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Birchbox July 2014 News, Spoilers & Coupon!

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Birchbox July 2014

The July Birchbox will be a collaboration with Women’s Health magazine. (If you haven’t signed up yet, use coupon codeΒ WOMENSHEALTH100 when you sign up to get an extra 100 points ($10) to use in the Birchbox shop.

Also, here are the Birchbox Plus options for this month:

Birchbox Plus

I haven’t taken advantage of Birchbox Plus yet, but I’m thinking of adding the Triple C Power Card to my box this month. Are you getting a Plus item for July?

And lastly, here is the first spoiler video for the July box:

Each subscriber will have the option to pick one sample and shade this month: either a Ruffian nail polish or a Cynthia Rowley lip stain. What do you think of Birchbox lettings us pick a sample this month? I love it – and I hope they expand their offerings in future months!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Was just poking around on the BB website and saw I already had a tracking number for the July box. That’s fast! Now we’ll see whether I got the item I requested or not…

    I hope they come out with a good limited edition box in the next few weeks. After I review the products from my next box, I’ll have a little over $30 worth of points. Coupled with a promo code, I should be able to get it for cheap if it’s something I’d like.

    • I saw last night on MUT someone say they had the ‘clicky truck’ already so I checked and my gift subscription (in its final month of a 3-monther) and I have the ‘clicky truck’ and tracking number already! My actual subscription does not yet have that though.

      • I had BB for awhile, quit, and rejoined after a few months. They were much faster the second time around. But then I quit again and rejoined the same day to take advantage of a promo code, and I wasn’t sure how that was going to affect shipping. Seems to have made it even faster. Well, it’ll be nice to get a box early in the month; seems most of mine ship out on the 15th or later. I’m less tempted to start new subs if I have stuff on the way.

  2. I got the first email and attempted to choose but that was when the site crashed. I got a second email later saying the site was fixed but all the choices were “out of stock.” So I emailed them saying I thought it sucked that even though I tried fairly early, I still missed out. :/ they responded & apologized but it stated “while supplies last.” Not the end of the world but still disappointing

  3. Does anyone know if there is still a 20% off code for BB? I LOVE their English Laundry for her scent πŸ™‚

  4. Finally got a confirmation email re: lipgloss today. I emailed them back about trying to get the additional items and whether I could use my BB points.

  5. Hopefully this isn’t a 3rd in a row post from me.. my computer is acting up probably because I’m supposed to be working πŸ™‚ I got an email saying the site was back up and it allowed me to pick a lip color OR a nail color. I chose a lip color (Valentine) on my account and a nail color (Ambrosia) on the gift subscription I had made (in my hedgehog’s name) when I used the Kate Spade code for the mirror necklace. I had wanted to mention Birchbox also sent me an email apologizing for never sending the necklace and it included a code to use for $20 in their shop – I think I posted that snippet in the June box review comments.

  6. I’m pretty disappointed that they sent the email at 5am PST and now everything is “sold out” before I even got to work in the morning and had a chance to choose.

    • I never got the e-mail, so I e-mailed them. They let me just tell the CS rep which product I preferred. So you might try that.

  7. I got the email this morning and was able to choose one of the three nail polish colors — it must have been before the site went down. I thought we would get to choose between the nail polish and lip stain, and then get to choose the color, but it looks like Birchbox chose one of the two products for you, and then you get to choose the color. You also have the option to choose “surprise me,” in which case you might get a color Birchbox chooses for you, or a completely different product based on your profile preferences.

    • Check the bottom of your email. There should be a button.

    • This has probably already been said but a lot of people got confused about that. My email showed the three nail polishes but written below in small letters it said “want the lip stain instead? Click here”

  8. I got the email and it said select it from the dropdown above on the site but there was no drop down. Also, where can I find the birchbox plus?

  9. I got the email this morning and it did not give me the option of the lip stain. It did give me the option of picking the nail polish color. Bummer.

    • Hi LizM,

      It was at the very bottom of my e-mail in small print. It wasn’t highlighted as much as the nail polish.


      • Thanks for the tip!! I thought I had to choose nail polish, but I really wanted to try the lip stain.

      • Thanks CW!

        I got another email after the nail polish only email and after the site crashed. I got to choose the lip stain, but then it said that I would get a confirmation email and never received one. I emailed them back about the email, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

        Did anyone get a confirmation email?

    • Yep I missed it also! Guess I am getting the nail polish instead. I really wanted the lip stain.

    • I didn’t get an e-mail. Checked my spam folder, too. Kind of not fair if they don’t send all the e-mails at the same time because the most popular products will be gone!

  10. I got the email that let me pick but the only options were the nail polishes. While I am happy that I get to choose I was really wanting to try the lip stain.

  11. I went with the charger this is the first time I’ve done the add on also I’ll probably get the lip stain since I got the mermaid box so I’m good on nail polish

  12. Just an FYI…If you have a gift subscription you can’t take advantage of the Birchbox Plus items. I e-mailed earlier today when getting an error message about it and got this response:

    “I can see that you are a gift recipient and not a monthly subscriber, so that is why you did not get the email. You cannot apply for the Birchbox Plus items because you do not have a rebillable subscription with us. We do not have your billing information in our system to be able to bill you for that item.”

    I still have 6 months on my gift, so it seems silly to not be able to take advantage of this new perk until January when I will have the ability to sign up for a monthly billable subscription! I e-mailed back asking if they plan to add a way for gift subscribers to use it. It seems that there would be a way to just add billing information to one’s account. We will see. I can’t imagine I’m the only one is this boat! I know this perk is new, so we will see how it is updated as it rolls out.

  13. I am unsubbed, but I do love the idea of choosing a sample! I enjoy when Citrus Lane lets us choose too.

  14. That code “WOMANSHEALTH100” is not valid.

    • No wait got it to work πŸ™‚

      • Phew! πŸ™‚

  15. I love the fact that we can choose 1 item…I loved the Ruffian polishes in the Mermaid box so I’m gonna have to try to get one of those. I don’t use lip products, except for balms in the winter, so if I have to get the lip stain it’ll be swapped.

  16. Wow that is a hard pick.. probably go with the item that is most ‘swappably desired’. Wonder when we’ll be asked to choose. Actually this is the last month of me getting 2 boxes (been stealing the one addressed to my hedgehog Zoe) so I guess for one box I’ll pick lipstain and the other the nail polish.

    • I totally caved with the add-ons. I’m almost out of dry shampoo… The earbuds have really good reviews for the price… and I’ve been needing a back-up battery since I upgraded my iPhone last fall.

      I went the polish in Rosemary. I’m curious to try the Ruffian, and I won’t be receiving any in my Julep box this month.

  17. I am so excited to be able to pick a sample! Both of these items have been on my must try list – but I really wanted the Ruffian polish in Ambrosia so I’m going with that. I can always get a sample of the lip stain in the bonus shop.

    I didn’t want any of the plus options because they still seem expensive to me (I like dry shampoo but usually pay about $6 at Target!).

  18. I should probably not push my luck by canceling and resubscribing again to get another 100 points (I did that with the Jet Blue code only a couple of days ago)…

    Not sure what I’ll pick from the options (I have oodles of lip products and nailpolish right now, although if it’s an actual stain, I will probably go with the lip option) but I won’t add anything on. Don’t need earbuds, don’t use dry shampoo, don’t have a smartphone or tablet to use the battery with.

    • I sampled the lip stain and like it as a true lip stain, so I’m going to pick it again in a different color. (I definitely don’t need any more nail polish right now either!) πŸ™‚

      • OK, thanks for letting me know. Sounds like I’ll be going with the lip stain, then. Will just be picking whatever color appeals to me the most at the time.

        • I’ve already sampled both products and I’m swimming in both lip gloss and nail polish already. I like that they are allowing the option to choose, but I wish they would of had more to choose from or at least one new product that hasn’t been sampled by current subscribers yet. I unsubscribed last month and want to take advantage of the code, but at the same time I don’t want either of the spoilers. Lol I guess I could swap.

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