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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Nobody is Buying Razor Blades at the Drugstore Anymore

Tiffany Kepler
ByTiffany KeplerOct 18, 2022In Partnership With Athena Club

Do you ever just buy the cheap razors because it’s so much easier than trudging to the store, locating your current brand, and then finding an employee to unlock the case in order to get your cartridge refill? I feel your pain–taking a detour to find the closest pharmacy isn’t my definition of time well spent.

What if I told you that you could secure a higher-quality razor without having to wait? Yep, that’s right: I’ve found that Athena Club razors strike that perfect balance between being quality, affordable, and convenient. Here’s why:

Athena Club’s Quality is Superior

I’ve found that even the “premium” drugstore razors still contribute to skin irritation, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and other unpleasant shaving side effects. We’ve all been there–it’s frustrating trying to calm your angry skin after a rough shaving experience.

Athena Club’s razors have some much-appreciated features without the added price tag. I love that it comes with a sharp 5-blade razor, a lightly weighted handle, non-slip outer grip material, and a matching magnetic wall mount for extra cuteness!

On the other hand, drugstore razors and their plastic handles don’t scream “quality” to me. My shower routine has been elevated in a huge way thanks to Athena Club: what used to be a chore is now a serious self-care ritual. And when I’m out of the shower, I can’t help but notice that my legs are the softest they’ve ever felt!

Athena Club’s Pricing is Unbeatable

Cartridge refills are the kind of thing I have to stock up on in advance to ensure I’m not left empty-handed, but it’s also no secret that cartridges are expensive.

Athena Club razors win out against their competitors due to the cost and convenience of securing your refills. Why hit the drugstore when you can get cheaper refills delivered to your door on your schedule? Athena Club’s blade refills start at $2.25–needless to say, I haven’t stepped foot in the razor aisle for quite some time.

Also, Athena Club’s starter pack costs just $9, and it comes with two cartridges, the razor in your color of choice, and the magnetic wall mount. I love how inexpensive the refills are (the cost depends on how often you need blades), I’m able to reduce my waste by cutting down on the amount of razors I’m buying, and with Athena Club’s subscription model, I don’t have to hoard refill cartridges under my bathroom sink.

You can also Bundle & Save with Athena Club’s luxurious shaving cream, blades, and body wash. Save 5% on 3 products, 10% on 4 products, or 15% on 5 products–you can kiss those late-night trips to the drugstore goodbye!

Athena Club Lets You Personalize Your Experience

I’m a big fan of the fact that Athena Club has different-colored razors to fit all personalities (who wants to buy the same blue razor that everyone else has?) and you can snag limited-edition shades, too.

In my experience, though, Athena Club razors aren’t just pretty. Athena Club razors are padded with a water-activated serum and shea butter, which helps us avoid nicks and cuts. On top of that, this razor is completely versatile–it has your back, legs, armpits, and face, too!

I’m someone who doesn’t like to overcrowd my shower, and it especially annoys me when I have to precariously balance my razor on the soap holder in my shower. Athena Club’s magnetic wall mount isn’t just perfect for holding my razor–I can also use it to hold my body and scalp scrubbers.

The Verdict

As someone with a busy schedule, I prefer waiting around at the drugstore as little as possible. Also, it never hurts to save money on things like cartridges, and Athena Club’s personalized touches make me smile. Subscribing through Athena Club is pretty much a no-brainer on my part: they’ve made the process of buying razors and refills “smooth”!