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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

You Need To Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks. Here’s How.

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsDec 9, 2022In partnership with Cirkul

Confession: I’m addicted to sugary drinks. From Gatorade to Coke to Sprite, it’s a habit I’ve tried time and time again to kick (to no avail). However, I know how truly bad sugary drinks are for you – for starters, joint pain, rotten teeth, and more come to mind.

Rotten teeth aside, the added sugar that can amount to over 60 GRAMS (!!) can be extremely dangerous for your long-term health. Consuming boat loads of sugar via soda and sports drinks can lead to extreme weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease.

Well, instead of now having to frantically read ingredient labels in the grocery store (or going cold turkey on sugary drinks altogether), you can just get a Cirkul water bottle instead. Cirkul's innovative bottle allows you to infuse flavors into your water in a healthy way, making drinking water fun and delicious, without the sugar.

Why is Cirkul getting so much hype nowadays from thousands and thousands of people who are making the change? Here are a few key reasons why:

  • No calories, no sugar, all natural flavoring, and no artificial flavors
  • Large variety of flavors (50+!) and convenient auto-ship options on cartridges
  • Makes drinking water tasty, easy, and fun!

Since I purchased Cirkul about 3 months ago from when I first saw it blowing up on TikTok and Instagram, I’ve been drinking so much more water and feeling 5x more energized and healthy each day!

"I kicked my diet soda habit and have lost 10 pounds since I started using Cirkul! Love the product! My favorite flavors are black cherry and peach mango. Thank you so much for your wonderful product!!”

Basically, I feel like a new, healthy version of myself thanks to Cirkul’s bottle and what it’s done to my water drinking habits. I’ve finally started to put my sugary-drink-addiction to rest and save a bunch of $$ in the process!

Cirkul also has some delightful flavors - I’m talking Fruit Punch, Kiwi, Raspberry Tea, and more. They taste incredible, are actually healthy for you, and you’re drinking the amount of water you should be each day.

I’d highly suggest checking out Cirkul and ordering one of their bottles - you can thank me later for the recommendation!