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My Subscription Addiction

Wild Health vs. Parsley Health: Which One is Right For You?

Ali Van Straten
ByAli Van StratenNov 7, 2022Sponsored

Over time, I’ve become dissatisfied with my traditional care experience. Instead of waiting until I’m feeling sick to head to the doctor’s office, I’m more interested in exploring preventative care alternatives and the ways I can tap into holistic wellness. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about Wild Health and Parsley Health, two companies that promise to optimize your whole body health. After testing both out, here’s what I discovered…

If you're looking for preventative care...Wild Health

When I signed up for Wild Health, I took an easy at-home genetic test that had me spit into a tube. Once I did that, Wild Health sent me a personalized report outlining what my health risks are and what I can do to mitigate them. They also set me up with a primary care physician and a Health Coach who could help me address any concerns!

Parsley Health is more focused on treating symptoms or existing conditions, while Wild Health does both preventative care plus treatments. Wild Health users saw results like a 69% reduction of inflammation and a 58% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease! Not only does Wild Health nip potential health problems in the bud, but they can also help you seek targeted treatment based on your unique health panel.

If you're looking for personalized nutrition...Wild Health

Based on my genetic test, Wild Health provided me with a customized macronutrient breakdown based on my specific needs. Not only did they give me a customized macro goal for carbs, proteins, and fats, but they also provided a personalized "Superfoods" list and "Kryptonite foods" list (AKA foods I should avoid). Gluten was one of the things on my Kryptonite list, and now it makes sense why I always feel bloated after consuming it! They even also gave me a list of personalized supplements that I should take based on my test results.

Parsley Health also recommended some supplements, but I didn't feel like the experience was as personalized as Wild Health. They gave me general guidance on how to eat, but they didn't highlight any specific foods I should avoid or focus on like Wild Health did.

I think both services have their perks, but if you're looking for a more personalized experience and preventative care, Wild Health is the better option.

If you're looking for a personalized fitness plan...Wild Health

Wild Health put together a fitness plan for me based on my goals and genetic test. They took into account things like my fitness goals, weight, height, and age to come up with a workout routine that would help me achieve results without overworking my body. I tend to do a lot of cardio, but it turns out strength training is actually better for me based on my genetics! The plan Wild Health put together combines the two in a way that is perfect for me and my current fitness level.

On the other hand, Parsley Health did not offer any sort of fitness plan or guidance. Their focus is more on general wellness and providing information about different health topics.

If you're looking for a health care team...Tie

Wild Health also assigns you a Health Coach who can help you with anything you need. They are essentially your own personal cheerleader and guide, providing support and motivation to help you stick to your health goals! My Health Coach was always available when I had questions, and it was super easy to schedule an appointment right through the website.

Wild Health also connects you with a provider for any telehealth needs you may have. I had a great experience with my provider and felt like she truly listened to me and my concerns.

Parsley Health also offers coaches that are dedicated to keeping you on track, which I really liked, too. However, Wild Health offers unlimited coaching visits whereas Parsley Health only includes 5, and Wild Health’s price is overall lower for more visits. So, while both Wild Health and Parsley Health have your back, I appreciate Wild Health’s affordability.

My Winner Is...Wild Health!

I found my experience with both Wild Health and Parsley Health varied quite a bit. If you’re looking for a highly personalized and preventative approach to healthcare, Wild Health is the way to go. Wild Health offers everything from at-home genetic testing to tailored fitness and nutrition plans, plus your own personal Health Coach–what more could you ask for? I’d highly recommend giving Wild Health a try today!