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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

With the Holidays in the Rear-View Mirror, Here’s How I’m Kickstarting My Health Goals in the New Year

Tiffany Kepler
ByTiffany KeplerJan 9, 2023In Partnership With Trifecta

The holiday challenges come in all shapes and sizes from seeing toxic family members you really don't want to see– to being tempted by all the meals and desserts! I definitely overindulged during the holidays but luckily I found something to help me reset and get back into a healthy mindset.

Enter: Trifecta.

As a busy working mom, I don’t always have time to prioritize my well-being but Trifecta, a meal delivery service and nutritional app, makes it easy. They offer a variety of meal plans - including Paleo, Keto, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, and more - that are specifically tailored to help each individual reach their health and fitness goals. Here’s how Trifecta is going to help me stick to my health resolutions this year:

Easy and convenient

So many people (including myself) fall short of our goals because we “bite off more than we can chew.” We have such high hopes, but hope isn’t enough. Finding the right program is what is going to make this health journey work. With Trifecta, I downloaded the app, entered some information about myself, and within a few seconds, I had a custom meal plan!

I’m guilty of going to the pantry and grabbing the chips because it's convenient. Sabotaging myself at every step. But, with Trifecta they have me covered because they have pre-portioned and packaged meals delivered right to my door; so I can easily put the meals in the air fryer, microwave, or heat on the stovetop for around 5 minutes or less and it’s done!

Delicious, organic meals

Without great-tasting, nutritionally balanced meals Trifecta would be just another meal subscription, but each meal is crafted to perfection with organic ingredients and flavors that are unlike any packaged meal I've tasted before! Since starting Trifecta, I finally feel like I am back on track with my health and fitness goals, and have so much more energy.

I love the variety of meals that Trifecta offers that are all so tasty. This is not your boring, bland diet food. I’ve been craving more of the Keto Cowboy meal since I tried it and the Grilled Sirloin Steak with Gravy is like a meal you would get at a restaurant just without the heaviness. The Bunless Chicken Avocado Sandwich was so satisfying I didn’t even miss the bun.

Support and nutritional guidance

Support to me is the most important aspect of creating strong healthy habits that will last. Having accountability is key and with Trifecta, you absolutely get the support needed to keep your health goals a constant priority.

With Trifecta, you can access free nutrition coaching via the Trifecta app. Your nutrition coach can work with you to find the best plan for you and provide ongoing support that’s so crucial in any fitness journey. You can also use the Trifecta app to track your meals and workouts, as well as connect with the Trifecta community.

The takeaway

Trifecta takes ease, convenience, support, and amazing taste to the next level. I was tired of breaking my promises to eat better and be healthier, but with Trifecta, I feel like I’m finally going to be able to keep my resolutions.

So hit the reset this year with Trifecta and finally have a system that is committed to your health success!

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