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Allure Summer Beauty Box 2014 – On Sale at Noon EST!

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Reminder - Allure Summer Beauty Box on Sale Tomorrow

UPDATE: 1:37 PM EST: Allure has paused all purchasing of the box and is relaunching the sale at noon EST on May 6th:

Allure Update

UPDATE – 1:10 PM EST: It’s live – use this link to purchase!

UPDATE at 12:27 PM EST – the site still isn’t loading, so I think that means that there will still be boxes for sale when the site finally does start working again. (Given that no one has told us they bought one, I think that’s a fair assumption). Also, the reports that they box has already sold out aren’t true – that info is from an article from 2013. So there is still hope!

Are you ready!? The Allure Summer Beauty Box goes on sale today at noon EST (9 AM PST)! These boxes will likely sell out in less than 10 minutes – so here’s hoping every My Subscription Addiction reader who wants one gets one! The box should be available at (They will update the link when the box is available for purchase).

Good Luck!!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Never got it to load.. so sad.. really wanted one!

  2. I was on 10 minutes prior to 12 and still couldn’t get on the page and even used 3 web browsers refreshing every second.

    I think it’s bad, to not be able to handle the traffic and also say you can wait till August? Why would I ever try this again, if this was what happens when I tried the first time?

    They might as well just do it like a lottery and have everyone who wants it to enter and randomly pick people. This would be better than trying to plan around trying to be near a computer during this window to try and get a box for something I could never even see.

  3. The links everyone is posting is from August 23, 2013…Not this year. They haven’t said anything for this year on their blog that I’ve seen or anyone has posted. Chances are their servers are crashed.

    • I got an email from allure with the link and its not working

  4. What a scam. I tried at 12 and all I got was a blank screen. Refreshed every second. Had 3 computers going. The blog site on Allure is going crazy. On one got through. Everyone is mad. Someone finally got through but there was no where to enter her info. I am so upset.

  5. seems to just be a website issue. i just got an email at 12:07 PM ET that the box is now on sale…

  6. This sucks!

  7. About 5 minutes before it was supposed to go live I decided I didn’t need it. I’m glad now after seeing all the drama, I would have been pissed if I tried to get it and couldn’t.

  8. They did not change the onsale date if you look at the article that stated the 23rd you will see it was april 23rd 2013 not 2014. read before you spread rumors..

    • no, she posted about it…not got it.

  9. Woohoo! The page is loading for me!!!

    • You should buy a few! If all of us can’t get one I’m sure we’d love to swap you for one on the swap site!

    • what did you do? did you get a box?

  10. This is ridiculous! I have been trying to get the link to load refreshing it every 10 seconds since 11:55 EST.

  11. Where do we complain at??????? This is BS that they set a time/date for this but then release it early. If that is the case then just have the boxes for sale all the time. People would buy them!!!!! SO RUDE!

  12. I went to the website at 11:50- 12:15 and the page would never load

  13. This wasn’t an issue of too much server traffic. Allure changed the sale start date and sold the box on Apr 23. They just neglected to mention it to magazine subscribers or others except on their FB page in an obscure comment. Some “special” customers were emailed with the “updated” sale start date. Apparently we weren’t special.

    • Sorry for the double post. Computer issues everywhere!

  14. The apology is from 2013. Their website has to have crashed.

  15. This wasn’t an issue of too much server traffic. Allure changed the open date and sold the box on Apr 23. They just neglected to mention it to magazine subscribers or others except on their FB page in an obscure comment. Some “special” customers were emailed with the “updated” sale start date. Apparently we weren’t special.

    • That was from 2013!

    • Where are you seeing that it was sold on the 23? I’m so confused because that article everyone is posting says its from 2013 not this year. I’m so sad this happened. I was excited just like everyone else!

  16. I find it terrible that they set a time to release a box like this and then they make the website available early and its SOLD OUT. Where do I complain at????

    • Looks like that was from 2013 – I don’t think anyone has been able to buy these boxes yet.

    • Ugh, I agree. I want to complain as well. Wasted my lunch break. Thanks, Allure.

  17. This is ridiculous! I’ve been trying since 1150 and blank site! I stayed home to make sure I got it!

    • I am so upset at Allure right now. I have been a subscriber for 10+ years to this magazine & I don’t even have a chance to buy this awesome box! Wth?

  18. Does anyone have a link to the apology?

  19. I hate when sites do this kind of limited time only, first come first serve deal…and then their server can’t handle the traffic and never loads. It would have been nice to get one, but apparently that’s not gonna happen. Ugh. 🙁

    • I wonder how many they actually have to sell?

      • I wonder if anyone was even able to buy! The site is still down. And the apology and April 23rd date everyone is referring to is from 2013. Last years box. They haven’t said anything about this years box. I’m on 2 different servers and my phone..and Nothing! hahahaha.

  20. The article on allure that says it goes “on sale today” was posted on the 23rd

    • Doesn’t the page say 2013 though? I’m so confused…

    • And I got an email from Allure Beauty Enthusiasts on April 24 so maybe the site is really overloaded and can’t handle the demand. Whatever the excuse it’s unexceptionable.

  21. Did anyone actually get a box?

    • Yep – those who knew it went on sale starting Apr 23! It sold out the next day, over 5 days ago. Whatever they’re offering now as a consolation prize they can keep/shove it.

      • Wow, I wonder how they decided who got to know about it early smh…

      • that was 2013…

      • The article is from 2013. Doesn’t change the fact that their website is down, but I’m wondering if it is actually sold out yet this year

        • I’m guessing it hasn’t sold out. I wish they were more responsive on their Facebook page though to let us know what’s going on!

      • i tried to click on their link to see what we would “get” but that isnt even working.


  22. I started refreshing at 10:48 central, it said Coming Soon. Then, blank page. How could it sell out when it was never available?

  23. I logged in early and the page never loaded!!

  24. I’ve been checking since 9 this morning. At no time was this link live. Now the page will not load.

    Please ReplY!!!

    • I was on hitting refresh since 11:58 nothing ever happened. Blank page.
      So not fair. Where do they say sold out?

    • Nope not yet still blank I got it to refresh just now but still said coming soon

  26. From Allure’s website: Editor’s note: We’re sorry to hear that some readers experienced difficulty while trying to purchase the Summer Beauty Box. While the boxes sold out quickly, we’re offering a special deal to those who were unable to purchase this year’s box. You’ll find the details here—and don’t forget, there will be another box in August! Stay tuned for more information.

    um – i never saw anything except a blank page

    • Where do you see this? I can’t even get the page to show anything at all…

      • I think that is for last years…the picture isn’t the same stuff in this box

        • Yeah, I think that is for last year’s box…they sent out an email at 9:05 saying to purchase the box now.

    • I tried with two computers, my iphone, and two different cable lines-still got nothing but a blank page. I’d like to know who was actually able to purchase them? It’s like the people who go on ticketmaster and buy all the tickets with special programs and superfast computers. Allure, you SUCK!

    • i think that’s from last year right?

  27. I’ve been refreshing since 11. It won’t load at all. So pissed.

  28. Sold out?? I never got the page to load and I was trying since noon

  29. I got on at 11:01 cst and the page isnt working…….

  30. Wow! posted at 12:01 EST that they were already sold out. Every time I tried to get to the site, it would not load. This happens every time. I am starting to think that they only have a few boxes.

    • Do you have a link to where they said it was sold out? I’m so confused by this.

        • can people please stop spreading bad information? these sold out links are all from 2013.


          • Rude, Rude, Rude, Rude!

            Maybe getting the late summer box will make you feel better – Maybe!

      • ***Look At The Date***

        April 23, 2013, 9:00:00 AM
        The Allure Summer Beauty Box Goes On Sale Today!
        By Catherine Devine, Assistant Editor

        To everyone who’s emailed us, left a comment on our Facebook wall, or tweeted at us over the past few months begging to know when the next Allure Beauty Box would be available, you can rest easy. Or at least, you can until noon EDT today, when it goes on sale—then it’s go time.
        Starting at noon, you’ll be able to scoop up tons of summer essentials (26, to be exact) from some of our favorite brands for $39.99. Oh, and we’re not talking about sample sizes, either (though we do love those). Worth over $250, it’s our biggest box yet and has everything you’ll need to get ready for beach season: TanTowel self-tanning towelettes, Not Your Mother’s texturizing hair cream, Dickinson Oil Controlling Towelettes, and plenty more full-size hair, makeup, and skin-care products from Neutrogena, Butter London, Redken, Cetaphil…we could keep going, but you get it, right? Plus, $5 from every purchase will be donated to the Skin Cancer Foundation.
        It’s a pretty sick deal, but these boxes are going to go fast. (Unfortunately, once they’re gone, they’re gone.) Because we know scoring a bargain this major is going to be your top priority today, feel free to head over to now.

  31. I think the site crashed…

  32. The Allure site says this sold out on APRIL 24!!! Way to go Allure for opening the window early and then telling no one. While the rest of us waited for months for now to purchase. Never again.

    • are you looking at last year’s? last year’s went on sale on the 24th i think. i don’t see anything about this year’s being sold out on the 24th.

    • I saw that too – but realized it was a post from 2013. It’s confusing because they didn’t have anything on their website about the 2014 box when you do a general search. Only the 2013 post pops up. So frustrating!

    • What a scam!

    • the article on allure saying the boxes sold out is from 2013. i think the problem isn’t that they sold out, but that the website has just completely crashed.

      • This is why I wish I had gotten the offer to order 3 ahead. This is just crazy.

  33. Blank page. I have been on the site all morning, it’s didn’t open early that I can tell……

    • Did anyone receive a box? I am beyond angry at this point. I’ve been set for this for days. For hours today. I am sitting here!!!! This is a freakin disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Nothing is loading!

    • Same here! So bummed out!

  35. Not working for me.

  36. I couldn’t even get the page to load. So sad. 🙁

  37. Not loading for me at all…Blank screen!

  38. Seriously it’s sold out? It’s a blank page?? Ridiculous.

  39. Site is DEAD, not working. So pissed!

  40. Blank page…..

  41. Page won’t load 🙁

  42. i’ve been on since 11:00 and it didn’t open early.

    • I’ve been on and refreshing every couple minutes since 11:30.

    • I started refreshing every 10 minutes at 9AM. As far as I can tell it didn’t sell anything to anybody. Could it just be overloaded?

  43. The box is SOLD OUT!

    • WTF! I never even got the page to load!

      • Me neither?! I’ve been stalking it since like ten my time (EST) and it hasn’t opened early for me. (it didn’t last time). What. The. Hell?!?!$%& It won’t even open the page to begin with. Blank screen and then nothing. 🙁 This is entirely unfair to the people who wait minute by minute until 12:01 only to be screwed over….

    • Is it really gone??? I can’t even get the page to load…

  44. It is GONE! They let it open early. People are bitching left and right!

    • wow all I got was a blank screen…they suck for doing this.

    • Wtf? That is so ridiculous! I took an early lunch from work just to come home & buy this! I am so disappointed! :/

    • Is this true??

  45. Is anyone else getting a blank screen when they try the link? Any suggestions for trouble-shooting?

    • I am too – hopefully it will load at noon!

    • I’m just getting a blank screen too 🙁

    • Yes I am too, very frustrating.

  46. The site is loading sooo slow!

    • Can’t even get it to load

  47. Will we be able to choose our CC cream shade? That would make this box one I need!

    • My guess would be no, but hopefully I’m wrong!

  48. OMG I am so nervous… I really really want one! hahaha!

  49. I hope I get one! I’ve never received one of these Allure boxes before!

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