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Why This Is The Fresh Dog Food Brand You Need

Beatrice Wilter
ByBeatrice WilterDec 2, 2022In Partnership With Nom Nom

My dog Bailey would love to be the taste tester of everything on my plate. I keep a strict “no table food” rule to keep my pup safe, but the next best thing (or maybe even the even better thing) is human-grade dog food that satisfies both her hunger and her needs.

With some internet sleuthing, I stumbled upon fresh dog food brand Nom Nom and decided to give it a try.  Bailey was happy to let her appetite lead the way–read on to find out why it's the only fresh dog food brand you need.

Nom Nom's fresh food is high-quality

Nom Nom guarantees high-quality proteins and vegetables, all sourced from approved U.S. suppliers. Plus, Nom Nom’s recipes meet AAFCO guidelines.

Imagine how cute Bailey and I look side by side every evening, me eating my healthy home-cooked dinner at the table, and her contently munching her fresh dog food from her bowl at my feet. This scene is only possible with the Nom Nom food that she loves and that I feel good about feeding her, which is to say, top-notch quality, made with care.

Nom Nom's food is highly convenient

Let’s be real, providing the best possible dog food for Bailey also has to be something I realistically have the bandwidth for in my day to day life. So I compared how easy it is to portion, serve, and store the meals offered by Nom Nom against other fresh dog food brands. Other fresh dog food brands portion their servings in one, two, or four meal servings, while others provide a container and a spoon to easily store and portion meals.

While these are all helpful features, only Nom Nom takes it to the next level with convenient single packs for each meal, all portioned to your dog’s daily needs. No guessing or scooping required. Nom Nom gets bonus points because they uniquely offer the ability to auto-rotate recipes so your dog never gets bored at mealtime.

Many fresh dog food recipes are carefully formulated by veterinary nutritionists to provide the right balance of protein, fat, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. But Nom Nom goes one step further with Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists actually on staff.

With minimal processing and chunks of real food, you can see all the natural nutritiousness of proteins and veggies that Nom Nom meals deliver. As an optional extra, you can add a probiotic to your shipment to help digestion and absorption of all those nutrients.

Nom Nom keeps my pup’s digestion on track better than other brands

The ugly side of dog ownership is having to pick up after them constantly. I’ve made my peace with it, but I was thrilled to learn that fresh dog food is more easily digestible, leading to fewer and smaller stools. Since we’ve stuck with Nom Nom for a while now, I can safely say that this is true for Bailey. There is a marked difference in Bailey's poop when she eats Nom Nom versus other fresh dog food brands out there, and don't even get me started on your standard dry kibble from the grocery store.

Nom Nom's food is the tastiest of them all

I can research my life away, but if Bailey won’t eat it, it’s out of the question. Obviously! Bailey has tried many fresh dog food brands, but Nom Nom was by far her favorite.  She devoured her meal and seemed to wag her tail the hardest when I was serving her a Nom Nom meal over the others. It was actually so adorable how excited she would get at mealtime on Nom Nom days! Another important consideration is that Nom Nom stands out to me visually with fresh, whole ingredients you can actually see and recognize.

Nom Nom offers a comprehensive questionnaire & auto-rotate recipe features

Taking your pet's details into account when developing meals is important. With this in mind, Nom Nom offers a comprehensive questionnaire based on age, weight, breed, and health issues. It also offers the unique ability to auto-rotate recipes so your dog never gets bored at mealtime. This is super important for Bailey because of how food-motivated she is!

Nom Nom is the only brand you need

Where did our experimentation take us? Well, we’ve determined that while there are nutritious and high-quality fresh dog food brands out there, the clear winner was Nom Nom for Bailey and me.

All it took was a few orders for Bailey’s energy to increase, her breath to smell better, her poops to be smaller and less frequent, and even for her coat to look shinier. We also love that you can rotate recipes to keep things interesting.

Nom Nom even offers a money-back guarantee if you don’t see benefits in 30 days with a refund on your first order. But Bailey and I feel confident that you’ll love this fresh dog food as much as we do.