ok, so not happy that suddenly they are ahead instead of behind ,but accepted it. But today I get my June box.. it was the SAME Bergdorf box from May, and on top of that, no card, no ribbon and the tissue is all ripped up, the packages inside are banged up, and no gift card to Bergman cause of course that ended June 15. What the heck? They can rip me off of a June box and give me rejects from May box? They didnt even try to put it in a new box, still Bergman box, still same products from June. I am so disappointed I certainly was not expecting this type of thing from them. ughhhh

    • I’d be more than happy to give up my June box for May’s products! I’ve been swapping like crazy hoarding the Revive cream and Lancer and Alterna CC cream.
      If you list it please let us know. I’m ChristineInWI.

  15. This box was boring… the $5 giftcard is useless when you have to pay that OUTRAGEOUS shipping, $9.50? Really? Umm… MAYBE someone will swap for that?
    The hand cream smell is too strong, my fiance thought I had just sprayed Pledge cleaning spray. I wouldn’t even give this stuff away, it’ll find a place in the trash can probably.
    The Rusk is just ok, nothing life changing. It’s good enough to through in my desk drawer at work if I even need a touch up.
    The Ayres isn’t bad… I’ll toss in my purse.
    However, the eyeliner is nice… I’m just having difficulty figuring out if I can sharpen in when it starts running low or in that’s all there is.
    Oh well, that’s what you get when you subcribe for a surprise box… I’ll take my chances another month, I do love the element of surprise.

  16. If anyone isn’t going to use their c wonder code I will take it rather than have it go to waste 🙂

  17. I received my box today & was pleasantly surprised by the c.wonder surprise value gift card. Although it is probably going to be only $5 credit, it is exciting to check out a new website to see if I lucked out & received a card with a higher value.

    I am also happy with the products that I received. So glad that I took advantage of Liz’s one day only subscription deal with glossybox. The 12 month deal was such a great value & allowed for me to get at least one box this month after losing my last job.

  18. I was so excited to see that my glossybox came today. Then I opened it!

    It was another Bergdorf Goodman box, but with what looks to be the leftovers from last month’s box. This is just ridiculous. I have never had this kind of issue with a subscription box before.

  19. I got mine, exactly the same as Liz’s. I love the lotions, but I’m not excited about them as a part of this box. Also- two lotions in one box, really? That’s pretty lame GB… I think I’m going to cancel.

    • Has anyone with cool-toned fair skin tried the Sumita pencil? Although it’s called ‘Champagne’, it looks more like taupe. I’d love to know if it goes on more like a true champagne colour before I crack open the seal.

      • I’d say it’s definitely on the taupe side versus champagne. It’s got a brown shade it it with gold shimmer. However, the color on the packaging has a browner hue than the actual. It’s definitely a few shades lighter than the packaging and has a a lot more shimmer. This was the best picture I can get (my camera doesn’t like focusing on my pale skin.

  20. I was surprised to find mine in the mail today and was super excited, until I opened it and was overcome by the smell of nail polish. The red had broken and spilled inside the packet it was in. I was most excited about the polish!!!! Love the eye pencil, I got a black Sumita eyeliner I a previous sub box and have been a fan since.

    • did you contact GB? did they said they would replace it? i am anxiously awaiting mine to arrive!

  21. I loooove Ayres! I have samples of Patagonia and Midnight Tango from Birchbox. Patagonia is definitely my favorite. What a great box!
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  22. I got mine today (so glad I went home for lunch). I got the same box too. I didn’t wear eye-shadow today, so I used the pencil first thing. I love it. It’s a great color for me, because I wear very natural colors.

    I always like getting quality hand lotions.

    The box itself is gorgeous.

    I got $10 on the C Wonder card.

    • My card was only worth $5 – not gonna use it since shipping is to pricey.

    • What am I doing wrong, I can’t find the value on the C. Wonder card?

      I tried entering it (with and without dashes) in both the promo code box and the C. Wonder gift card box after adding something to my cart.

      • Never mind, it was a “0” versus “O” issue.

        Only got $10. Won’t be using it.

        • If you still have the card and are not planning to use it, I would be happy to take it off of your hands. 🙂

      • When I called them I was told all the value was $5 – If u look by the code you might notice “$5″ as a part of the digets of the code — What frustrated me most about this gift card, is this gift card can not be entered as a gift card. Has to be entered as a coupon code in the coupon code area with the ” -“s that seperate the numbers and letters.

        • Yeah, the first two characters of mine were “10.” But I kept hitting “1O” which is why it wasn’t working at first. It’s just not a good deal for me to use because all it does is basically cover ground shipping for a not huge selection of stuff I don’t really need. Sure, if the value had been higher, I might have gone for something, and if I’d tried hard, I probably could have found $500 worth of clothes that were worth trying out if I’d been lucky enough to get one of the high value cards. I’m probably spoiled by Amazon Prime where I have a huge selection and free 2-day shipping.

          • Have u been to 6pm . com ? — I was on there today and got more lola lipgloss for less then $7 with free shipping. Blush box has a thing through dermstore if u favorite an item and ad it to your cart they take 10% of ff + Free Shipping on any item. I hate paying for shipping.

      • I had to look on another site. Enter all caps and dashes just like it is on the card

    • I thought I’d use it on a pair of sandals…until the shipping showed up as $9.97.

      • Yeah. $9.97 shipping is a deal-breaker for a lot of people these days. Especially for things like shoes and clothes (you can get free shipping at Zappo’s and JustFab, for example).

  23. Can I just start off by saying that I am so glad i found you, Liz! Oh my…I am turning into a subscription box junkie! Love your website. Ok, I will be relevant now 🙂 I have not received my GB yet, but I did get the shipping notice this morning and I am so excited! I have only subscribed since April and fell in love. (I am now an Alex and Ani fan and purchase a new bangle every 2 weeks)

    The Stars and Stripes Box itself, looks beautiful! LOVE. I think the products look like they will be very nice, as well. AND…I love the extra perk we will receive, also, even if it is a $5 dollar gift card. Gotta love these smart businesses with their selling gimmicks, because I am a sucker and I will have to look at the website and use my gift card and spend more money…and I will fall in love with something and keep buying from C. Wonder, just I like I am doing with Bergdorf and Goodman, Alex and Ani, etc… But that is the point and it is fun! ok… I will stop now.

  24. Just got mine today and the box is beautiful. I save the boxes for wrapping gifts and to organize and store my sub box items. I got the same items as Liz’s freebie box above and the surprise prize card for C. Wonder (as other’s have noted). I have a large size of the Rusk hairspray – so this will be a nice travel size. This is an excellent hairspray, it holds and its not sticky. I got it from that giant Allure box a couple months ago.

    The lotions I am not crazy about – but I can always use hand lotion, but I have a lot of it. I don’t find the tiny jars of body lotion/butter to be particularly useful and I have a ton of it. But if the smell is not to my liking, I guess a tiny jar is fine.

    The nail polishes are super tiny. They are the size of the Julep minis. For some reason I thought they were larger (like a slightly smaller bottle of a Julep polish). But like Liz, I am fine with it because the colors are super bright.

    I am happy to try the eye shadow pencil. I have a few eye shadow pencils and for some reason I am never that excited about them. Not sure why, so this will be fun to play with (I think its because I have a lot of eye shadows and brushes).

    Overall, I am happy with this box. I hope I have get a good discount with the C.Wonder card, but with my luck it probably will be $5 off.

  25. I keep refreshing GB to see if mine has shipped yet. It looks like another April with all of us getting the same products so the only suspense will be the rumored gift card.

  26. I wonder if there are variations in this month’s box. I’d be very happy if I receive the same a Liz’s box. Fingers crossed!

  27. I am still waiting for mine, plus I got an extra, so I will keep you posted. Thank you for preview.

  28. Compared to last month’s box this one is a dud, BUT I knew it would be… I was preparred, so it’s ok. However, I am excited about the Sumita eye pencil(I’m sure I’ll use it) but the rest… meh.
    Apparently the C. Wonder gift card can have a value anywhere from $5 to $500 depending on what they send you… So it’s a surprise for everyone! Which is kind of fun, unless you get the $5 that is… Good luck ladies!

    • I heard elsewhere that 99% are worth $5. Mine was for sure.

      • Ditto – if the code on the back starts with $5, then it’s a five dollar code. If it starts with 10, then it’s 10 (and will at least cover your shipping. And it’s not actually a gift card – its a coupon code (so you can’t stack them). All in all, not really worth it – if it had at least covered shipping I would have been happier…

        • Mine started with a 20 but was worth $25. Was pretty happy that I got a pair of shoes. Didn’t like that the shipping was so much but it was worth it with the $25 card.

        • I was able to stack codes with purchase.

          • Really Kelly? How did you manage to stack codes? I only saw one promo code box on the checkout page.

  29. I’ve been on the fence about canceling this box for awhile. While I love the boxes and size of products, the products themselves just don’t ‘wow’ me.

  30. I just want the stars and stripes box!

    • As soon as I get it , I’ll be adding to swaps. Along with 1/2 the items from the box. – I’m starting to get to the point that I need a beauty, makeup and nail polish break. Since April, I find I have to much stuff I wont use

  31. My box should be here today or tomorrow. I would wear the red and blue although I have like 10 reds already (it’s my favorite color). I’m not normally a fan of hair sprays of any variety, but I’ve decided to give this one a try.

    I’ve heard in the regular (non-free-blogger) boxes, there will be a gift card to C. Wonder.

    • You always have the best intel!

      • Well, I will be finding out today, as mine is out for delivery. I hope the gift card value is high. I did see some sweaters on the C. Wonder site that I liked but if it’s only like a $5 value, I probably won’t bother.

        My mailman probably hates me since I discovered this site. Yesterday I got UrthBox. Saturday I got Lip Factory. Today I get Glossybox, Petit Vour, and a massive Julep order. He has to come up to my door to drop all of these things off because they’re too big to stuff in the mailbox.

        • Lol…yep..ditto…mine to. Yet my husband is one who is having the biggest fit. Some of the boxes hes fine with. Yet he was getting grumpy about my swaps and the amounts I paid in postages to ship an item off. So I m not swapping as much as I used to now

          • It was a fairly worthless gift card in that it was a whopping $5 off a grossly overpriced store.

  32. I got an email saying they shipped my box the other day, yet after seeing this box, I’m very bla. I get my nail polishes from Julep Maven box and all the sales they have. So when ever U see nail polish I’m so bla about it. Red and Blue even though Patriotic are my least favorite colors, and the Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray I know I wont use. – Last month box was a lot better.

  33. Eh, not too excited about this months box. The only thing I like is the eye pencil and I’m not even sure how much use I’ll get out of it!


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