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My Subscription Addiction

Why This Knit Weighted Blanket is My Happy Place This Winter

lauren Way
Bylauren WayJan 3, 2023In Partnership With Bearaby

Every year, we’re consumed by the ambience of leaves falling, cool weather, and holiday lights. To many, these things are joyful indications that it’s officially winter. But, to anyone who’s single, these are tell-tale signs that cuffing season is upon us.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone is scrambling to find a partner to spend the winter months with… I, being one of them, am perfectly content being single. However, just because I’m single doesn't mean I don’t crave cozy cuddles. Like everyone else, I crave comfort and stability during the winter months.

Instead of depending on another person, I bought myself a Bearaby weighted blanket to snuggle with. I went for the 15 lb. Cotton Napper, and can confidently say I’ll be in good hands this winter.

My New Happy Place: the Bearaby Cotton Napper

Truth be told, I wasn't sure what to expect – my first experience with a weighted blanket wasn’t the best, so I was skeptical that this would be any different.

The first weighted blanket I had was like a big plastic bag filled with itty bitty balls that would shift around every time I moved, so the weight was never distributed evenly. It ended up making me claustrophobic, hot, and anxious – which is the exact opposite of what these blankets are intended to do.

Bearaby’s Cotton Napper sold me because it’s filler-free and made from 100% organic cotton, which means the weight of the blanket comes completely from the thick woven fabric. Just from the looks and initial feel of my Bearaby blanket I knew this was different than anything I’d used before. Not only was this the softest blanket I had ever felt, but the classic knit design also makes it aesthetically pleasing anywhere in my apartment.

Time to Unwind

Excited to try my new blanket, I immediately hopped on the couch and threw it over me. My Napper was the perfect combination of coziness and comfort. The open-looped chunky knit design combined with the moisture-wicking cotton makes it breathable, so I’m able to nuzzle up in my blanket for hours without overheating, sweating, or getting claustrophobic.

As I mentioned, Bearaby blankets are filler-free, which means that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the blanket. Not only do I not have to worry about fixing the blanket every time I move, but it also serves for a quick and easy move between the couch and my bed.

What Sweet Dreams Are Made Of

My Cotton Napper has also been especially helpful in getting my sleep back on track. I was always a very restless sleeper – whether I was too hot, too cold, or uncomfortable, I’d toss and turn through the night and never felt like I was getting restful sleep.

I decided to try sleeping with just a top sheet and my Bearaby Cotton Napper, and it completely changed the way that I sleep. The weighted pressure of the blanket helps me decompress as I fall asleep—kinda like the feeling of being wrapped in a big warm bear hug. Within minutes of climbing under my Napper, I’m sound asleep for the night.

I’m also someone who struggles with high stress and anxiety – I’ve tried just about every breathing exercise to help ease my anxiety, but nothing seemed to work. If there’s ever a moment when I’m feeling especially stressed or anxious, I climb to the couch and cocoon into my Cotton Napper and it instantly helps me relax. (Read: I’ll never watch Netflix without this weighted blanket ever again).

Yep, I’m Sold

Thanks to Bearaby, I can confidently say that I’ll be enjoying the winter months from the comfort of home. When I first purchased my blanket, I wasn’t expecting it to help me relax when I’m anxious, or sleep soundly through the night—but those benefits have quickly become my favorite parts. And as a plus, the breathable nature of the Cotton Napper makes it suitable for any season, so it’s safe to say this blanket will become a staple for me all year long.