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January Pop Sugar Must Have Review – 2013 Monthly Women’s Subscription Box Service

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

The January Pop Sugar Must Have box is all about fitness and some indulgent snacks!

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

The Box: Pop Sugar Must Have

The Cost: $35 a month

The Products: Must Have items in fitness, home, food, beauty and more!

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

thinkThin bars (3) – Value $5

These bars were a special extra included in the box.

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

The Remix Timebomb Watch – Value $44.95

pop sugar must have remix watch

This watch has LED flashing lights for checking the time in the dark! I’m not much of a watch person, but I’ll give this one a try.

pop sugar must have box january

PopBar Hot Chocolate On a Stick in Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate – Value $6

Jet Puffed Mallow Bits – $6.49

I did not know these little mini marshmallows existed outside of swiss miss packets – this could be dangerous!

pop sugar must have box

Stott Pilates Merrithew Stability Ball – Value $38.99

This might be my favorite item in the box – I have always been meaning to buy a balance ball – but for some reason or another never got around to it.

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

I also love that Pop Sugar included an excercise sheet to go along with the stability ball.

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

Epicuren Lip Balm – Value $9.50

This is definitely a luxurious lip balm – perfect for winter months and dry lips.

January Pop Sugar Must Have Review - 2013 Monthly Women's Subscription Box Service

The box also included a $15 off coupon code to Casetagram where you can upload your photos from instagram and facebook to create custom iphone and ipad covers.


Verdict: I’m very happy with the January Pop Sugar Must Have box! I will definitely use most of the items in the box, plus the value is well over $100. What did you think of this month’s box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (29)

  1. I actually liked this box! I needed a watch and was looking for a sporty style so I was psyched to get that. And my stability ball recently kicked the bucket and I needed a replacement. The hot chocolate and marshmallows were seriously delicious. Some of the ThinkThin bars were better than others but it was a nice bonus.

    These subscription boxes are really a crap shoot. Finding a selection of products that a majority of people would like but don’t already own is a tough job!

  2. I was pretty happy with this month’s box. I didn’t have a stability ball already so that is a definite plus. The wellness theme makes sense for a January box and I liked the marshmallows, but I’m not a big chocolate fan and I think they’re including way too many sweets overall. This is my 2nd box, plus the luxury edition box which was a huge waste of money and a big disappointment, and I’m not ready to cancel by any means – but the chocolate could stop anytime. I’d rather have tangible things instead of edible things.

  3. I’m SO disappointed. February will be my first box and if February is this bad, I can’t justify having this subscription at all.

    • I completely agree. I have been contemplating a subscription forever, but kept putting it off due to the expense. I finally decided to take the plunge after seeing all the great boxes in the past. As soon as I received my January box, I cancelled. So disappointing.

  4. I really hope the February box is better – February will be my first box. I was super excited about this subscription, but now I’m not sure.

    • I totally agree! I was so looking forward to this subscription box and I was disappointed as well. I hope that next months box is much better.

  5. I subscribed after September’s awesome box. I really liked the looks of scarf & book from Sept & the book & socks from Oct but since my first box didn’t’ start until Nov, I missed all that. = ( I re-gifted almost everything from Nov & Dec as Christmas presents. To me that’s $70 worth of so-so stuff. I would have taken that $70 and bought stuff I really loved during all the holiday sales. I stuck it out through January because I figured it would be health orientated and that excited me but again this box is only so-so. There are too many sugars in the bars for me to justify eating them, the marshmallows are not my thing, I don’t need a giant watch so that went to my daughter and I already have a ball. I will keep watching the posts of PopSugar and if I see something I love I will just splurge on it. I am thinking for taking my $35 from Popsugar and doing Sock Panda ($11) & Ditsies ($12). Maybe a snack box? I don’t know we will see.

    • I felt the exact same way- just posted my review on my site and said he exact same things! Signed up after seeing Sept and Oct and have felt let down since! Check out TheFancy if you are looking for an excellent lifestyle box- I’ll be posting about them this coming week.

  6. I have 3 balance/ stability balls in this house. I sit and exercise on them all day long. Not excited at ALL about getting another one. They are frequently on sale for around $15… and come with a pump to inflate. Not sure if pump is included with this one as it wasn’t mentioned. Retail value as stated is WAY high though.

    As for the healthy box- why the grocery store marshmallows and chocolate on a stick ( Had that in another box in Dec)? I loved the 209 brand marshmallows in the Dec Hammock Pack and Nov Knoshbox, but these are straight from a wholesale grocer.

    The watch is not my style at all. I will never use it.

    Also not wow’ed by the 3 diet or nutrition items. They obviously got massive discounts for very cheap items this month.

    I can say, without a doubt, that this is the lamest box to date. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be, but after what they did with Dec’s various boxes, I realized that quality is not high on the list for the curators.

    Would have loved some exercise wear- a gift cert. to some site for a top or yoga pants, etc.
    Seriously thinking about canceling this Subscription , and I’ve been with them from the beginning.

    Move over Must Have(not) box, Seasonsbox is here!!! 🙂

    For those not happy with Pop Sugar’s box, look at Liz’s review of Seasonsbox. I’m supposed to have one on the way. 🙂 Hope so!!

    All my personal opinion,

  7. Having been a subscriber since July, this was my least favorite box. I agree with others that have stated that they basically paid $35 for some snacks. I tried the lip balm and it made my lips peel a few hours later. My watch was bright pink so I think I will be giving that to one of my preteen girls. This is the third exercise item given out since July and I have no use for any of them. I’ve tried all of the yoga, pilates, exercise ball dvds before and nothing has worked as well as the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program. I hope they get back to including items like the scarf, books, movie tickets, bracelet, etc. that felt like real treats upon receiving them. I don’t want to unsubscribe but I might be forced to if the boxes don’t get any better. I signed up for Yuzen but I don’t receive my first box until Feb. Since it is only quarterly I am hoping that they will have had more time to put together a worthwhile box, so we will see.

  8. While I subscribed to Pop Sugar after those couple amazing boxes, I’m starting to get more and more disappointed. I feel like lately the subscription boxes have just been random things from grocery stores and Target. I canceled Birchbox after this month but, I’m going to give Pop Sugar the benefit of the doubt next month and see how the box is. I did subscribe to Ipsy this month and the bag was so-so, I feel like I might just be over the subscription box fad.

  9. Those marshmallows are so cute! DO you think its worth $35

    • I do think this box is worth $35 to me because I didn’t have a balance ball and wanted to get one. It seems like most peeps already have one though!

    • $6.49 for the mini marshmallows? You must be kidding! I literally just bought those at the grocery store for. 99¢ yesterday. You all have been duped! So glad I cancelled this subscription last month!

  10. Almost subscribed for the Jan. box but sooo glad I didn’t, the only thing I liked was the lip balm…I mean you get stability balls for practically nothing, the watch…not to much I can say about that, the bars…they give them away for free all the time on their facebook page…The chocolate and marshmallows, I probably would’ve liked but how random is it to put that in a “fitness box” I don’t know I would’ve rather paid $10 bucks for the lip balm and and spent the rest on an item I really love. The first couple of boxes where awesome but the last few have just been blah! Thanks for the review though!

  11. Those marshmallows may cost that much on Amazon but they’re about $2-3 in the grocery store.

  12. I also cancelled this month….I hate the ball and the watch…so I just paid $38 for think thin bars, cocoa and a lip balm….boooooo……the boxes just seem to be getting boring.

  13. It’s my second month and I’m on the fence over whether I want to continue as well. Last month’s double-glass coffee cups were a huge hit with my hubby but he doesn’t have any idea the box is costing $35 a month. I’m not overwhelmed by this month’s box. As far as I’m concerned the suggested retail price of the items means nothing if I don’t feel they are of any value.

    I would really like to see the kinds of things that made me excited to subscribe: the beautiful scarf from a few months back, the new JK Rowling book, etc. I don’t expect every month to be a home run but I want to be excited by the contents.

    • I also agree with the ridiculousness of the exercise ball. They’ve been around so long that most women have one or don’t want one. Personally, this will be my third. This was my first box so I was super excited. I hope it only gets better from here 🙂

    • I subscribed after seeing those boxes too and have been disappointed, especially with the December box. A coupon code that doesn’t give you something free and clear is really not part of the value of a box.

    • I loved the Bodum mugs from the December box — definitely my favorite item I received from Pop Sugar Must Have! Since they cost $40 on, I feel that made the December box worth the $35 it cost me (even though I wasn’t thrilled about anything else in that box).

  14. I was a bit disappointed in this box. This was my 5th of a 6 month subscription, and it is among a couple that I wasn’t impressed with. It seems pretty hit-or-miss, but I always hope each box is going to be better than the last. I really want to renew after the February box, so here is hoping next month is better

  15. I would have LOVED TO GET A WHITE WATCH! I got blue…………

  16. Mine will be here tomorrow, if this is what’s in it I’m going to cancel. I have two stability balls already, the watch looks huge and I have a very small wrist and arm. I have gotten free think thin bars as samples, I have plenty of lip balm products. The hot chocolate on a stick might be good. Not interested in another coupon I won’t use. Was hoping to like this subscription after seeing a previous box but it is to pricy for things I can’t use.

    • I cancelled my subscription after seeing the spoilers for this month. I already have an exercise ball and two watches (plus I think this one looks very juvenille — at least in pictures), so the big ticket items are no use to me. I was hoping this box would introduce me to new items, but it really hasn’t. And I feel that I can save my $35 every month to buy individual items that were featured in the boxes instead of spending it on a box of random items I’ll never use.

      I am considering subscribing to Seasons Box because it seems to be a little more focused.

      • I’m thinking of getting Seasons as well….the retail values aren’t huge but you can see what you are getting and you don’t have to subscribe. I am obsessed with the scarf they have this month! Also considering Yuzen.

      • I hadn’t heard about Yuzen, but after checking out their website, I’m considering trying them out. I kind of like that it’s quarterly. I’m hoping that means their boxes don’t have a lot of “filler” than some of the monthly boxes seem to have.

      • I like the quarterly change as well….I kind of initially went crazy with sub boxes an have cut way back so I can actually enjoy the items! There are some great reviews of past Yuzen boxes….they are really nice. I also really enjoy Hammock Pack. Very well curated and fun handcrafted items. I am taking a break from them due to having too much stuff….but I would definitely resubscribe
        at some point.

  17. The first couple PopSugar boxes looked so cool but now they just seem random. The monetary value might be there but not of items I’d ever purchase myself. I think they need to get a little more specific on their future boxes as $35 is a lot for such an unknown!


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