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Julep Speckled For Spring Mystery Box & $10 Off Coupon!

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Julep Speckled For Spring Mystery Box

It’s Julep Mystery Box time again! This month they are featuring 3 different mystery boxes: You can select a box with either one of these colors pictured, or get a 100% Mystery Box and be completely surprised! Each box is guaranteed to have at least $100 worth of nail polish/beauty items.

Julep Speckled For Spring Mystery Box Options

Which box are you going to grab this month? Last month I went with the 100% Mystery box, but I think this month I need to have one of these new speckled polishes!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. perk10 just worked for me! I am so happy! when I was doing this on my phone it wasn’t working but as soon as i reached the $20 mark it went through fine. So I pretty much just got 4 julep polishes for the price of one at sephora.

  2. I got my box! I got 5 great colors and a hand scrub! Oh and a lip gloss. So excited!

    • Which box did you purchase?? What are the names of the polishes???

      • I ordered the Emerson box. I recieved Emerson, Josephine, Max, Yumi and Tatiana. I also recieved the glyconic hand scrub and a lip gloss.

  3. I ordered the mystery box with Kimberly (Boho Glam) with the Perk10 code, so I got it for $14.99. That’s what my credit card’s been charged and the package has shipped. They haven’t tried to increase the amount. As Liz mentioned, I don’t see how that would be legal anyway. It’s their fault for not setting their codes properly.

  4. Both codes, perk10 and perk30 still work. They just won’t be applied to the mystery boxes. I had a duo saved in my cart so I got the mystery box and then got my other two for free with perk10. I think they did a very poor job publicizing their sale and now folks are seeing their actions as deliberately deceitful, whether they were or not. And that’s a shame. The bigger Julep gets, the worse the CS becomes unfortunately. I wish it was like it was even a year ago….

  5. PERK10 worked for me after I added another item to my bag. It wouldn’t work for ONLY the box, but still, I got a 9.99 duo for free.

    • I was charged 24.99, so it was essentially 9.99 off, not 10.00 off. That’s weird. It’s like they specifically made the code not work on the mystery boxes.

      • That’s because they did, lol!

  6. Damn. Wish I saw this while the code was still working. Oh well. Guess I won’t be getting a mystery box this month. I’ve gotten the last 3 so it’s probably time for a break. Last month they sent me the wrong mystery box and I still haven’t gotten that resolved so…

  7. I think there’s a set amount you have to reach. The codes worked after I added more things to my cart.

  8. See this for me is so frustrating… And really just bad marketing on their end! If three people buy the box because it’s on “sale” and end up buying more add ons because they saved money.
    That’s more money made than one person buying one full price mystery box. I’m one that, had I saved ten dollars I would have gotten it. And because it’s there and only offered with the mystery boxes, probably would have gotten both mystery add ons.
    Now they get zero money from me and could have profited a lot more than ten dollars they’re saving by barring the promo code. I just don’t understand the logic behind that??

    • Don’t worry. I just got off the phone with Julep after being billed the full price of the box even though the coupon code worked for me this morning. I was told that everyone’s invoices were being updated to remove the code, that we would all be billed full price and that it was my fault because I didn’t read the coupon’s fine print. I was able to have them cancel my order but the customer service rep acted like she was doing me a huge favor. I suspect a huge S***storm headed Julep’s way. Just terrible customer service.

      • They’re adjusting the amount they charge customers without even emailing them to let them know? I’m pretty sure you can’t charge a customer more than what they agreed to upon checkout and what shows up on their order receipt. I’m really surprised they are handling it this way. :/

        • Liz, I used your perk10 code to buy one. Wouldn’t have bought one otherwise. Got an ema confirmation for the mystery box less the $10. Can Julep really charge my credit card the full amount??? If so I don’t want it. Help!

          • I don’t think legally they can charge your credit card for more than what you agreed to pay and what was displayed on the order receipt page. I’d say check your credit card transactions to make sure you were charged the correct amount, and hopefully Julep handles this situation correctly.

        • I’m a little surprised too but after tactics in the past, it’s following a pattern. I agree with many others when they say that the CS isn’t what it used to be. The bigger Julep gets, the more corporate and detached they become from their client base.

          Which to an extent** is understandable simply because it’s just not possible to be as personal with 2 million people as with 200,000. But if they charge people more without their permission for not reading the fine print…Indeed a storm will be headed their way. I sense some compensation in the works already.

          It’s their responsibility for online promo codes to make sure that it isn’t valid for things that they don’t want it used on. Ex–when they say “Not valid on Secret Store, Savvy Deals, Jule Boxes or Sale Items”. Basically the equivalent of “Only valid on full price stuff, but the other wording sounds less greedy & unfair”. And when you try to use said promo code on those items, it doesn’t work.

          So if there’s a loophole that someone screwed up on, they should honor it and not blame the customer. I’m not even going to try to add more stuff in my cart; and play around with the codes now that I know they aren’t going to honor it. They just lost 55+ dollars from me. Customer Service is E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.

  9. Watch your credit cards. Julep billed me for $24.99 even though the $10 coupon code worked for me at checkout. I’m trying to call but after being on hold some one picks up the phone and hangs up.

  10. Neither code working for me 🙁

  11. Not working anymore (neither)..I’ll Keep trying..sometimes they sporadically work

  12. Are there any other codes? None of them are working for me right now

  13. Just used PERK30…got $14.99 off…..ordered 100% Mystery Box and EMERSON…….can’t wait to see what’s inside the boxes!!! Paid only $34.99…….THANKS for the codes!! 🙂

  14. None of the codes are working for me- any ideas?

  15. Perk30 not working. Anyone else have a code? I want to get it but wasn’t fast enough because by the time i clicked to check out it stopped working

    • That’s crazy. I just used that code a few minutes ago.

      • I tried again. Cleared history. Everything. Still didnt work. Ah well. Weird.

  16. This website has turned me into an addict of beauty boxes. At first I was like, a nail polish sub, who would want that? Well, I finally submitted. Ugh. And now seeing this, I had to get a mystery box plus the major mystery box. I’m going for broke.

  17. *Sigh* I get the mystery boxes every time because I don’t like that there is no skip option on the sub. Last month was such a let down with so many ugly colors I wouldn’t wear any… crackle orange anyone….that I said I wouldn’t get anymore. Now the promo code sucked me back in, lol. I agree with other posters perk10 is done but perk30 is working and it is still $7.50 off.

    • There is a skip option

      • Only every 6 months now if you signed up after mid-December—they took the skip away. Cult has a skip now though, so I’d head there if you like that option 🙂

  18. kicking myself for not ordering it this morning when i added perk10 and it still worked. now, i’m not sure if i will get it. maybe i will just save some money.

  19. PERK10 is not working for me but PERK30 works. Anyone else having this problem?

  20. It won’t let me use the PERK10 anymore. It did but then took it away when I tried to check out. It is letting me use PERK30 though.

  21. Perk10 didn’t work for me, but Perk30 did. Thought I was done with mystery boxes from Julep, but that extra discount pushed me over the edge. I ordered the Emerson box.

  22. Coupon codes aren’t working anymore 🙁 at least not for me.

  23. Unfortunately perk10 came up as invalid for me, had to use perk30. Still a good deal though.

  24. How long does this offer last?

  25. I was not planning on getting a mystery box this month but I loved Emerson and with the $10 coupon I couldn’t resist! Thanks for the heads up! Can’t wait to see what I get!

  26. Emerson is my last name, so I had to get the mystery box with the speckled blue color Emerson! The Perk10 code worked great! Thanks!
    I haven’t bought a mystery box since last summer, so I am excited to see what I get.

  27. Oh, man, you just had to mention perk10 didn’t you? Guess I’m getting another box!

  28. I can’t wait to get this! I got the total mystery box this month to be completely surprised!

  29. Code PERK30 works for 30% off!

  30. PERK30 takes 30% off!

  31. Is this polish made in the USA?

  32. I think the coupon code Perk10 brings the price down even further.

    • Thanks!

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