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POPSUGAR Must Have Review – April 2014

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POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Box

Since I was one of the first ones to receive the POPSUGAR Limited Edition Resort Box, I guess it’s far that I’m one of the last to get the regular April box. (Since I knew the spoilers for a while I was OK with semi-patiently waiting for this box!)

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: POPSUGAR Must Have

The Cost: 39.95 a month

COUPON: Use code MUSTHAVE5 to save $5 off your first box!

The Products: “Must Have” items for women selected by POPSUGAR editors. (Fitness, Home, Beauty, Food, and more)

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POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Letter

Each box comes with a letter from Lisa Sugar discussing the themes for the box.

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Fold Out

It also is a fold out card with details on each item.

Internet Tax Freedom Act Palette

Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette – Value $36

This palette alone makes the box an awesome one for me! I love the neutral colors – and they have just the right amount of shimmer! And this palette is paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free!

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Guide

It even has the one thing I always hope comes with a palette – a how-to guide for getting different looks!

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 folded

Fresh Pastry Stand Totally Awesome Tea Towel Set – Value $18

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Towels

These tea towels are actually bigger than I expected – they will get a lot of use and I love that they are fun too!

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Soap

Run The World Graphic Image Pocket Notes – Value $20

Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood Hand Soap – Value $10.50

I love that Caldrea products are made with safe and natural ingredients. This Rosewater scent isn’t my favorite from them, but I still like it and will definitely use it.

And even though I don’t need anymore notebooks I kind of love this one!

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Nature Box


Nature Box POPSUGAR Must Have Mix – Value $5

I love that Nature Box did a custom snack for POPSUGAR subscribers! We subscribe to Nature Box and love this healthy subscription too. (If you haven’t signed up for Nature Box yet, use coupon code ADDICTION to get 50% off your first box!)


Blue Avocado Eco Shopper – Value $25

POPSUGAR Must Have Review - April 2014 Bag

I always can use more reusable bags, and this one is actually easy to re-zip up back to the small pouch!

Verdict: This box has a value of about $115 and I think it’s one of my favorite POPSUGAR Must Have boxes to date! I’ll use everything, and this box seems to be a crowd pleaser too – everyone I gifted POPSUGAR subscriptions to for the holidays let me know how much they liked this box!

What did you think of the April POPSUGAR Must Have box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. This was my first PopSugar box and I have to say, I was underwhelmed. I like the eyeshadow and the soap, period. I am saving the other things to gift, however because this box was so lackluster, I am tempted to cancel. Maybe I will give it one more try. I have a bit of an addiction to these boxes so I have to pick and choose which subscriptions I want to keep. Feeling ho-hum currently.

  2. The Too Faced palette was the only thing that I enjoyed from this box. The shopping tote is cute but every quarter they put one in the subscription boxes. The tea towels aren’t for me and the graphics on them are more appropriate for a teenage girl and not an adult woman. The little mini notebook is cute but this is the third/fourth time they put one in a subscription box within a 5 month time frame. The trail mix got tossed because we are a grain free household. I haven’t tried the hand soap and probably will be thrown out because I’m not a fan of artificially scented products. Looking back at the POPsugar boxes from a year ago, this month just seemed like it was a last minute hodge podge of items with no real thought behind the selection. I’ve been thinking about canceling but afraid that when i do, the next box will be amazing like they used to be.

  3. I LOVE that box! We just moved into our apartment and lack all the little extra things that make a home feel… Homey. I love those tea towels. I’ve been trying to hold out on ordering a popsugar box because my finances are pretty strained right now, but seeing that box is really weakening my will right now…

  4. I got my box yesterday and I think I’m the only person who is disappointed in it. I guess that at 30 I’ve just been an adult for too long, because I have plenty of more functional tote bags, enough plain notebooks, and my tea towels are bursting out of the drawer they are in (also, white tea towels are a terrible idea, they will get stained so fast!). I find the hand soap to be extremely drying, does anyone else? And the Nature Box snack mix is horrible and tough. But at the end of the day the eyeshadow palette makes up for everything else! It’s so beautiful and useful, that I’m just seeing everything else in the box as bonus items and the palette is the main event! I’m a happy lady!

    • I totally agree with you. This was my first box, and the only thing i like in it is the eye shadow and the soap. I too am 30, and do not need tea towels that say “totally” and awesome” on them, and i have too many re-usable bags as it is….Ill keep them and maybe gift them to someone or make a good “white elephant” gift. I hope Mays box is better.

  5. I finally got my box today and I love it! I always end up looking at your spoilers but when I finally get the stuff in my hands, I love it even more! I used to know nothing about make-up or fashion, but these boxes teach me so much and I love all of the items in thr boxes! So fun!

  6. I was literally blown away by my box today! I was not so much last month but they always seem to make up for lackluster boxes thevbnext month. My favorite this month and I get about them boxes!

  7. I just received my box and I am super happy about every single item! The Too Faced palette alone is amazing and I adored the shopping tote and hand soap. The Graphic Image notebook looks exactly the same to the #fashionista one that came in my #NGQ02 box so I’m putting it into the stack of unused notebooks but I can attest to the quality being high. The tea towels are really large but they’re fun and will definitely be used. I’m a little snacked out in general but the mix will eventually be consumed. In summary, I think this box was amazing!

  8. This is one my favorite PopSugar boxes. I loved the eye shadow…the colors are perfect. I also love the bag and towels. I’m going to gift some items but I honestly like and could use everything.

  9. I am in CA and I still haven’t received any shipment notification. As good as the items are, reading about it and knowing people across the country have already gotten it, when I’m right here in CA and still waiting has me totally bummed. Going to cancel my subscription as my first time experience with them is not going great. 🙁

    • The first box is usually delayed. I would give them a couple months before you decide to cancel! PSMH is my favorite box 🙂

  10. This month’s box was totally awesome! The eyeshadow kit alone was worth the price. I loved the variety and everything in this box and can’t wait to see what they come up with next month.

  11. I totally loved this box. I’m sharing most of the goodies with my mom. I think this subscription box is PERFECT for people who are looking for awesome little gifts for loved ones.

  12. Well, I finally got a shipping notice from PSMH yesterday. But that’ where it ends. They created the label, but there is no package yet. It didn’t go out yet, and there is no EDD, like I see most of you have. I am really annoyed, and this is a poor first experience with them.

    • Ditto here. My first box, too. I received a shipment notification email last night and the tracking number indicates only that shipment info was sent to FedEx, the box hasnt actually shipped yet.

      • I just emailed PS…..again, to find out what is going on with the shipping. And I am sure I won’t hear back from them until tomorrow evening at the earliest. I will be so glad if it finally gets here.

        • My tracking number finally shows my box as shipped, but it also indicates I wont see it here in New York until April 28th!! ARGH! That’s a long time to wait!

    • The first box tends to be delayed, and I have also noticed they tend to ship in waves, starting the east coast first. My first box didn’t come until well into the 3rd week of the month, but since then it has been coming around the same time- the 12. It also takes exactly 8 days from the time I am notified until the box is in my hands (I like in VA), so I normally get my notification on a Friday and have the box in hand the following Saturday.

  13. I live in Utah, and mine shipped on the 8th. It’s been within 10 miles of my home for 3 days now, moving from one fedex location to the next. It’s scheduled to arrive on Friday. How does it take 5 days to go 10 miles!? Anyways, I’m excited to get my box. It looks awesome!

    • Makes you want to just contact FedEx and say you’ll pick it up yourself. 3 days and it’s IN your vicinity is ridiculous! Mine was supposed to arrive on the 23rd, now it’s saying the 24th! A week… to get from CA to NV. I could have driven there myself and back in shorter time.

      • I’m in Colorado, and the total shipping time for my box is 10 days. The box is already in Colorado, but it’s going to somehow spend a whole week in the state before even getting to me! I’m not a fan of FedEx, either. Ugh.

  14. I loved this box but my Blue Avocado Eco Shopper came torn down on the left side seem. Contacted them, hopefully I will hear back..

  15. I loved this box! I also loved that it arrived on my birthday weekend 🙂 I have subscribed to Naturebox for the past few months, and the trail mix was not one of my favorites. It wasn’t bad, just could have been better. If any of you subscribe to Naturebox you have to get the dried pineapple, the best I’ve ever had!

    I ordered my daughter the April box as well, just got shipping conformation today and it won’t be here till the 25th. She is really looking forward to the eye pallet!

  16. This box was great! Everything in it will be used by my household and now I’m considering signing up for Naturebox too! What a yummy snack!

  17. Mine just shipped today. ( I signed up very late with the code)
    I am so excited about this box! I hate to say I’m a little bummed about the towels. I looked on the site and the towels this shop sells are SO. CUTE, I was hoping for one of those but these are good too.
    The bag is very pretty and the notepad is always needed. I could use the snack now! I just did my grocery list and have no yummy food in the house yet. Lowland of course the palette. The reason half of this month subscribers signed up! It is a little too shimmery for me but I can make it work.
    I won’t be subbing in future months but sure am glad I took advantage of this month!

  18. I absolutely love this box! Every darn thing in it! So, even though I have an annual sub. That my husband gave me for Christmas when they came out with that 50% code! I had to go for it twice. So in all I got three boxes this month and one LE Resort Edition! I am giving the eye shadow palettes one to each of my sisters and keeping one for myself! As far as the notebooks I never have enough! And who knows they can become nice little gifts along with a pretty pen and maybe a little pouch to put them in to slide in a purse so it stays together and doesn’t get messed. Soap and tea towels also make nice gifts whatever I don’t use myself and I can always use more bags and these are awesomely cute to put things in!! Love, love love the whole box! Sorry guys, I guess I got carried away!! That’s how much I love it!!! LOL

  19. My favorite Popsugar box to date! Loved everything in it.

  20. OK totally embarrassed to admit this but….i peaked at the spoilers before i got this box and was not looking forward to another eyeshadow palette or the bag. However once i got the box and saw the eyeshadow i fell in love! It is the prettiest eyeshadow! also that bag is so totally cute! The towels are actually my favorite cause they are just fun! i will use everything in this box! by far my favorite popsugar box to date!!

  21. Mine shipped yesterday and supposedly won’t arrive until the 23rd. I’m in Las Vegas, it should NOT take a week to get here from California. I dislike companies that use FedEx. Lol. I’m ready for that Too Faced pallette!!!

  22. I am so disappointed. They did not include the towel set in my box. How does that happen?

    • Uh oh! You should definitely contact POPsugar customer service about that. =]

  23. I’m glad I cancelled my subscription. This subscription is one of the more pricey ones, and none of these things would have been used by me, eventually. Sucks; they used to be awesome. Guess they’re leaving the awesome to the people who have hundreds to spend on the limited-edition boxes, these days :/

    • Everyone else seems to love this month, and I’m super happy for them, but this month’s stuff just wasn’t for me, either. I’m going to try and swap everything except the eye shadow palette. I signed up for PopSugar in January and LOVED the January box but every month since I’ve found that I think maybe PopSugar knows me TOO well—they keep sending stuff I already have plenty of! Haha. I’m thinking it’s time to start shopping around with some other boxes. I’m going to try Fancy next.

      • I am glad I am not alone! Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful box, and it certainly fits with the April month but besides the eye shadow I am just not feeling it. Usually, I like receiving expensive things I would love to have but won’t pay for. I feel like this box is expensive versions of things I am very happy with my cheaper versions of (paper is paper after all). However, I am considering the rest bonuses since the eye shadow is pretty awesome and what I paid for the box so not really complaining!

      • Be wary of Fancy they always come really late and the boxes are always beat up, is a great box BUT hand down I get more items and value from the pop sugar box. It is great for different items though so it may be right now p your alley!

        • Good to know, thanks for the tip! I decided to start with the Tyler Florence Fancy Box, since I cook a LOT but am still building up my “grown up” kitchen. So hopefully it’s a good box for me!

  24. I received my shipping notice today and I won’t get mine until the 24th. I always get mine waaay later than everyone else (Illinois).

    • I’m in MI and I only just now got the email that mine has shipped, too. I feel you.

    • I’m in Illinois too, and mine came last week! I always wonder how it gets worked out that they come to people at such different times :\

  25. I LOVE this box! I love the reusable bag. Everything is great! (Ok, I don’t really need the notebook, but not going to be complaining.)

  26. I got this one in the mail today & I agree, the palette alone makes the whole box worth it! I love that the shopping bag can be turned into a little pouch also! The little notebook I received one like it in the nina garcia box, so this one I have to my mom as well as the trail mix. & I was also surprised by how big the towels were but I’ll use them for something, really nice! & also agree with the hand soap, not my fav scent but It’s already in my bathroom counter waiting to be used.

  27. I got my Resort box today finally. And I got shipping notices for my April boxes today. They’re so slow this month! Can’t wait to get this box though. 😀


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