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Taste Guru Subscription Box Review & Coupon!

Taste Guru Subscription Box Review

Taste Guru is a monthly gluten-free subscription box. I find that they typically include a mix of pantry staple items and snacks in each box. I personally avoid both gluten and dairy in my diet, so my subscription to Taste Guru has been a great way to discover new pantry items and then buy them in bulk on Amazon!

FYI – I subscribed to Taste Guru a few months ago when they had a Gilt City deal, and they currently have another Gilt City deal today if you want to grab this subscription at a discount!

Taste Guru Subscription Box Review & Coupon! Items

The Subscription Box: Taste Guru

The Cost: $39 a month (less with 3,6, and 12 month plans)

The Products: 6-8 full-size gluten free products.

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Taste Guru Subscription Box Review & Coupon! Mix

Bella Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix – 1 Cup Sample Size – Value $3

At the Table Together Easy Make Gluten Free Flour Tortilla Mix – Two 4.6 oz bags Value $8

I’m so excited to try this Bella All-Purpose baking mix! Not only is it gluten free, but it’s also soy-free, nut-free, lactose/casein-free, egg-free and it is non-GMO! And of course the best part is that it gets great reviews on Amazon! I think I’m going to make their pancake recipe this weekend!

Taste Guru Subscription Box Review & Coupon! Seaweed

Love Original Roasted Seaweed (2) – Value $3 total

Fiona’s All Natural Trail Mix in Mountain Blend – Value $4

This trail mix is gluten and dairy free – and very addicting! I thought I would just sample it when I opened it, but I ended up eating the entire bag! There’s no added salt in this mix, so it’s a bit more of a sweeter trail mix – definitely a healthy dessert!

Taste Guru Subscription Box Review & Coupon! Stock

Massel Concentrated Liquid Stock – Value $4

Nature Valley Roasted Nut Crunch Bars in Almond and Peanut – Value $2

I’m happy with this stock – it’s always a good staple to have in the pantry, but I probably won’t end up eating the Nature Valley bars since they have corn syrup and added colors in their ingredients.

Verdict: This month’s box value is on the lower end (approximately $24), so I would have been upset if I had signed up for this box at full price. With the discount though, I’m very pleased with the value and curation of the box. (For me the value is more about discovering great new gluten-free products). Plus I can’t wait to make Bella All Purpose Baking Mix pancakes!

What do you think of Taste Guru?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. They have now disabled people being able to send them messages to their inbox on Facebook, and disabled commenting on their posts… or maybe they have just blocked me since I continue to ask where my April box is… we are a week away from JUNE!!! I would have a tad more respect for them if they would just be honest and tell me I’m not getting the April box. I want my money back for the entire subscription since THEY voided the contract by not fulfilling the agreement.

  2. May 2014 Taste Guru – yes that is a 0.75 ounce or 21gram chocolate bar… maybe they think Gluten Free means – one or two bites.

    • Comment

  3. May 2014 Taste Guru – yes those two bags are only 0.75oz (21grams)
    I have gotten bigger bags of these as free samples!

  4. I put all of the contents of the May 2014 Taste Guru box next to the advertised box size, note I did put the two tiny sample sized bags on top of the orzo as I wanted to show that even packed up it is tiny.

  5. Okay here you go! This is what was inside my May 2014 Taste Guru box! NO, they didn’t send me a used Gap ballet flat, I put that next to contents of May 2014 Taste Guru box so you could see that most of the items are tiny! Sample sizes that are not even a ounce!

  6. This is a close up to show you that Taste Guru sent this just in case they claim it wasn’t there box!

    Note: I blurred out my private info in all photos for privacy as who knows if Taste Guru will send me an even smaller box next month like perhaps a cupcake sized box!

  7. May box on top of advertised box – yes it is small!
    Note: I blurred out my private info in all photos for privacy as who knows if Taste Guru will send me an even smaller box next month like perhaps a cupcake sized box!

  8. Box advertised is 5 inches, box sent in May is a bit less than 2 inches

  9. Box advertised on website is 11.5 inches the box they sent in May is 8.5 inches

  10. And another photo…Old box 11.5 inches new box 8 inches

  11. Here is the second photo. This one I put the tiny box on top of the box they advertise. You can see the old box is 15 inches wide and the box they sent in May a mere 5 inches wide. The angle is a bit off but the boxes are lined up

  12. I also never got my April box. I asked for a refund more than once and they refused to even acknowledge that I asked for a refund. Just more we are sending out your April box.. NEVER GOT APRIL. BUT I had my box left from March so I am going to post photos so people can see what Taste Guru is sending out now – NOT what any of us ordered. This photo shows the box I got from March next to the box I just can you see it is TINY! The other poster is right it is about the size of a VHS tape! I have a photo showing a size 7 Gap Ballet flat and its about the same size! I want people to know what Taste Guru is sending out! These are photos of May’s Taste Guru Box – you can all come to your own decision on if this is worth anything! I think they paid more in postage than the contents inside!

  13. Can anyone help me? I prepaid for 6 months from Gilt City- I signed up in January and it is now mid May however I have only been sent two boxes, yes ONLY two boxes! Taste Guru refuses to acknowledge they have any issues instead they keep offering new deals yet they can’t even fill the orders that people have already paid for! When you email them it takes days for an answer if they answer at all. It is now May 12th – I have never been sent my pre-paid box for April and they have not answered my emails asking for my boxes or a refund. Has anyone dealt with Gilt City for a refund due to Taste Guru refusing to fulfill their subscription promises?
    At this point should I just contact the Better Business Bureau?

    • We don’t have Gilt City where I am… but it should be just like Groupon. There should be a way to contact them from your account or from your order. You just need to let them know your experience and find out what their policies are. I also signed up in January and knew that I would not get a box until February. I received Feb and March but still no April. I’ve put a complaint in with Groupon so we will see. Good luck.

    • My advice to all reading this is to contact BBB and be patient. I sincerely dislike the idea of putting a company out of business in this economy, but their business practices are dishonest. When I first had issues with the April box delivery I went looking for reviews like this, to see if it was just me. At the time, I could find only positive reviews of the company, and attributed the error to an honest mistake. However, after waiting more than four weeks for a “late shipment,” I took the matter to groupon and BBB.

      Groupon issued me $10 in groupon bucks, which I feel makes up appropriately for the lackluster third shipment I received (2 months behind schedule).

      From speaking with another company that issued a groupon offer, I realize that taste guru most likely overextended themselves with the deals that they offered. I can certainly understand getting in over your head, as it sounds like they have. However, it is unconscionable to try bamboozling your customers rather than telling them the truth of the matter.

      In the end, sadly, this company does not have mature people at the helm, and needs to shut down.

  14. I also only received a very small box containing the chicken stock, a snack size bag of the corn/potato chips from the March box and 1 Granola bar. I was obviously really disappointed so I wrote the company on a ticket I had open from renewing my subscription time (I had purchased the 3-month groupon, then my friend got me 3 months from gilt).
    This is what I received 3 days after I wrote in:
    “There was an error with our packaging fulfillment center and there should have been more than three items. We do not guarantee which items or how many but I have placed you on a list for compensation. I spoke to my director of operations and we are figuring out what that is. Thank you for your patience.”

    We’ll see what happens.

    • It’s May 9th and I still haven’t received a box. I firmly believe mine will be the chintsy box since that is what it seems everyone except for bloggers got. Seems awfully funny that they say that, but they deleted every single April box related post on their page… every one that could incriminate them is gone (but I have them bwahahahahaaa). And then turn off commenting. They are in serious spin control now. Their “compensation” should be a brand new box that is worthy of the subscription box.

      • Would you mind sending me a pic or anything you have that shows what’s supposed to be in march or April or may? I am having serious issues with TG. Today I received in the mail what I THOUGHT was the replacement for the damaged pasta from the march box…. It was a tiny VHS tape size box with a box of pasta, a mini bag of crackers, a soy joy bar and a piece of melted chocolate. I assumed it was a replacement for a damaged item that I inquired about multiple times but reading here it seems like this is supposed to be my May box?
        What on earth is going on? My march box was missing stuff and had damaged stuff as well… I have had soooo many problems with this sub, I prepaid for a six month sub, what a huge mistake. If this is May box I have a huge issue with that because it’s maybe worth 5$ if that…. I want to put a complaint in and anything anyone has that proves what was supposed to be in the last few boxes, would be really awesome…..please email me….thanks…[email protected]. I can’t even keep up with what’s supposed to be what because their CS is so awful and I have had so many problems with my sub with missing items, damaged items, etc…..

      • Sure! I have screenshots of what they posted on Facebook and later removed, they are at home and I will post those later. Here is what was on their website as what would be in April’s box.

      • Another

      • These don’t show up well so I will email them to you as well… They left a damage trail thank goodness. I have filed a complaint and asked for a full refund from Groupon, and asked them to stop allowing such a fraudulent company to do business with them… hence defrauding thousands of people.

  15. I’m disappointed. I got 3 items. Chicken stock, chips I got in my last box and 1 granola bar. I’m confused.. I started with my groupon deal and loved it, then a friend got me a gilt subscription for my birthday so I had them add it on for 3 more months. Yikes.

    • I have saved the screenshots of their CSR’s stating what would be in the April box as well as what they had on their website as “April’s Box”, I will be sending all of it to Taste Guru, Groupon, Gilt City, Living Social, BBB and every organization I can. This is fraud, plain and simple.

      • Good for you! All of the established deals sites should be informed that this company is not a reputable merchant partner to work with. I was referred to Taste Guru through Groupon, and will certainly be contacting them to express my serious concern and to ask for a refund. I hope others will do the same.

      • I’m in exactly the same boat! When I contacted the company, they sent me some flowery excuse about how they don’t guarantee that customers receive exactly what is listed in the newsletter. I don’t care about that, I care that I received four dollars worth of merchandise! I found this post after searching high and low – the company is really hushing this thing up.

      • Would you please post the photo of Aprils box as I would like to send it to Gilt CIty so Taste Guru can’t say it was never posted?? I just posted a ton of May 2014 Taste Guru boxes so people can be warned of what Taste Guru actually sends out! NOT WHAT THEY ADVERTISED!

  16. They are now deleting all comments and questions about the April box from their Facebook page. Many have reported (including me) not getting an April box while others reported that their boxes were far less stocked than advertised. These were all people who had notified the company that they did not want to auto-renew when their groupon was up. As a former customer, I do not recommend taste guru.

  17. May 1 and I still have not received my April box. I was also a Groupon customer who canceled but only received two.

  18. Really becoming annoyed with TG. I, too, got a special 2 month plan and have yet to receive my April box. I know a lot of people are in the same boat as me, my brother (who I ordered it for) keeps asking me when it is coming and I can’t give him an honest answer. I don’t know why they blame Passover, Easter and Patriots day as reasons why the boxes are late, other companies sent their boxes in a timely manner. I just hope that when I DO get the box, it’s not a disappointment. : /

  19. Your box had many more items that most other people’s, including myself. You got double the bars/chicken stock that I did. And you received two tortilla mix and seaweed, whereas I got zero of both. No trail mix or baking mix either. Instead I got a few oz. of dates and 1 oz. of egg white chips from last month.

    What a scam. Beware.

    • I received the exact items and amounts as you (May 3rd). I was wondering where the other half / two-thirds of the items were! Until I read these posts, I honestly thought it was an apology gesture mini box that they sent out as I awaited arrival of my delayed April box. I contacted their customer service, but am not sure if they will even honor sending all the items they advertised. A very frustrating and disappointing experience. I feel bad that subscription bloggers are recommending this questionable company.

  20. Unfortunately, this box is very different from what many received.

  21. Check out their Facebook page. Those who had a 4 month groupon and didn’t renew we’re give a 3rd box with only 4 items, two of which were last month’s items. This company is a total auto renew scam.

  22. My grandmother would use a rolling pin and her flour tortillas were not thick at all. Also, the Costco by me (CA) sells Tortillaland flour tortillas. They are raw and you just cook them in a pan and they taste just like my grandmothers homemade ones.

  23. Well this is going on my list the tortilla alone will be worth it! Willing to try though

  24. I made the tortillas a couple nights ago and they are SO good!!!! They have a sourdough flavor and they were really easy to make!! I totally recommend them!

    • Question: How do you get homemade tortillas to be flat? I have a tortilla press but everything I make with it turns out like 1/4 inch thick. (Doesn’t taste bad, but not easy to use AS tortillas.)

      If it’s something specific about this mix, let me know that too! I don’t need to eat GF but if a GF product works, I’m certainly willing to try it.


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