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My Subscription Addiction

Yes, You Can Blame Genetics for Weight Gain (Now, Here’s How to Overcome It)

Geraldine Orentas
ByGeraldine OrentasAug 9, 2022In Partnership With Found Weight Loss Program

When my mom was in her 20s, she looked exactly like me. And not in a cute way. I mean, in an eerie way, you couldn’t tell us apart. We were both very skinny, long-legged gals sporting high ponytails. As time passed, my mom left her model-like body in the 90s and started rocking her, well, mom body. I always thought my body would follow the same path. Now in my 30s, I can attest it did – not that I am happy about it, though. At last, I have proof that my recent weight gain is my mom’s fault! At least part of it is.

Did you know that up to 70% of your weight can be determined by your genes? And while this doesn’t mean you can’t change your weight, you have to look at it from a different perspective. That’s where I came across Found, a weight loss program that looks at things from a cellular level.

What I Didn’t Know About Weight Gain & Biology

I’m a journalist at heart, so I’m always trying to figure out the reason behind something. So, when I started gaining weight, I attributed it to so many things but never thought about genetics.

With Found, I learned that many things affect weight gain, including my hormones, genetics, and gut health.

So, even when I was changing my diet and incorporating “healthy” foods into my diet. I was messing up with my hormones, ignoring my genetics, and not caring for my gut health. I gained more weight!

How The Found Approach to Weight Loss Is Different

First, Found works with medical providers to look at my health, weight history, and goals to create a realistic weight loss plan. Found even uses prescription medications if needed. Since they work with medical providers, they can recommend prescriptions to tackle hurdles that can be genetically predisposed to help you achieve your goals.

After completing the sign-in form, Found sends you down two different paths:

  • The Rx Path: This is the prescription medication option for those that qualify. The Rx Path is for anyone with a BMI ≥30 (or ≥27 with certain comorbidities). Depending on your needs, your assigned medical provider will recommend pills with ingredients known to support metabolism, speed fat burn, and promote behavioral changes.
  • The Wellness Path: Those that don’t meet the criteria for medications (like myself) go to the wellness path. You’re paired with a wellness coach to get your personalized nutrition and movement plan. You get together to determine the best way to achieve your goals and develop healthier habits.

Found’s Realistic Comprehensive Approach

Its comprehensive approach differentiates the Found Program from everything else I’ve tried. They understand that you cannot achieve stable weight loss with medications alone. Here’s what I think makes them a realistic approach to weight management:

  • Individualized health coaching: You cannot keep up with a new lifestyle transformation without accountability. The personalized health coach provides information while keeping you accountable and motivated. Even if you’re on the Rx path, a program like Found won’t work without the health coach component.
  • Diets AND exercises: I’m tired of trying to find out what exercises go with what diet and vice versa. Found knows the importance of balancing diet and exercise, so you transform your lifestyle. Besides nutrition guidelines, you’ll also receive exercise or movement guidelines.
  • Prioritizing sleep: I had no idea my sleep patterns interfered with my weight. I loved that Found looks at your sleeping habits to see if they impact your weight loss journey.
  • Community support: My husband can cheer me up when I don’t want to eat that boring salad for dinner. But, that doesn’t help me in the long run. With Found’s community, I can talk and read about other people’s experiences and see how they overcame hurdles to reach their goals.

Found Is The Most Realistic Way To Lose Weight

Many people don’t think about prescriptions for weight loss until they’ve dealt with weight issues for too long. But you don’t have to wait. I love that Found offers programs that are personalized to you and your body. The fact that they look at weight from a cellular perspective removes much of the guilt associated with weight gain. To me, that’s so important!

Overall, having a personalized approach that looks at much more than behaviors is mind-blowing. Found helps you figure out the why and how of your weight gain to draft your weight loss plan. I haven’t found any other option that lets you do that.