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Allure Beauty Box – Spring 2014 Updates

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Allure Beauty Box

While we don’t have the list of products yet, I wanted to share the updated information that I have.

The next Allure Beauty Box will go on sale April 29th at 12:01 PM EST (that’s a minute after noon). FYI – that link won’t work until the sale. (If you are an Allure Beauty Enthusiast, you may have gotten an email to reserve the three boxes that are sold this year for $199. You can still sign up to be an Allure Beauty Enthusiast, but I don’t think you’ll still get the offer. I hadn’t signed up in time and didn’t get the offer – but quite a few readers let me know about it – Thank you!)

And because of that offer, we now know that there will also be a Beauty Box for August and December! (I’m guessing they will go on sale at the end of July and November respectively since this May box is going on sale April 29th).

If you’re new to Allure Beauty Box, it’s a limited edition box that goes on sale once a quarter and sells out in minutes. I make sure to do lots of reminders, so to make sure you don’t miss the next one, sign up for the My Subscription Addiction daily newsletter!

Also, check out my reviews of past Allure Beauty Boxes so you can see why these sell out SO quickly!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I signed up for the 3 boxes and I’m disappointed that we are getting charged more for these boxes considering they are getting our money upfront.

    • I was super excited and signed up to be able to purchase the 3 boxes when they did the first announcement way back … so once I got that special code I just couldn’t bring myself to do it (pre purchase the 3 boxes). at first yeah finances were great and thought heck yeah! once I got the codes after lots of back n forth tons of pro con’s in my head LOL I just simply cant afford it plus the thing is I still have tons of stuff from previous beauty boxes that is brand new / I need to finish. it makes no sense to me to prepurchase all three boxes because as it seems history seems to kinda repeat itself within the boxes don’t get me wront I love the boxes and their content but a repeat of tons of hair stuff is something I do not need. all in all this upcoming box I will not try to get hopefully Ill finish up some stuff and try to purchase the next one if it seems stuff in it are to my advantage

      • Wow I could have written this almost. You have my brain lol. I didn’t get the offer but deciding whether to be at my computer to try. I still have hair conditioner and things from the winter box.
        And things unopened too and tons of hairspray and hair stuff. It’s so hard but going to be strong and just force myself not to be near my iPad. I will be on vacation so that will help tons. I really like popsugar so telling myself the money could go towards a new sub for that. Thanks for the reinforcement!

  2. So where will we go on 4/29 to find the box for sale? Searching the site doesn’t really find anything and the photos aren’t linked to info on when it goes on sale or I’m just not seeing it.

      • The site won’t load.

    • Thanks!!!

    • Thanks! It is a lot of hair stuff…and two mascaras? Hm…

    • It looks like the price went up but not up to the $66 per box that the pre-sale boxes are going for. I’m actually really considering it for the It Cosmetics CC Cream alone. That retails for $38 and is highly rated. But it’s tough to justify paying an extra $11 or so.

      • The boxes are $199 + tax, so it’s around $72 each if you buy them all now. Still on the fence, not sure if I want to buy now or press my luck and try to buy them as they come out…

  3. Any update on the contents? I’ve been stalking their Facebook page and it seems others are dying to know too!

  4. I have always loved the Allure Beauty box – I find myself using the products that are in it all year round and find that at least a handful of the items were ones that I wanted to try anyway and probably would have spent nearly $40 trying just those. I can’t think of the last time that I bought face wash or hair spray because I have been using the ones that came in this box for the last 6 months – year :).

  5. I used to get allure magazine and there was always a full page as for the upcoming beauty boxes. I don’t get the magazine anymore but has anyone seen this ad? I’m thinking about paging through the mag when I go to the grocery store

  6. I signed up today for the three boxes. Tax alone was $17.50. That stung a bit. I just hope we aren’t disappointed since they’re not releasing a product list ahead of time according to their email. Not sure how many people will go in blindly and pay that much for each box and I doubt they care if we’re satisfied with our boxes since they got our money ahead of time and judging by past complaints about missing items or product substitutions on Facebook, customer service doesn’t seem to give a flip one way or another. That’s probably why no product list release, this way people can’t complain about missing items. Hopefully they surprise us and we are rewarded with amazing boxes for our trust and prepayment.

    • So, you had to pay $216.50? I received the email to purchase them for $199, but I’m still on the fence. It sure would be nice to not have to be a slave to my computer on the release day though. 🙂

  7. This morning I received the email to purchase all 3 boxes for $199.95 and I took the plunge and purchased all 3 boxes. I’ve been buying the Allure boxes for years and have always been happy with them. The December box had a tooth whitening pen that retails for $78 alone that was amazing and it also included my now favorite Goya nail polish. I’m looking forward to these boxes!

    • way cool for you im so happy! although I did not get the email I guess I wasn’t part of the first 500 or whatever number they had said I am still looking forward to try to buy the box this month since the last one I wasn’t able to purchase.

    • I just got my email today as well to purchase three boxes for $199.95 You will be charged tax on this but not shipping. I ordered since I have lost out on boxes in the past.

      • So mysterious! They are sending their email offer letters in batches, I guess they are judging by responses when to send out next round. Judging on the quantity of the last boxes these boxes are going to be heavy! I’m now wondering when they open the “door” at 12:01 if the offer is going to be for all three boxes and not just one.

        • They are sending out one in MAY/JULY/NOVEMBER. He price if s&h is included in he prepurchase price 😉

          • They will be sending boxes in May/July/ and November, the shipping and handling will be included in that original purchase price! Hope this helps!!!

    • To those that have too many products of a certain kind, I have ALWAYS ebay’ed the products I don’t want/need and even deeply discounted, always make back the cost of the box.

  8. Thank you for sharing when the box is going on sale. Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase one. I do have to share that I am miffed when people say the box is to much. While I don’t use every single product in the box, there is no way that I would be able to purchase what I do use for $50.00. The Allure Beauty Box is a fantastic deal for what is received. I can understand being upset with the price if everything was sample sized- but it is full sized.

  9. Thanks for this! I agree $199 for 3 is too much unless you just want the guarantee not to miss out.

    • I’ve been giving this some thought and for me where I just cancelled all my subscriptions (except bark box and waiting for the resort box) I would rather use that money for another subscription like popsugar than get the drug store things…I think the last allure box was pretty much that except for the julep polish. If it turns out it is $40 for one box I would probably get that if I could.

  10. I wasn’t going to reserve them due to the substantially higher price but then I reasoned with myself that previous boxes have always been nice, full sized products. I loved the teeth whitening pen and it alone was $78 (I found that out when I looked into ordering another one) Also, I buy lots of kits on Sephora and many of their kits sell for more than $65 and are deluxe or trial sizes. Look how many people spent over $50 for just a single Urban Decay Naked palette. I figure whatever I don’t like I can gift to friends. The only downside for me is that we have to go into the commitment not knowing what we’re purchasing and no refunds. Let’s hope it’s not just a box of nail polish or all tanners, lol.

  11. What is the benefit for taking the survey and becoming an Allure Beauty Enthusiast? Can you just order on April 29 and hope you will be quick enough?

    • I can’t remember for sure but I think it asked me for user name and password, darn wish I could be sure.

  12. wow $199 is really not worth it to me for three boxes compared to what was in the last box….. $40 + $10 for one box. It will be very interesting to see what the cost of the April box is.

  13. maybe its being offered to us at a little bit higher price because of the opportunity of being able to reserve it in advance.. yeah wishful thinking right LOL and also hope it wasn’t some kind of april fools joke though would love that opportunity to not have to Try to get it and then not cause I rounded off new York time a little off than pacific time LOL

  14. Thanks Liz I marked my calendar. Would love to get the special $199 deal so that I didn’t have wait for the date and than do it at soon as they come out. I did sign up to be a Allure Beauty Enthusiast so hopefully in the future I will get an email to do this. Would be nice if they sent emails to people who had gotten their boxes in the past. I always look forward to getting them.

    • I received the email but won’t probably buy the boxes for $199. I’m really on the fence about it. I always miss out and then kick myself when I see all the great products, but $199 up front is a big bite to swallow.
      Hmmmm what to do?

      • oh hell I just wrote this big long analysis and erased it. I could probably use 30% of the items and still got my money’s worth but stuck with a bunch of stuff I didn’t like or couldn’t use. I guess I would buy again for $40+ 10 shipping but not a penny more. I’m pretty sure last fall we saw everything in the box before so very interested to see the cost. This box I will not lose sleep over if I miss out……I don’t think you should either!

  15. I can’t wait to see what’s in it!

  16. i probably won’t buy this box this time, but will sign up for the newsletter in case it appeals to me next time.

  17. SO sad I missed that pre-order offer; I would have jumped on that, despite the cost! Hope I can grab a box on 4/29.

  18. Does anyone have the sign up link for the boxes??

  19. I got some of the original Allure boxes (before they were boxes!) and they were good, and the price was excellent. But it seems like they’re going more towards drugstore or even supermarket stuff. $200 is a bit much.

  20. I received the early $199 email this morning and signed up to do all three 2014 boxes in advance. Usually I buy two boxes at each offering though, one for me and one that I gift to my mom. I hope I still get the option to buy more than one box even though I’m buying in advance. They work great as birthday and Christmas presents. 🙂

    • Crystal, did you receive a confirmation e-mail? I also signed up to do all 3 boxes but in my haste I did not read whether or not I was going to receive a confirmation e-mail nor was I asked for my CC information……

      • Twyla, I did not receive one. But when I clicked on the link again in my original Allure email this is the message that I receive:
        Your responses for this study have already been received, thank you.

        Technical Support
        So I’m assuming that this was just asking if I was interested in it. IDK.

        • I was able to find out that if you were one of the first 500 to register, you will receive a separate email from “Allure Beauty Box” around April 15, which will contain a unique code and website to pay for the pre-purchase.

  21. $66 per box?? Thats a bit too much 🙁 I hope its not April’s fool xoxo

  22. Thanks for the update. Seems like the price has gone up. Last few times I thought it was $39.99 plus $10 shipping for a total of $50. At $199 for 3, that would make them $66 : /

    • Yeah, I was thinking about trying to go for this one, but the price made me hesitate. $39.99 + shipping doesn’t seem too bad. But there’s something in my head that says when a box is over $50, it’s not a trivial purchase.

    • Thats why I am skipping this one. Seems too highly priced!

  23. Yes! So exciting, can’t wait, i will be at my keyboard waiting to check out haha

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