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Julep Maven February 2014 Selection Time!

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Julep Maven Feb

It’s Julep Maven selection time for February! This month is the Dramatic Collection.

Here are the different box options:

Boho Glam


Boho Glam 

Eye Sheen: Pale nude shimmer (customizable)

Rooney: Walnut bark crème

Cameron: Silver lilac stardust (matte glitter)

LoveJane’s gift- Gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter




Eye Sheen: Warm fig shimmer (customizable)

Kristen: Deep sea teal with silver microshimmer

Judi: English violet crème

LoveJane’s gift- Gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 11.05.26 AM

Classic with a Twist

Eye Sheen: Dusty taupe shimmer (customizable)

Octavia: smoky indigo crème

Greta: Loganberry multidimensional microglitter

LoveJane’s gift- Gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter

it girl

It Girl

Curated and named by Jay-Z’s ROCNATION

Diamond Theory: Full-coverage multidimensional copper glitter

Glam Roc: Midnight purple a& gold stardust (matte glitter)

Roc Solid: Vintage military crème

LoveJane’s gift- Gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter

modern beauty

Modern Beauty

Eye Sheen: Deep bronze shimmer (customizable)

Ink Gel Eyeliner: Long-wear, smudge-proof formula with a jet-black finish

Angled Liner Brush: Firm, slanted bristles for precise application

LoveJane’s gift- Gold, pearl & fuchsia microglitter

add on

They also have quite a few add ons this month, including one I’m very excited about: A Glitter Polish remover kit!

What Julep Maven box are you getting this month?

Remember, if you haven’t signed up for Julep Maven yet, use coupon code FREEBOX to get your first month free, just pay $3.99 shipping!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I want to sign up (used the link on this post) and Julep is asking for a referral code when I go to place my order, but I don’t see one on this post, so if anyone wants to get a referral (I want to share the love!) please reply with your code.


  2. So, once I figured out how to upgrade…I did the full upgrade with the eye shadow and eye liner. I looooved the colors this month and am excited to get this box. I love Julep and I know they changed their policies but hopefully we will see improvements in other areas.

    Has anyone seen the Julep tv commercials?

    • Yes – I’ve now seen Julep and Honest Company commercials – it’s awesome seeing subscription box commercials! 🙂

      • I saw both of the commercials too!! I was also at Costco this weekend and they are selling the Honest Co shampoo/body wash there….it is 2 x 17 oz bottles for 14.99. Of course I snagged those up!!

        • I saw Honest Company at Costco too! I’m so happy they are doing so well – I want them to be around for forever! 🙂

      • I haven’t tried Honest company because there is an extra shipping charge for Alaska. But I have yet to hear anything bad (though some people don’t like the diapers).

      • I just ordered my first bundle from Honest Company. Can’t wait!

  3. I don’t know why but I cannot upgrade my box to have all the polishes for this collection. When I click on the “yes please” icon it just sends me to my account page. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Nevermind…I’m a dummy and I figured out what was wrong…duh.

  4. Finally a box I love! I decided a few months back that unless I absolutely loved any of the selections I wouldn’t dish out the $20 for the box so I ended up skipping December and January. But I think I’m going to go for the Bombshell for February with the warm fig shimmer eyeshadow!

  5. I earned my anniversary Jules last month and it’s hard to believe I’ve been with Julep for a year! They have definitely made some great improvements during the year I’ve been a member! For this month I switched to Boho Glam from Modern Beauty.. I’m glad I am “grandmothered” in and still have the ability to choose a different style. That’s why I like Julep, I hope they don’t decide to change it for the “older” members. Because if it weren’t for this feature I probably would have cancelled long ago!

    • I think us new people can still switch styles, we just can’t skip boxes 🙂 It’s part of what made me join Julep in the first place!

    • New people can change their style. I get a different style every month. When did they get rid of skips? Is it just for new people. I saw someone else say this but I thought they were mistaken.

      • Someone told me that anyone who joined after December 18 no longer has skips? I don’t know if that date is correct but I joined this month and do not have the skip feature, unfortunately. I am able to switch styles though and that is a big plus!

        • Scroll down to my comment on this page on the 20th – it explains it in greater detail. The new “no skip” policy was put into place on 12/18/13 and announced on the Julep blog (only) on 1/16/14:

          You can find more below…

  6. Is there a way to sign up, skip the welcome box and go straight to one of the choices above?

    • I’ve heard that a few people have been able to do that, but they had to call into customer care. Hope that helps!

    • I’m not sure if that is possible or not, but my question is: why would you want to?? The welcome box is free (except for s+h) and if you sign up before the 27th you will get both the welcome box and the current month’s box back to back! That is what I just did and I’m looking forward to both packages :)))

  7. I soooooo want It Girl plus Goldie. I have to go right now and skip before I do something rash. I seem to be a polish addict even though I rarely wear any, and more is so not in the budget this month. Glad I’m grandfathered in so I can skip or I’d have to cancel & that would break my heart.

  8. To get the glitter polish remover or to not get the glitter polish remover…that is the question. Wish I knew how wel it worked.

    • That isss the question!! Is the price worth 5 uses?

  9. I also took the full upgrade for the first time! I loved everything they had to offer this month! Looking forward to all the new pretties!!!

  10. I am in love with the colors this month! If I weren’t on a budget, I’d definitely upgrade, but since I am, I went with Boho Glam and added Glam Roc. I can’t wait for my box!

  11. LOVED the colors this month – I finally had enough Jules for a free box and got It Girl + Cameron. Can’t wait to see them in person!

    Also, a big heads-up about a discussion going on at MUT. Julep kind of buried this valuable piece of information about new Maven subscriptions in a 1/16 blog post called “Note from Jane”:


    “. . . However, in order to make sure that we’re never out of stock on the fabulous new product offerings coming to Maven, we’re simplifying the skip feature for our new Mavens. Starting with the February Maven Box, new Mavens will have flexibility to earn a skip every six months. And, of course, if you’re currently a Maven who joined before December 18, 2013, you are ‘grandmothered’ in to the original terms with no changes to your skip options.”

    Thankfully I’m already ‘grandmothered’ in. I don’t think I’d keep up the subscription long-term if I had to earn skips every six months!

    • Thanks for sharing this. The idea of “earning a skip” seems weird to me. I’ll definitely add this info to my Julep reviews moving forward.

      • This is really disappointing news… Unless the March makeup offer is an offer and makeup NEED that I can’t refuse, I will probably be cancelling after I get the Feb. box then. I just don’t use polish enough to justify getting this EVERY month. I probably wouldn’t have signed up had I known.

      • It seems they did it rather sneakily to me – no big Facebook announcement. No mass e-mail blast. No “heads-up” announcement for those signing up with the new rules between 12/18/14 and Jane’s post on 1/16/14. No mention of it in the actual February swatch reveal blog post.

        I would have never read the “Note from Jane” on the blog if I hadn’t been directed to it on a forum.

        And apparently someone decided to take the quiz and sign up just to see how clear they were about it for new sign-ups. It doesn’t seem to be listed anywhere throughout the process – it’s buried in the FAQ.

        When most of their subscription recommendations come from blogs like this, social media accounts, and forums, you’d think there would be a little more transparency for everyone involved. I’m very hesitant to recommend something to my friends that they will be locked into for at least 6 months when other programs allow you to skip, pause, or at least receive varying products / brands with each box.

        • This was shady of them I think. Especially because there is a comments area on the blog but the comments aren’t working. On top of having to earn the skip, you have to call to cancel. I hope this changes. This is the type of thing that makes me dump a company.

    • Wow. So excited that I signed up December 9th. I would have cancelled without the skip option.

    • WOW, talk about shady! How is it simpler to wait 6 months before you “earn” a skip, then just pressing a link and skipping by yourself?

      This is just an excuse to keep people from skipping multiple months in a row. Although I’m also “grandmothered” in, this new policy is just wrong.

  12. I did the full upgrade for the first time! Love that it has 2 brushes in it!!! I hope the shimmers work well with dark skin! Usually they have polish models in both but I didn’t notice them this time. Oh well. I’m excited!

    • Count me in as another full upgrade buyer! I actually liked all of the polish colors in each collection as well as the shadow creams. And for the price, you can’t go wrong!

  13. The eyesheen and polish are lovely this month, but I choose to skip for financial reasons. Speaking of skipping, did you know that new Julep Maven subscribers (after December 18th) will only be able to skip once every 6 months?!

    • Just saw you’d posted this, too – it wasn’t on the page when I started typing my comment above earlier. I can’t believe the way they’ve announced, or rather not really announced, it!

      • What??!! Where did you see that at? I’ll be calling to cancel completely now. I have been skipping because I can’t really afford it but I wanted to stay on just in case I ended up liking deals and what not. I wonder if I’ll be eligible for a free box again if I rejoin?

        • Whoops my bad I didn’t read the full comment above that says there are people “grandmothered” in. Which I would be one of those people. That is super shady!!

  14. I got the Classic With a Twist box and added the “Glam Roc” polish. I also chose the Warm Fig shimmer eye sheen. The collection this month is absolutely gorgeous!

  15. Quite possibly one of the best color months ever! So excited!

  16. Switched from Bombshell (my intro box) to Boho with the Deep bronze shimmer. Loving that lilac polish!

    I looked at the glitter remover too–was wondering if it might be good for removing gel manicures too… Didn’t want to spend that much for it though…

  17. I opted for the full upgrade as well, but I am glad that this month they put the brush add ons in the upgrade, unlike last month. I didn’t really want the cuticle pusher last month, but was disappointed that it wasn’t included in the full upgrade. Also I love all the colors! Can’t wait for the mystery box and secret shop!

  18. I was also excited about this glitter remover but it’s $20! I think that’s a lot money for what you get.

    As for my selection, I was debating whether to get my Boho Glam or Bombshell. I ended up keeping my box and choosing the Nude eyeshadow. I was almost going to add on another eyeshadow but after I want to try it and see if I like it before I buy any more.

    • One thing I was looking for…where’s the Birthstone nail polish for this month?

      • I think it won’t be revealed until the 1st in the Secret Store.

  19. Oh man, I was SO going to quit this month because how many nail polishes does a girl need? The eyeshadows got me. I switched from Classic With a Twist to Modern Beauty this month so I could get the gel eyeliner and brush instead. I also added on an extra eye shadow and nail polish. I’ll wind up with pale nude shimmer and warm fig shimmer. I added on the Glam Roc polish. I am SO tempted to get the box that’s all the polishes and ALL the shadows. Must. Show. Restraint.

  20. I went ahead and did the big $55 add on because I really wanted all of the eye shimmers and it was only a couple bucks difference between that add on and just adding three shimmers and the brush. Now I get everything…yay!

    • I also opted for the full upgrade. I loved most of the colors and the eye colors. I can’t wait!

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