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Birchbox March 2014 Review

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 Birchbox March 2014 Review Spring

Birchbox is one of the original beauty subscription boxes and it will always be a favorite of mine – it got me hooked on boxes!

Birchbox March 2014 Review Samples

The Subscription Box: Birchbox

The Cost: $10 a month (get one month free and $10 to spend in the shop with an annual subscription!)

The Products: Beauty and lifestyle samples selected by the Birchbox team.

Ships to: US, FranceSpain and the UK

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Birchbox March 2014 Review Card

Each box comes with a card detailing the items included and some tips on how to use them.

Birchbox March 2014 Review Inika

INIKA Eyeliner in Green Lagoon – FULL SIZE! Value $20

I love the INIKA organic makeup line, so I was thrilled that I received this full-size eyeliner in my Birchbox! It’s a color I normally wouldn’t buy myself (yet I always complain about getting black or brown eyeliners in boxes – I make no sense sometimes), but I like the color on a lot! It’s a light, shimmery green, and using just a little works for me – I don’t want someone to think I’m wearing colored eyeliner from 10 feet away!

 Birchbox March 2014 Review Supergoop

Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum – 5 ml Value $4.40

Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume – 2 ml Value $3.50

I’m not too exited about either of these products, but I’m sure the Supergoop serum will get used up – I always need SPF!

Birchbox March 2014 Review Jergens

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper – 1 oz Value $3

Jergens BB Body Correcting Skin Cream – 1 oz Value $1.60

This BB Body Cream is a Birchbox Find – a drugstore product that Birchbox includes as a bonus in your box (It doesn’t replace your 4-5 samples).

Verdict: The highlight for me this month is definitely my INIKA eyeliner! I paid about $9 for this box (annual plan), and I received $32.50 worth of products. I’ll probably use about half of these items and swap the rest, but I’m happy with my box!

What did you get from Birchbox this month?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I got the SMART Skin perfecting serum and primer and the Balm cheek/lip tint, both of which i LOVED and plan on purchasing full sizes of. The other items in my box (supergoop, Jergens BB body cream, and i think something else I can’t remember) were just ok.

  2. I got none of this. I got ….and I mean the worse subscription box I have ever got. It had like 3 beauty samples in it with one of most tiny bottle of lotion. And one small piece candy. No coupons. No full sized or even what ud call trial size. I email them, they cancel subscription but say its policy no to delete my account on their website??? Huh?

    Given yea the candy was the only thing in there worth a crap but it was one bite. I mean one bite!

  3. I got a second (and different) Birchbox this month. I received an email saying :
    Hi Michelle,
    Some mistakes come with a silver lining. Case in point: Due to a shipping error, you’ve got not one but TWO Birchboxes heading your way this month. The second is, of course, free of charge.
    Feel free to pass the second box along to a deserving friend, or double up and keep them all for yourself!
    Let us know if you have any questions!
    Thank you,
    Team Birchbox
    [email protected]
    (877) 487-7272

    SO I AM VERY HAPPY 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. I got a completely different box. I was disappointed at first with how tiny everything was, but the box has grown on me a bit since trying the Air Repair lip balm. Despite being so tiny, a little goes a really long way. I’ve been using it daily since I got my box last week and still have plenty. The Big Easy sample was so tiny it didn’t even cover my face. I could just use a tiny bit over some red patches on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. I think I’d like using it, but it’s hard to tell from that sample. The Balm sample was adorably packaged but a little bright for my taste. The cherry almond chocolate vanished within 90 seconds of opening the box. And I haven’t tried the Michael Todd moisturizer or the oddly giant foil packet of OmniPotent Duosity hair treatment yet.

  5. they have a special***** pay for a year and i think you get 5 full size beauty products in your first box!!!!! Wish they had had that when i signed up =(

  6. I actually got Caudalie and Jurlique items in my BB this month and was really excited! I also got the super small air repair rescue balm, but it works really well. Also got the “the balm” cheek and lip color, which has adorable packaging and is a cute color. Chocolate sample was gross, but I was really happy with the rest of the box.

  7. Another month I’m not impressed with my box. My first BB was so exciting and had primarily makeup so I was thrilled but ever since I keep getting moisturizers upon moisturizers. I reworked my beauty profile recently but I think boxes shipped the next day so I didn’t expect it to take effect yet. I did receive a very pretty blush/lip creme from theBalm in the color Apple that I’m thrilled with.

    I finally spent some Birchbox points on a greeting card (to be framed) and a mini but deluxe sized mascara, both of which I’m super pumped about. My biggest complaint is that though I only spent $14.50 (I bought from the free shipping section to get more bang for my buck) they took the full $20 (or 200 points) away.

  8. I have NEVER been so bummed to open a box in my entire mystery subbing career. I was more excited to have the pizza coupons in my mailbox than my Birchbox. I was half tempted to just chunk the whole darn thing in the garbage. Contents: The three pack of tea (southern gal here and theres only one type of tea I’m drinking and it ain’t this junk). Air repair rescue balm one use sample (by one use I mean not even enough for my face). Control Corrective healing lotion 3mL (another one use sample of lotion). Gilchrist & Soames body lotion 1.5 fl oz (atleast this will last a few uses) and finally a Pop beauty aqua laquer in fuchsia (it seems every pop beaty product I receive from subs is fuchsia colored which is very unflattering on me). But its ten bucks and its a gamble. I knew this signing up and I’ve won some and lost some. Birchbox is like a lottery I can justify playing. Overall I’m satisfied with them even though they haven’t quite figured me out yet 🙂

  9. I got tea again too! I’m so sick of it. I don’t drink tea and I don’t want tea. Also, I continually get products for skincare even though my profile states I don’t want skincare products. I have rosecea and am very limited in what I can use. I would love to get some makeup every now and then. Nope, only tea and skincare. I’ll probably cancel.

    • I’ve already signed up for Ipsy’s Glam bag and am looking at the Glossybox. I may give Birchbox one more month to try and get it right. Kinda sad that I was so wowed with my first box and then it proceeded to go downhill.

      • I dropped Birchbox because I got fed up with foil and paper samples. I figured I was getting those kind of samples with my Sephora purchases, for free, so there was no point in paying $10 for the same kind of product sizes. They advertised deluxe sizes. I know folks like to argue that they send all new and indie brands but I always managed to get lower end things in my boxes. While this month some did receive one full size product, everything else looked to be scaled down in size. I still shop the Birchbox site though, and am always happy with my purchases there. Just not the sub box. Ipsy was a nice change of pace. And contrary to what some argue, it’s not all low end brands. Unless Bare Minerals and OPI are considered lower end. And all 4 items (plus a cute bag) were full sized products.

      • Go for GlossyBox, 100% worth it. Sadly cancelled my Birchbox but wouldn’t give up my Glossybox for anything!

    • i have sensitve skin also! but not as bad as you! i have only gotten 2 items that i could not use. Try Ipsy…i have only gotten 1 box but samples are awesome! and i loved my first box!

    • If you want mostly make up, I would go with ipsy. They are pretty make up and nail polish heavy and I love it!!

  10. I really wasn’t impressed with March’s box (somewhat disappointed). I received the Air Repair rescue balm, Gilchrist and Soames lotion, the Inika eyeliner in green, the Supergoop serum, the tea (third time) and the chocolate square. I still have items from my last four Birchboxes that really didn’t meet my preferences. But, its still fun to see what products and brands are out there. I welcome the opportunity to swap with anyone.

  11. I received Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse 1.83 fl oz. Gilchrist & Soames Body Lotion 1.5 fl oz., Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum 10 ml, Air Repair All-Purpose Skin Salve & Lip Balm (super tiny size), and the Stila lip gloss in a pink shade.
    I gave the lip gloss to my daughter because the color is not me and I really don’t like the feel of lipgloss. The Supergoop has a strong sunscreen smell and I don’t know if my face will be able to handle it. I have yet to cut open the Air Repair. The body lotion smells faintly like fresh cut grass and soaks in fairly quickly. The mousse smells like green apple Jolly Ranchers, I hope it does some nice things to my curls.

    Not overly thrilled with my box this month, not even sure I received anything in the sneak peeks.

    • I also got tea again. I can’t have caffeine, so I can only drink one of the three 🙁

      • Lynne, I got tea again too! I’m getting kind of irritated with this because this is my third BB and the third time I have gotten tea! I like tea, but I’m really picky, I really only like fruit flavored teas.

  12. I got no make-up this month. :-/ I got the Gilchrest and Soames lotion, DDF moisturizing dew, Ojon hair treatment, Coola BB cream, English Laundry Perfume and the chocolate. I was bummed that the chocolate wasn’t a full bar like last time, the perfume is terrible (AGAIN), the lotion smells like something an elderly person would wear, and the coola had zero coverage. I haven’t tried the hair treatment, but I’m told it smells like tobacco. I REALLY wish they would stop sending me perfume. I’ve hated every single perfume sample they’ve sent me. I really wanted the Stila and the eyeliner. LAME.

    • Jillian D, I use to get perfume all the time from BB. Someone suggested I redo my profile. I choose “frangrances weren’t for me” and then it gives you the option to get a minimum of 6 per year. It is still 6 more than I would like however it’s better then getting a sample with every box , which is what I previously was getting, Since I changed my profile I have only gotten 1 sample in about 5 months. I can live with that. Hope that helps

      • April,
        I absolutely have the no more than 6 preference checked off. I wish they had a no fragrance option. I wear Philosophy Falling in Love and have no desire to wear anything else. I really dislike most perfumes. It took me forever to find one I loved. I feel bad that I keep leaving terrible reviews because I think I’m REALLY picky about scents, but they keep sending me things that either smell like my chemistry lab or an elderly person. Yeccchhh.

  13. I’m super glad I got the eyeliner too! Because we got almost the same box and I am not excited about the other stuff. The BB body cream could be cool I guess (I’m just going to use it on my declotte to try and maximize the effects in one area for trial purposes) but I HATE supergoop products. I don’t ever want that or Coola again lol!


  14. Not a perfume is the first perfume I LOVED. I am so sad, my sample is almost gone 🙁 Hopefully people will post it on their swaps!

  15. My box doesn’t sound like any of the others that have posted. I didn’t receive any of the items you did and the only piece I had in common with any of the other posts was the cherry chocolate. I have been really disappointed with Birchbox as of late, I have changed up my profile in hopes of getting better items but it still hasn’t happened. I am looking for an alternative to them I just hate to give them up b/c they were my very first box too and got me started on sub boxes.

  16. Ahh we’re box twins! I didn’t think I’d like the perfume either, but it ended up being one of my favorite samples. The curl creme/serum/stuff ended up being great, too. I feel like it gave my hair a lot more volume today and is keeping my waves in place.

  17. The only same item in my box is curl definer. I wasn’t that excited about my box this month. I received tea and chocolate. I have in my profile that I don’t want food items but I know they have so many customers it happens and my kids will use them. I did just get tea in January. I love your liner! I have a black liner by them, it’s nice.

  18. I’ve been doing birch box for awhile now too. I rec’d Air Repair Balm, Harvey Prince Cherie Blossom perfume sample, stila Lip Glaze (sort of looks too pink, but I haven’t tried it on yet), Supergoop sunscreen and the Jergen’s BB Body Cream.

  19. I got this same box & loved it! I’m all about that eyeliner. Also, I have crazy curly hair and I tried Curl Keeper yesterday and it’s incredible. I already ordered a full size of it with my Birchbox points. I was so impressed with this box.

  20. Loved mine this time thought that the sample sizes were so much better than last months box. I got the COOLA tinted matte for face, DDF ultra lite oil free moisturizer (full size is 1.7 fl oz @ $42 sample is 1 fl oz so I figure about 20 for the sample-win!), Gilchrist & Soames body lotion, English Laundry NO 7 perfume sample, Ojon hair treatments and a square of Ghirardelli cherry tango chocolate. I love Ojon products and cant wait to try the chocolate

    • We’re box twins this month, Emily! I thought the March box was great. I loved the DDF and yes, noticed the value immediately. I used the Coola sample today and want to buy the full size now.

  21. None of these items were in my box; however, I did like everything in my box this month.

  22. We got the exact same box! I also love the liner (oddly, just bought some CoverGirl green eyeliner before I got my box), but other than that nothing really stands out.

  23. I would have loved to have gotten that eyeliner, but I did get theBalm cheek/lip color which I adore!

  24. I got this exact same box! That’s a first. I like everything but the curl keeper… I have straight hair! I thought our preferences were supposed to keep these sorts of things from happening.

    • I am getting the exact same box too and I don’t have curly hair either! I just gifted myself another subscription so I want to see what’s in my other box. I hope it’s a bit different!

  25. Hi. How do you swap products? Is there a website for that? Thanks.

  26. I got the same eyeliner and supergoop serum plus keims cleanshine energizing shampoo and SMART Skin perfecting serum and primer. I really liked all my samples this month which hasn’t happened in awhile for me. I’ve gotten perfume from Juliette has a gun and it is definitely one of my favorites because it’s not a strong smell.

  27. I love the curl keeper. I got it a long time ago in another box. I love using it when I leave my hair natural.

  28. Is everyone’s box different? I got mine last week and it didn’t have any of those items in it. It was my first box but I think I’ll keep it for a little while longer.

    • Jaclin, yes there are many differnt boxes 60+ variations. You never get a repeat and so they mix them up for everybody!!

  29. I think im getting the liner in blue. So pumped!

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