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WINPRO vs. Zesty Paws: Which Product Helps Your Dog’s Allergies?

Niall Cooper
ByNiall CooperOct 10, 2022Sponsored

We share so much with our wonderful pets: love, companionship, fun … and allergies! Yup, turns out that our precious pups can get the allergy blues just like us. To find out which product helps my four-legged friend, Olive, feel her best, I tested two of the best-known supplement brands: WINPRO and Zesty Paws.

For a proprietary allergy formula…WINPRO

Pet allergies can range in symptoms and levels of seriousness, just like ours can. Though Olive’s outbreaks are mild, many dogs can have severe allergies.

WINPRO’s natural allergy chews fight symptoms naturally with their proprietary plasma-powered formula, which delivers antibodies to inflamed areas to minimize itching and irritation. Like all WINPRO products, they are tested under strict USDA and FDA regulations, meaning only good stuff is going to your pet.

Aller-Immune Bites by Zesty Paws are formulated to support immune function and help with seasonal upsets, but having tried both, I’ve seen better results with WINPRO.

For science-backed products…WINPRO

Zesty Paws claims that its range of supplements is designed to help many problems that our pets might face, though there is not a lot of detail on their website about the scientific research that went into developing their products.

Alternatively, WINPRO leads with science. Their plasma-infused chews fight inflammation by traveling through a dog’s circulatory system to deliver antibodies to these angry areas.

Using a technique first developed by Iowa State University scientists, WINPRO is the only company to offer plasma-powered health products formulated exclusively for dogs. Knowing this helps me trust WINPRO to treat Olive’s flare ups.

For product range…tie

Both Zesty Paws and WINPRO offer a broad range of products to help with all manner of issues that keep our furry friends from feeling their best.

Olive is fourteen, so I like that both brands offer supplements for senior dogs. Both WINPRO and Zesty Paws offer chews for mobility and joint health, which is ideal given Olive’s age.

In addition, Olive can sometimes get a little stressed, especially in situations with strangers, other non-familiar dogs, or loud noises (the 4th of July might be her least favorite day of the year… second only to NYE). So, WINPRO’s Calming chews have been a godsend. These bites offer a non-drowsy way to naturally soothe Olive when she’s triggered by sources of anxiety.

For cheaper chews…Zesty Paws

At around $29 for 90 chews, Zesty Paws is the clear low-cost option. In comparison, WINPRO costs $35 for 60 allergy relief chews (with discounts on larger orders or subscription orders). When I take science and ingredients into consideration, I’d rather pay a bit more for what I feel is a higher quality product from WINPRO. I also have to say that Olive clearly prefers the taste of WINPRO’s chews. So, where quality and taste are concerned, I’d pick WINPRO any day.

For wholesome products…WINPRO

WINPRO ensures that all their products are natural, wholesome, and completely free from preservatives, artificial colors, fillers, or extenders. WINPRO’s Allergy chews feature all-natural active ingredients including bromelain (naturally extracted from pineapple stem), nettle root extract, and the natural antihistamine quercetin. On the other hand, Zesty Paws does use preservatives, which I try to avoid.

Olive’s winner…WINPRO!

As someone who’s tried both WINPRO and Zesty Paws, I have to say that WINPRO lives up to their name. I started my search for a pet supplement company because of Olive’s seasonal allergies, and I’ve found a company that supports all of her needs.

From quality ingredients and science-backed formulas to a holistic products range, WINPRO wins by a mile–and Olive would have to agree!