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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

You Don’t Need a Men’s Razor to Get a Good Shave

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiJul 29, 2022In Partnership With Flamingo

I love when my skin is healthy, glowy, and smooth. Who doesn’t? Not to mention that a quality shave session can help your moisturizer sink in like a dream. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find the right razor to get the job done. I’ve reached for my boyfriend’s razors more than once because - let’s be honest - men’s razors are often cheaper and you can get a closer shave with a men’s razor than one marketed to women at the same price point. Blame it on the dreaded “pink tax” but basically, we’re paying more because we’re women. That suuuucks! Add that to all the other issues on our plate and I want to unsubscribe from it all.

The good news: I found Flamingo, a one-stop shop for all your shaving, waxing, and body product needs with gender-neutral pricing to avoid that awful pink tax. They are a prime example of why you don’t need to buy men’s razors to get a good shave at a good price.

Razors for Men vs Women: What’s the difference?

I reach for a men’s razor when I’m trying to save a couple of dollars but still want a silky, smooth shave. What’s truly mind-boggling is that blades for men’s and women’s razors are the same material. It’s actually the design of the razors that are different because men need a closer shave for their face (and other sensitive areas) while women use razors on broader and smoother landscapes. Men’s razor blades have a greater angle to make it easier to get a close shave, while women’s razor blades are positioned so they are less likely to cause cuts but the tradeoff is you sometimes spend more to get a not-as-good result.

Get Your Best Shave, Minus the Pink Tax

Luckily, Flamingo delivers on cost while giving you the closest and most comfortable shave ever. They’ve solved the need to compare razor sharpness vs. design and squashed any debate on whether women should be paying extra for less. For only $5, you can get their Starter Shave set that includes a razor handle, 2 five-blade cartridge heads, foaming shave gel, and a shower holder. Then, you can sign up to receive 8 blade refills for just $16 every 4 months.

My Shaving Experience

Flamingo has truly elevated my shaving experience. The razor glides smoothly over my skin, leaving no cuts, knicks, or bumps. I’m able to shave quickly in long strokes for my legs due to the flat head and lightweight but grippy handle. And even hard-to-reach areas are a breeze with the flexible, hinged design. The foaming shave gel is a joy to use as well with its bouncy, cloud-like texture. And I never knew how much I needed the matching attachment that suctions to your shower wall. It helps the razor stay dry and upright. It’s super convenient and means your razor blades will last even longer.

Key Takeaway

After trying the Flamingo Shave set, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for my boyfriend’s razor ever again! If you want to experience silky smooth skin and affordable women’s (and every person’s) razors, then you need to check out Flamingo. For only $5, their introductory shave set is a no-brainer, and I can’t recommend it enough! You can start your trial here today!