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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why You Should Run, Not Walk, To Buy HexClad Cookware

Ashley Schuering
ByAshley SchueringNov 28, 2022In Partnership With Hexclad

If you’re looking to purchase new cookware for your kitchen, stop scrolling immediately. HexClad pots and pans are legitimately the best I have ever used in my entire 25+ years of cooking and I can honestly say I will never buy another brand again. And because of HexClad’s incredible durability and lifetime warranty, I won’t ever have to.

With its hybrid design, HexClad is like having a cast iron, stainless steel, and non-stick pan all rolled into one. I don’t have the clutter of all three pans because this one pan can truly do it all. Other brands just can’t hold a candle to HexClad’s excellence. This is as premium as it gets.

Here are the juicy details:

You can truly unleash your cooking potential with HexClad’s incredible cookware.

First of all, HexClad’s non-stick technology can’t be beat. I put my new pots and pans to the test with all the stickiest things I could think of like over-easy eggs, lacy cheese crisps, and sticky caramel. And friends? I’ve never seen or worked with anything close to these innovative pots and pans.

So long as you season them as directed (which takes mere minutes), they’re as slippery as a freshly Zambonied hockey rink. Everything slides off effortlessly.

The days of broken yolks and torn crepes are a thing of the past. Washing up after making hard caramel required exactly zero soaking. They can even go in the dishwasher.

The Maillard reaction has never looked so good.

If you’ve ever worked with non-stick cookware in the past, you know that getting a beautiful sear and tasty bits of food is pretty much impossible. Not so with HexClad.

The aesthetically pleasing hexagonal design is friggin’ genius. The raised edges of the hexagons are stainless steel and the recessed parts are nonstick; this keeps the non-stick well protected but gives your food the browning power of stainless.

The cookware's flawless heat distribution and hexagonal design ensure that even browning is a given. And they’re oven-safe up to 500F, which is unlike any non-stick pan I’ve ever come across.

And, as if that weren’t enough to love, HexClad pans are timelessly beautiful. They look and feel like the high-quality cookware professionals use because they are. 

As it turns out, Gordon Ramsay is an investor in HexClad, so you know he’s a believer.

You don’t need special silicone utensils to use HexClad.

Perhaps my favorite feature of these incredible pots and pans is that I can toss all the sub-par, too-thick-for-good-flipping plastic spatulas and cooking tools I’ve acquired in my quest to find and preserve a good non-stick pan.

No matter what I’ve done in the past to preserve my non-stick cookware — handwashing with gentle soap and the soft side of the sponge, using the recommended plastic utensils, heating only up to medium — they never last more than a year. It has been one of my biggest frustrations for years.

HexClad has finally freed me from this endless, wasteful loop. I can actually use metal utensils on it without worrying about damaging the diamond powder-coated surface. Don’t believe me? You should, because HexClad cookware is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The hefty price tag is worth it and then some.

Aside from being super functional, extraordinarily durable, easy to clean, and backed by a lifetime warranty (who does that?!?), HexClad cookware is also designed and distributed in Los Angeles, so you can feel good about supporting American workers.

In short, HexClad is worth every penny. They have won my undying devotion and loyalty for the rest of my cooking days.

Go. Buy some. You won’t regret it.