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Your Guide to the Only Shapewear You’ll Need in 2023

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereJan 11, 2023In Partnership With Honeylove

For about 10 years, I always bought and wore the same shapewear, underwear, and bra from the same brands. I didn’t do a ton of research and didn’t know how many options were out there and that there could be better options than I had in my top drawer.

Enter: Honeylove. A friend recommended it to me after she bought their SuperPower Shorts and was raving about how comfortable and smoothing it was. Wanting to break out of my rut of hanky panky, spanx, and commando, I decided to give it a try. I can now confidently say that Honeylove is the only brand I’ll be buying all undergarments from in 2023. The fit is amazing - it provides the right amount of support and control but is still more comfortable than anything else I own. Here’s a guide to the only shapewear you’ll need in 2023 (and for many years to come):

1. SuperPower Short

This shapewear is a complete game changer for me. There are so many details in this that make it a joy to wear (yes, I said shapewear was a joy to wear, and I meant it!). The most important thing is that this SuperPower Short is actually comfortable. When I wear it, I can breathe, it’s not digging into my thighs, and it doesn’t pinch me anywhere. The fabric is super soft and high end, and doesn’t stretch out after a few washes. It provides support in all the right places, helping to smooth my tummy without compressing places I want a lift, like my booty. It also has flexible side boning that moves with you no matter what you’re doing and prevents it from rolling down.

2. Mid-Waist Short

The Mid-Waist Short has the same quality, comfort, and smoothing from the SuperPower Short while also having a low back, meaning I can wear it with more of my open-back clothing. The BoostBands lift my booty while adding more definition to my upper legs (probably an area on my body I am most self conscious about). One of the highlights to me about this piece is the gusset opening to provide easy bathroom access. I don’t know about you, but I always dread going to the bathroom when wearing a jumpsuit, tights, or shapewear, and Honeylove gets this and solves for it.

3. Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

This is my personal favorite all-in-one smoother. This has the targeted compression I’ve come to know and love from Honeylove to sculpt my mid-section, combined with a built-in (underwire free) bra. The power mesh fabric smooths my thighs and eliminates any back bulge. I love to throw this on under almost any outfit to give myself an instant confidence boost and feel like I look my best. Plus, like the Mid-Waist Short, this bodysuit is bathroom friendly so I can get all the comfort and support with none of the bathroom hassle. I’ll be stocking up on this ASAP as it is always selling out!

4. Queen Brief

This is designed to be medium compression across your back and tummy and give you more of an hourglass shape (it definitely did for me!). It fits like a glove without being too constricting. It also goes all the way up below your bra to make sure there’s no muffin-top going on. The design is super sexy, and the second I tried it on I was feelin’ myself! This shapewear looks like lingerie and gave me a confidence boost before I even put on my dress.

5. LiftWear Cami

With over 700 reviews, this lived up to the hype for me. It combined elements I loved about the CrossOver Bra, like being underwire free, while providing smoothing and support for the low belly. Instead of wearing a bra and a top over to hold in my tummy, I can wear just this. The straps are adjustable, so I don’t have to worry about them either digging into my shoulders or sliding off. Also, not going to lie, I have gone out of the house in just this and jeans, and got many compliments on wearing a cute outfit!

6. Added Bonus: Leggings 2.0

While I know leggings may not be considered “shapewear,” it makes sense to me that a brand that specializes in flattering & smoothing undergarments would have great leggings. And I was correct. I live in leggings most of the year, and will definitely be upgrading many of my leggings to the Honeylove pair. Here’s why:

They flatter me with their built-in shapewear, I can wear them every day without worrying about them stretching out, and they’re SO comfortable. Plus, just when you think they can’t get better, they do: these leggings have pockets. And they are real pockets that can hold my phone without dragging the pants down.

Overall, Honeylove makes everything in my closet look amazing on me, and is my secret weapon for both everyday wear and when I get more dressed up. Plus, all Honeylove orders come with a 30-day fit guarantee, so there is really no risk to trying it! I can’t wait to try their pajamas next.