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GlossyBox Review & Coupon – April 2014

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April

GlossyBox is a monthly beauty and makeup subscription box. GlossyBox started out in the UK, and now it’s an International brand including a US subscription. One of the perks for me of their International status is that you sometimes get to sample brands from the UK and other countries in addition to US brands.

Also, I think they have the best packaging ever – I always save these boxes for storage or gift packaging.

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April 2014 Items

The Subscription Box: GLOSSYBOX

The Cost: $21 a month (save more with 3-month, 6-month or annual subscription)

The Products: Deluxe and full size beauty products.

Check out all of my GlossyBox reviews and the list of the best beauty and makeup subscription boxes!

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April 2014 Info

Each GlossyBox comes with a card detailing the items for the month.

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April 2014 Lipgloss

LASplash Cosmetics Splashproof Sealer Eyeshadow Base – FULL SIZE! Value $9

BellaPierre Cosmetics Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink – FULL SIZE! Value $24

This lip gloss passes all my tests – it’s not sticky, the color is flattering, and the finish is shimmery/shiny but not sparkly!

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April 2014 Caldrea

Caldrea Body Wash in Coconut Fig Leaf – 1 oz Value $1.50

Ciate Paint Pots in Angel Wings – FULL SIZE! Value $15

This Coconut Fig Leaf scent is probably my favorite from Caldrea. If only this body wash was a full size too! (FYI – The Ciate nail polish varies in color from box to box).

GlossyBox Review & Coupon - April 2014 Aqua

Aqua Spa Relax Body Creme – 2 oz Value $1.75

Verdict: I paid a little less than $21 for this box (I signed up for an annual subscription), and I received about $50 worth of items. Even though the value of this box is great, I think it’s actually on the low end for GlossyBoxes! I’m happy with the value, the items, and the size of the items – everything is either full size or deluxe size.

What did you think of your April GlossyBox?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (46)

  1. Just got my Glossybox today! When I came back from vacation 2 weeks ago I called because I still hadn’t received it yet. Come to find out it was already “delivered” but not to me! I talked to a representative who was giving me a hard time about it until he reached out to a supervisor and got an OK to send me a new one. I do like the box though. They gave me everything you got except the body wash is olive lime scent (awesome smell btw) and the nail polish is called skinny dip, which I will probably gift because I’m not a fan of red colored polish. Wish they gave me the white color! Not a fan of the lotion though…the scent makes me nauseous.

    P.S They also gave me an extra item…Too Faced glamour glass voluminous lip gloss. I’m super excited about this one. Wonder if it was a “sorry for screwing up your order” thing. Overall I was super unhappy about waiting so long but the box was really good this month!

    • If you’re talking about the April box, the “white” polish really isn’t. It’s a transparent, pearlescent color when you actually put it on. Will make a nice topcoat over something else but you can’t even see it’s on if you wear it by itself.

    • Sounds like we got the same box, although I didn’t get any bonus item. I LOVE the olive lime shower gel. I think that the scent is amazing. I’m using the Skinny Dip polish on my toes. It’s not red at all on. It’s a glittery orange (reminds me of sunshine and koi fish).

      • Oh I would have still taken the clear nail polish over the orangy sparkle color. Thanks for clearing that up!

  2. Heck it’s May 20th and I still haven’t received my April box yet!

  3. Do I win the last delivery prize since my April box just arrived today, on May 12?!?! It’s not like I didn’t know to expect ludicrous shipping delays since I’ve subbed twice before over the last year and dropped it each time due to ridiculous delays and nonexistent customer service. But I wanted the BG box for May and the 3 months for $45 sucked me in again. I agree with an earlier commenter who said they’re sick of the slow leaked lying. If it’s late, just say it’s late and apologize. Don’t string along customers with promises they know they can’t fulfill. I hate being lied to way more than I dislike waiting for my late delivery. I will never understand how they stay in business. My guess is it’s not from longtime customer loyalty but from new subscribers subbing for a month or two each month.

    • Oops, I meant May 13 – even worse!

  4. Woooow.
    Got super lucky and received 2 boxes (both with a beauty blender) AND 1000 glossydots. I think they really screwed up with my order, haha.

    • Maybe it is to compensate for being so late? Birchbox just gave me 100 points for them being late with my May box – which is = $10 store credit on full size items. I’m thrilled because I’m new to Birchbox and the fact that this is late for May is exciting considering Ipsy comes another week from now and Glossybox who the heck knows when.

      I’m a marketer and to me if I was Glossybox I’d just rename the boxes so that the one we get at the end of May was the June box, etc. but I think it’s about the billing situation.. makes me nervous. May is the end of my 3-month subscription with them – I ordered an extra May box as a gift for $15 and we’ll see what June has in store but I think I’m going to switch to Sample Society. I wish Lancome/Clinique/Chanel did subscription boxes.

  5. Worst box ever, you can get the lotion at Walmart. Nail polish not spring appropriate. Prices listed in pamphlet way infrared than actual prices. Gloss looks cheap. What a ripoff. I’ve already cancelled my subscription. It also took forever to receive. Do not subscribe. Shame on this company.

  6. Wow I just got my April Glossy Box today! I thought it was the may one. This was my first box. I got it the same time that I got my Mother’s Day box, which I like better. I hope this is a rare delay.

  7. I just got this box in the mail today. I thought since my new subscription to glossy box started either the last week in april or first few days in may I would get the bergdorf glossybox, not this one.

    I’m not going to use any of these items. My nail polish was a bright glitter orange, perfect for Halloween yet not for spring. The lip gloss is a nice shade yet I don’t wear lipgloss. I have enough body lotions/

    I’m not gonna cancel my subscription just yet. Maybe in a few months I will. I just don’t like getting boxes when there is not 1 item I will use.

    If anyone is interested in swapping. I just listed all the items from this box.

  8. They FINALLY sent my box after 3 unanswered emails, estimated delivery? 05/13/14-05/14/141
    I emailed them and cs gave me 1000 points after threatening to open a paypal dispute. So if you’re having issues with your box, try and get some points out of it, because at this point they are nothing but a joke. What a waste of money.

  9. It looks like Glossybox only sends out boxes on time to subscribers that blog or offer exposure to them in some way. (This isn’t a dig at Liz or anyone it’s just what seemed to have happened with April boxes) I JUST got an email with shipping information on my April box yesterday AFTER I was billed for May. I’ve sent 4 Facebook pms and two emails and all I get in generic replies attempting to pacify me. I’ve already canceled today and I’ve never seen such horrible customer service.

  10. I like how GLOSSYBOX doesn’t allow comments directly to their wall. Rather telling. lol

    GB 4/24: “Dispatch Day is here! Our April Boxes have started shipping. You will receive an email with your tracking info as soon as your box is out for delivery.”

    GB 4/30: “Our boxes arrive between 4/28 and 5/7 this month, no matter when the order was placed.”

    GB 5/1: “…boxes will be arriving between 4/28 and 5/7 so your box should be on the way soon!” / “Boxes are shipping right now and are due to arrive before 5/7! Thank you for your patience.” / “We do always ship toward the end of the month for delivery by the end of the month and into the first week of the following month.”

    I’m so done when my 6-month sub is up. I don’t even really mind the shipping fiasco, I DO mind companies straight up LYING to customers and taking no accountability!
    Check out this beauty (received MAY 6TH):
    Tracking Number: [my omission]
    Reference Number: [my omission]
    Status: Departed
    Destination: DEER PARK, TX 77536
    Carrier: United States Postal Service – Parcel Select Delivery Confirmation
    Estimated Delivery Date: 05/12/14-05/13/14 (!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    5/5/2014 08:26 PM Inducted into Newgistics Network Hebron, KY 41048
    5/6/2014 03:03 AM Departing Newgistics Facility Hebron, KY 41048
    5/6/2014 04:07 PM Departing Newgistics Facility Fishers, IN 46037

    For the record, this means that my APRIL GlossyBox will be arriving the day before my MAY PopSugar Must Have box. Crazy!

    • April will be my first one. I signed up for a whole year because it was a really good deal. So I guess I’d better get used to this.

      5/7/2014 04:31 AM Package Scan ATLANTA, GA 30349-3623
      5/6/2014 04:07 PM Shipment Shipped Fishers, IN 46037
      5/6/2014 03:03 AM In transit Hebron, KY 41048
      5/5/2014 08:00 PM Arrived at Shipping Facility Hebron, KY 41048
      5/5/2014 06:42 PM Electronic Shipping Info Received Hebron, KY 41048

      They’re giving me an estimated date of 5/9 to 5/12. Once the USPS gets it in my city (a suburb of Atlanta, so it doesn’t have far to go), I’ll have it in less than a day. But yeah, it doesn’t match what they were telling people on Facebook.

      Also, I totally had no idea it was “Newgistics” until I saw your post. I just got a random, unclickable tracking number that I didn’t know what to do with.

  11. can’t believe it – May 2nd, no word on my April Glossybox. no shipping notice, nothing. Do others have this problem still? What can you do?

    • I would email support. I don’t get Glossybox but never got SocialBliss or even tracking email last month. Emailed them and they said they just found out USPS lost a bunch of boxes. Trying to make up for it with bonus items but they didn’t know whose boxes didn’t get shipped except for the emails. So get ahold of customer service for sure!

      • Thanks, but I have emailed Glossybox…twice. I was told they were sending out in batches and I would get an email with tracking. Nothing. With Social Bliss, I emailed and they told me they were sending out in batches early…turned out they didn’t log my 3 months sub and it took them a week to find out – got it last week. However, they were great, asking my feelings about the thrill of mystery in opening a box vs reading Liz’s review and knowing what I was getting.

  12. Glad to see I’m not the only one having issues with the April box. Still stuck in the packing stage and haven’t heard any responses to my messages. Disappointing to say the least. Might unsub for now.

    • YAY for MAY! Hope I get my April box before I get the May one. Not counting on it, stuck for 3 month subscription – April, May, June. Maybe a trifecta box shipment?

  13. Just received my box today – although my card was charged on 4/4. Not much to this box makes me consider canceling. While the G.B. presentation is quite nice w/these lovely boxes, I’d rather see more product and a less fancy box. I have an huge stack of these boxes that I have no use for, but hate to even recycle them. I love Ipsy’s pink shipping envelope – not much fuss over presentation = more product. And no worries about tossing the envelope into the recycle bin.

  14. Still no April box yet, thinking of switching to boxycharm since its the same price.

  15. I too have not gotten my April box yet and response to my email as to where it was made me question renewing. I love Liz’s reviews but when mine comes 2-3 weeks later, the suspense is dead. Where’s the surprise? The fun of opening a box and feeling like I just got a present? For me, that’s the addictive quality of sub boxes….and I like it!!
    Also, I’ve ended up swapping for something I’ve gotten in the late box .

  16. Just got my box. Overall is was so so got a really ugly bright green nail polish. Ugh

  17. I am getting really irritated with this box sub. It is April 29th and still no box or info on my GloossyBox account info. I never did get my December box and now I fear I will not get April’s, even though I paid for it. The customer service is awful… and every now and then I get a box I like… I am really torn if I should keep this one or let the sub go…

    • So, I tweeted my dismay with Glossy Box and they replied right away and asked for me to email them. I emailed and no reply. Then my card was charged for the May Box and I still haven’t gotten April’s box. So I Tweeted again and 2 minutes later I got an email saying my box shipped. MAYBE if I would have recieved my December Box (I got charged for it but no box, so essentially they stole money from me). I would have let this go. I intend to report them to the BBB and fly this up as far as I can go. People work hard for thier money and do not deserved to be lied to or even worse, ignored.

      • You definitely have a leg to stand on with the BBB considering you never received December’s box. Good for you. More consumers need to stand up for themselves against GlossyBox blissfully ignoring complaints and taking no accountability for mishaps entirely in their control. It would be one thing if they were honest about it, but they’re not. That’s what gets me, the dishonesty and apathy toward their client base.

  18. I was “out of service” for the coupon codes. Anyway we can get another coupon?

  19. Ugggh. I bit the bullet and signed up after seeing the AMAZING March box. This is a total snooze to me, extremely disappointed and I haven’t even received it yet. I sort of feel bait and switched on with the big tease of a really high-priced box last month. Oh well, I guess we’ll see next month.

  20. I was all set to use the special coupon code last night but got distracted and didn’t. Kind of glad I missed out….not a big fan of this box.

    Plus I really should wait to start receiving my other boxes before I get all crazy and start doing a bunch at once…LOL.

  21. Haven’t pulled the trigger on this one yet. I have a feeling the skin/beauty stuff would start stockpiling since I’m pretty happy with what I already have. Interesting to see what’s included though!

  22. Alert to those that may want to extend their subscription. Glossybox will not set a subscription to start at a later month or after your current subscription ends. For example, I had a 6 month sub ending in May but wanted to upgrade to a years subscription and have it append to my current subscription. Glossybox won’t do that. Any subscription using these codes will start with the April box.

  23. Still continually checking Glossy’s website to see if mine has shipped yet or if they’ve listed the other items that were possible for the month.

  24. Do all GB subscribers get the same items (except for certain variations in color, etc.)? Or is there customization?

  25. I don’t mind it showing up at the end of the month. So many show up right at the first that it’s a nice little surprise. Hoping I’ll get mine this week.

    • I feel the same way. Its something to look forward and hold you over until it all begins again, lol…. I like the end of the month.. I just want them to hurry up and ship now that the end of the month is here…lol

      • I definitely don’t mind getting my box on the last day of the month. What I have a problem with is getting charged for the May box before I’ve received the April box. Essentially like being charged $42 for zero boxes.

  26. Ooh! This looks fun! I used the code from your email and it said April would be my first box, so I’m pretty excited 🙂

    • Me too! I’d been thinking about going for this one for awhile but the code from the e-mail sealed it for me. (I bit the bullet and signed up for a whole year.)

    • They said April would be my first box too…and then I got an email this morning saying that May would be my first box. Glossybox took my money for April and effectively canceled my box without telling me (or giving me a reason). Really terrible customer service. I don’t care how good the boxes are (pretty much because I never get one…).

  27. I like the box. Sure it’s the the highest value box that they’ve sent, but I like what’s in it.. Last months box was awesome and I think sometimes people expect that every month. This box still is 2 1/2 times the price payed and you can’t beat that. I look forward to getting mine in a few days!

  28. They say on their FB that April is sold out, but when I went to enter the discount code posted it says it’s for the April box. I’d rather get the May box. Nothing in here is worth the full box price to me.

    • Same! I signed up for a three-month subscription but I really want it to start with May…but the website said April. :/ Here’s hoping Facebook is accurate about April being sold out, and maybe they just didn’t update their website?

  29. I can’t wait to get my box. I wonder what nail polish I’ll receive. ?……

  30. Ha, I forgot I am even getting one… still waiting. May is around the corner. Glad this is my last month, since tardiness is one of my pet peeves 🙂

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