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My Subscription Addiction

KiwiCo vs Little Passport: Which Kids’ Subscription Box Is Better For Your Family

Taryn Lowman
ByTaryn LowmanMay 13, 2022


Before I became a mom I always said I would not let my kids play video games. Then I had kids and all of my beautiful device-free plans went out the window. I still try my best to get their minds working in a different way and to get their hands dirty. But planning, purchasing, and executing these thought-provoking activities takes time. I have found that subscription boxes have been a huge help to introduce my kids to new aspects of art, science, and learning. But there are SO many subscriptions to choose from! As a fellow mom, I am here to help! Let's dig into if you should pick KiwiCo or Little Passports!

If you're looking for variety and expertise in your boxes… KiwiCo

KiwiCo offers different lines targeted at kiddos from age 0 to 16! There are even a few lines, The Maker Crate and The Eureka Crate, that even adults can enjoy. They have a selection of nine different lines that you can pick from. Kids' interests are constantly changing and their expert level can go up in an instant so this really allows you to switch it up as your child changes.

You can pick from categories like art and design, geography and culture, early learning, science, and tinkering. KiwiCo's design experts work to create each box to ensure that your little one is expanding their mind and exploring through learning. To make sure each box is fun, they are tested by kids! KiwiCo spends 1,000+ hours working to design, test, and ship out boxes.

If you are looking for gifting options… KiwiCo

I always love when a subscription makes gifting easy, but KiwiCo really goes above and beyond. You can easily purchase one-off boxes that are great for gift giving. They also offer the ability to throw a KiwiCo birthday party and you can purchase KiwiCo party favors that kiddos can create (a fun activity for the party that is already planned for you).

You can purchase a group gift that you can invite friends and family to contribute to, this is a great option if you are looking to purchase a classroom pack. My favorite gifting option is that you can add their Panda Crate to a baby registry! Panda Crate is a box for 0 - 24-month-olds that helps parents to nurture their little one's natural curiosity. Adding this to your registry is quick and easy and a gift that will continue to give every month, and it makes finding new ways to entertain your little one so easy. I really wish this was something I had as a new mom!

If you are looking for free DIY activities… Little Passports

Screen time is always a concern, but it is so hard to constantly come up with crafts and activities that are both fun and engage your little one's mind. Little Passports offers access to their library of free DIY learning materials targeted at kids aged 3 to 9. Each activity will help curb that screen-time with STEM projects and hands-on activities. You can also receive a bonus code for 15% off sitewide! As a busy mom that is constantly feeling guilty for excessive screentime, I really see the value in accessing these free activities.

If you are looking for a school or group pack… KiwiCo

No matter if you are a teacher, camp leader, nanny, a parent trying to navigate virtual school, or homeschooling KiwiCo offers a variety of options to help bring fun science activities for your group or class! You can purchase classroom packs that include NGSS-aligned curriculum and lesson plans, illustrated instructions, and materials for 10 groups (suggested for up to 40 students). The best part is that you can select which pack you would like to receive to help inspire your students to solve real-world problems while creating and working together as a team. These are available for students to get a crate every month for a quarter, a semester, or a whole year.

Each NGSS and Common Core project is designed to help your student meet state and national academic standards, perfect for a parent that is navigating homeschooling. If you are purchasing 25 to 100 crates, KiwiCo offers a 15% discount. I love that KiwiCo is focusing on not just our kids' learning, but they are supporting teachers to help bring science into the classroom in an exciting way. When we support our teachers, our children thrive!

Who Wins?

So which box would I recommend? KiwiCo is the box I turn to again and again when recommending to my friends. Their box line is full of options that fit a wide variety of ages and interests. Have a kiddo interested in cooking like me? The Yummy Crate is a great way to get them to understand the creativity of cooking. The Tinker Crate will help make science and engineering fun and engaging with hands-on activities. And there are SO many more!

The best part is that these are all boxes that you can do with your little one while still allowing their creativity to fly. I think the most interesting aspect of KiwiCo is its focus on delivering these boxes right to the classroom. My son is in Kindergarten and I am seeing firsthand just how important our teachers are. I love that they are making it easy for teachers to bring science right into the classroom! Their boxes are designed by experts, tested by kids, all while keeping the needs of families in mind. 

Want to learn more? Check out our KiwiCo and Little Passports brand pages to get all the details and read reviews!