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Ipsy Review – April 2014

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Ipsy Review - April 2014 Bag

Ipsy is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. Each month you get full size or deluxe-sized products, plus a cute makeup bag. I think it’s one of the best value beauty subscriptions and a great way to build out your makeup collection on the cheap!

Ipsy Review - April 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: Ipsy

The Cost: $10 a month (free shipping)

The Products: Full size and samples of makeup and beauty products. (Plus a makeup bag!)

Ships to: US and Canada

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Ipsy Review - April 2014 Cover FX

Cover FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment – .5 oz Value $19

St Tropez Gradual Tan Anti Aging for Face – .5 oz Value $11

I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect self-tanner for face (so much harder to find than a good body self-tanner!) so I’m excited to try out this St.Tropez self tanner. I also love that Cover FX is paraben and phthalte free – I know I will use all of this primer!

Ipsy Review - April 2014 Liner

Elizabeth Mott Pop! Goes the Shadow in Champagne – FULL SIZE! Value $12.99

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet – (Nearly full size – .03 oz vs .04 oz for the full size version) Value $15

Both of these items are wins for me – I’m already a fan of the Urban Decay 24/7 liners, and this eye shadow is a classic neutral shade I know I’ll get a lot of use out of.

Ipsy Review - April 2014 Lip

Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Apple Pink – FULL SIZE! Value $19

I’ve received the bright red version of this lip balm before (it’s very pigmented) so I’m thrilled to have a more wearable shade!

Verdict: This is definitely one of my best Ipsy bags ever! This bag cost $10 and I received over $75 worth of beauty and makeup products – and I’ll use every single item!

What did you get in your April Ipsy bag?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I’m on the wait list since the early April for Ipsy. Anyone know how long the average time is to get off the Ipsy wait list?

    Thank you L)

  2. I get so excited when I see your bag and look forward to mind. The two things in your bag that I was hoping to try are the Cover/FX and the ST Tropez gradual tan anti aging. I didn’t get either one. I am so tired of getting excited only to receive things I don’t want. I do not like or want “Big sexy hair.” And I don’t think I will use dr. brandt microdermabrasion. I am very disappointed with this month’s bag.

    • I totally agree. I wanted both of those products too. I also wanted to get the cailyn lip balm as I have gotten it in the past and really liked it and stated that in my quiz! But, I didn’t get it either. Sounds like you got a bag like mine. Very boring! I didn’t get anything I wanted. The product sizes were all small in my bag too, whereas the people who received the cover/fx, St Tropez, Cailyn lip balm, among other items got large sizesm! I don’t feel that is fair.

  3. My bag arrived today and although it contains some higher end brands, it is my least joy inspiring bag from Ipsy thus far. For instance, I changed my quiz nearly a month ago to reflect my lack of interests in receiving hair & skin samples. SURPRISE: I received both products from BigSexyHair & Dr.brandt. “Meh” as for the City Color product as we just received a product through Ipsy in February; I’d much rather received a repeat sample from any other lower end brand that they have featured in previous months. What is most distressing is that my bag from Ipsy smells like rubber & is nearly unusable. I had never had this complaint before concerning the bag, but I had seen it commented upon previously. I am certainly going to contact Ipsy about the bag in hopes that they’ll never use the substance contaminating the bag in production again.

    YAY for the tinted balm from Cailyn & for Urban Decay products in general. Although I need eyeliner like I need a hole in the head, I am excited about trying their Black Velvet as it is different as Perversion & Zero (Yes, I already have both).

    • The bag really does stink! I have allergies to certain smells and chemicals and I can’t even use this bag the smell is so strong. They gave out a really stinky bag a couple months ago and got alot of complaints about it so I thought they would have learned not to give out a bag that smells like that again!

      • I got the stinky bag a couple of months ago (it was my first Ipsy bag and I was concerned they’d all be like that!) but this month’s bag didn’t smell for me.

  4. You got the bag I wanted! I did not like my Ipsy bag this month. I got a lip liner, which I don’t wear, a very small hair mousse, a boring eyeshadow, a tiny microdermabrasion lotion and ud eye pencil. The only thing I liked was the ud eyeliner! Your samples are all good sized. They didn’t follow my quiz at all. I may cancel and try another subscription box. Very disappointed!

  5. Loved my bag this month! I’m always excited for Urban Decay (can’t wait to use this pencil with my new Electric palette) and I really liked the white/gold eyeshadow/highlighter mousse. Two thumbs up for me.

  6. I’m mixed about this one- I also got the Cailyn Apple lip balm and St. Tropez- happy with those. But then I received items that are something I wouldn’t even wear when I was in my 20’s- fake eyelashes and gold eyeshadow. I really liked my first Ipsy bag last month- hoping this is a one time disappointment.

  7. I initially really wanted to subscribe to Ipsy, but have since changed my mind. I don’t care for their blatant marketing approach. They put you on a waitlist, they are supposedly at their limit of customers they can receive at the moment and just can’t fit you in, sorry. I mean after all a $10 sub bag is very posh and exclusive…. yeah. But then if you will refer a friend, all of the sudden they miraculously have room for you both.

    There are numerous sub’s that have a waitlist and that’s understandable, supplies can be limited. But no one else tries to bribe you out of referrals or Facebook advertising.

    Nope, I’ve decided to pass on Ipsy. When and if I ever get off the waitlist I plan to tell them no thanks.

    • Just to let you know you might want to just go ahead and close your account now then, since when you get off the waitlist they automatically charge you for the next bag coming up. At least, that’s how it went for me, so if you don’t want that at all I’d recommend cancelling ahead of time.

      • Thanks for letting me know Rebecca. Any other wait list I’ve been on has sent me something to let me know I can now subscribe, if still interested.

        I will cancel, so someone else can possibly move up in line. Thanks for the heads up on their proceedures!!

    • Agree completely with the skip wait list option, plenty of room for anyone as long as you promote them? (Never mind you have never tried the service yet and many who signed up before you stuck waiting). No point in emailing them with a complaint either, just plan on being accused of insulting and permanently removed from the waitlist so I would say customer service a bit rough around the edges yet. I just can’t bring myself to promote a service to my friends that I have not even tried!

  8. Welp, I am really happy I didn’t get another dang Cailyn (I don’t like their products, too dry) but sadly they sent me a dr brandt microdermabrasion that I’ve sampled before and hated (feels like harsh sandpaper – blegh.)

    I really wanted the Rainbow Honey but didn’t get it in my bag. I did use the discount code on the RH site to buy a set & their mystery bag though!

  9. Been waiting since JAN 11. Nothing so far that I have had box envy for. Maybe bag envy in general. 🙂 Patience.

    • I joined today and am off the waitlist. You can skip it without having someone sign up through you for a limited time. Just link to facebook, like Ipsy on facebook and subscrbe to some Youtube channels and you’re done.

  10. I received the Big Hair Mousse, Cailyn tinted balm in the lighter color, Dr. Brandt, City Color in white, and Urban Decay black eyeliner. I love Ipsy. As for the super cute bag, I always use them to separate like items together in my purses. That way, when I change purses (which I do almost everyday) it’s so easy to transfer your items in the bags.

    • I think my bag is the same as yours. Should come this week. Good idea for using the bags; I’ve gotten a couple of new purses lately (just became addicted to Little Black Bag) and was thinking about how to make switching back and forth easier to do.

  11. I wish that I got this bag! I signed up recently but they put me into May for my first bag. But I adore everything about this, even the bag! The only thing I wouldn’t like is the Cailyn balm since I tried it in my Wantable Makeup box and I know it’s more matte/drying and lipstick-like than an actual balm. Still it would be a great addition for the low Ipsy price!

  12. Oh why am I not an Ipsy subscriber yet? April looks fantastic – I love the Cailyn lip balm in red that I got in a swap, would have loved to get it in another color. Looks like I’ll be trying to swap for one again!

  13. How long does it take to get off the wait list?

    • A lot of times they have an offer where if you share on Facebook you can get off the list immediately

      • They have a special on now to skip the waitlist, but I don’t know how much longer it will last.

  14. I just signed up for Ipsy & completely skipped the wait list, I can’t wait for May!

  15. I’ve only been subscribing for three months, but this is my best Ipsy bag. I’m so in love with it! There’s not a single thing I want to swap. I got the eyeliner, the lipliner, shadow brush, eyeshadow, and microdermabrasion. I’ll use every one of these items, woohoo! What a deal.

  16. This is one of those months that makes me miss IPSY! But if I was still subscribed, I probably would have received the red apple shade for sure! 🙂

  17. I’m still waiting on mine & a little irritated since yesterday it was in TN & I live in IL; as of this morning it’s now in GA? Anyways I also received the UD eye pencil, coastal scents medium shadow brush, the microdermabrasion, the pop shadow & a starlooks lip liner pencil. I hope nothing comes in super funky colors since that’s opposite my profile. C’mon Monday!

    • If it makes you feel any better, I LIVE in GA and I see mine sitting in a facility in Forest Park (across the Atlanta area from where I am) for days. I’m often one of the last people to actually receive my bag.

  18. Happy to learn that the eyeliner is nearly full size! Was expecting it to be much smaller.

    I’m getting the UD eyeliner, a Coastal Scents shadow brush, the microdermabrasion sample, the EM eyeshadow, and the Starlooks lip pencil. Super excited to try all of these! 🙂

    Although I didn’t receive the Rainbow Honey polish in my bag, I used the promo code to purchase their monthly mystery bag and I’m pysched to get that one too! Anyone interested in fun nail polish should check it out!

  19. Want this sub! It really seems to be my thing…love love playing with make-up. However I’m waitlisted. Any ideas how to get off the waitlist? Possibly without selling my soul?

    • Hey there, I don’t have A FB profile so I created a fake one just to get off the waitlist for ipsy. Desperate maybe, but it worked like a charm (I was on the wait list for like 3 months)

  20. want to join this one pretty bad but can’t seem to get off the wait list…ideas?

    • You can skip the waitlist now. If you are already on the waitlist, Go to your account and there is an option. All you have to do is share and like on facebook and subscribe to some Youtube channels – no friend signup required. I did it and got an email saying I was good for the May box immediately after.

  21. This box looks great and I want to sign up for this one but the monthly makeup bags seem kind of wasteful to me. What do you guys do with a new makeup bag every month? I guess I could gift a few of them…hmmm

    • Why are you complaining about all the little makeup bags you will be getting? Donate them or use them as gifts for birthdays or holidays.

      • I finally got signed up, but I’m not really worried about the makeup bags. I’m thinking they’ll be useful for my sewing kit and scissors at work, like a pencil pouch, and same for the materials at home. Some for makeup storage, maybe separating lip, eye, and cheek since I’ve currently got mine in ziplocks that way anyway. Possible for coupons at the grocery. You may know a nice little girl who needs a pencil case for school, or a little bag (not stated as a makeup bag) for her barbie shoes or polly pockets or something? And you can also prioritize which bags you like most and which you don’t care to keep and donate them away.

    • Swap the ones you don’t like/want! I hated the March 2014 Ipsy bags, and I had two of them, so I swapped them both for awesome items I’ll use.

      • Where do you swap?

      • Is there a website where I can swap unwanted items?

    • I love my makeup bags! I have one in my purse at all times with the essentials (lip gloss, tampon, hand cream, pills), so with Ipsy I get to switch it out every month and they don’t wear down! They aren’t the highest quality bags, so it’s perfect to get a new one every month and swap them out! They’ve always started to wear down by the time I get the new one 😀

    • I wondered this too. Some of the past month’s bags are super cute. This month’s.. Not so much lol

  22. I wish I’d gotten the primer or the microdermabrasion. I got 2 lip things, even though they’re not marked on my quiz :/ I got the eyeliner and white mousse though, so that totally makes the $10 worth it for me. Just wish they followed my preferences a bit more closely.

  23. While reading your post my husband brought in the mail and my Ipsy bag arrived!! I received the Cailyn Lip Gloss in 14. Acid Pink (yikes – but I ended up loving the Bare Minerals Get Ready lipstick last month after the initial shock of it’s brightness – same with the Chella Eye Liner that I initially was freaked out by – it’s blue).

    I also received the Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet.

    The other items were different than yours. I received Kiss eye lashes – definitely something I’ve never tried before. City Color White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse. The final item is the one I’m most excited about and it is Benefit lollitint.

    This is my 2nd bag from Ipsy and I’m loving this subscription! My idea when joining was that $10 is such a small amount to pay for the fun of getting items I’d never have thought to purchase myself – helps me to try new things. I just wish I could order gift subscriptions of this for people.

  24. I Love my ipsy bag this month. This is my third bag and by far my fav. I got a medium shadow brush by coastalscents, the urban decay liner (plesently surprised how big it was!), lip liner, the pop eye shadow you received and the microdermabrasion. I am new to the makeup scene so I need brushes and a good liner so I am really happy about this bag especially for those two items! I love your site and all your reviews!!!

  25. I just got off the wait list yesterday and I thought I would be able to get this month’s bag but I got an email that my first bag would be in May.

    • How long were you on the wait list? I’ve been on for several months now and hope I can get a bag soon!! 🙂

      • I feel like a broken record, but I got lucky so I want to make sure you do too 🙂 Right now you can skip the waitlist by going to your account liking Ipsy on facebook, link Ipsy to it, and subscribe to some youtube channels. I did that and got right off after signing up yesterday.

  26. I get a Cailyn tinted lip balm, too. And an Urban Decay pencil. Dr. Brant microdermabrasion, City Color white gold shadow and highlight mousse, and Sexy Hair root pump volumizing spray mousse. (My bag should be here any day now. I can’t resist peeking in advance, though.)

    I am not sure what to think about the hair product; I don’t typically use anything but anti-frizz treatments in my hair. I tend not to go for volume because my hair is relatively thick. (But, maybe I’ll give it a try.) The rest of my stuff will be better, I think. I’m pretty happy with most of it and for $10, I can’t expect to love everything (although last month was wonderful for me — I even ended up liking the textured nailpolish more than I thought I would). I suppose it’s good to get out of my comfort zone a little bit, to try a few things I otherwise might not have!

    In general, I feel like Ipsy is doing a good job for me. I make sure to rate all the products and I do think that has been helping.

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