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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Vet-Formulated and Pet-Approved: Why My Dog Loves This Dog Food Brand

Kimberly Southammavong
ByKimberly SouthammavongOct 31, 2023In Partnership With The Farmer's Dog

My dog Hershey (an adorable little Malshi) is an extremely picky eater. Sometimes, I would have to beg her to eat her food.

So it came as a shock when, in our most recent checkup, I heard my veterinarian say that Hershey was a bit fluffy...and it wasn’t just her hair.

Truth is, I have a hypothesis: in the three weeks Hershey had stayed with my father while I traveled, she was spoiled rotten with treats (and maybe even some table scraps). Regardless of reason, I needed a plan to get Hershey back into shape.

My vet recommended I try The Farmer’s Dog. I looked it up and was impressed with what I found and immediately placed my first order.

Here's 4 reasons why Hershey and I both have been loving the switch:

1. It was formulated by veterinary nutritionists! 

One of the best things about The Farmer's Dog food: I can 100% trust that they use the highest-quality ingredients and is free from additives.

To be completely honest, the recipes look like something I’d eat! Since I had to put Hershey on a little diet, I really like that the food is formulated by board-certified veterinary nutritionists to be complete and balanced. I was able to choose from a variety of fresh, personally portioned recipes including chicken, beef, turkey, and more!

2. Hershey loves the taste and I love the benefits: better breath, shinier coat, and healthier poops

I truly didn't realize what Hershey was missing out on before I made the switch. Here are some things I’ve noticed since I swapped Hershey's dry kibble to The Farmer’s Dog:

  • Hershey is finally excited when it’s mealtime now! I don’t have to beg her to try the food, she comes immediately over when she hears me pick up her bowl. She eats it all up as if it’s a treat.
  • Her breath smells better
  • Her coat is softer and shinier
  • Fewer tears and eye boogers near her eye
  • Perfect poops! Her little dumps are solid and easy to pick up. Gosh, it makes me so happy when I don’t have to wipe her tush because her poops are healthier.

3. Our dogs deserve better than kibble

I don’t know about you, but I find peace of mind knowing what my dog is consuming. I love giving my dog homemade food but it can be really time-consuming. I used to batch homemade food to use as a topper on my dog’s kibble to get her to eat. The Farmer’s Dog allows me to feed her good food when I don’t have time to prepare a batch of homemade food for her.

I love knowing that her food is made with human-grade ingredients. Fun fact: it’s gently steamed to help retain its maximum nutritional value.

4. It’s SO convenient; easy to order and shipped straight to my door 

My favorite part of The Farmer’s Dog is that it’s a convenient pet-food service. They offer fresh food that is healthy, nutritious, and delicious packed with the power of real food for dogs–but I don’t have to dig through grocery aisles to find it.

Not only is it delivered straight to my door, the actual food is shipped within days of it being cooked. It comes frozen with a nutrition meal plan specifically for your dog. Ordering is made easy and you fill out a quick survey about your dog and your goals. I really like that they offer flexible and convenient shipping plans in case you change your mind about the amount of food you need.

Safe to say, Hershey will be exclusively eating The Farmer's Dog from now on!

I absolutely recommend giving The Farmer’s Dog a try. It’s made both my and Hershey’s life so much better and easier. When you sign up, you’ll get 50% off a trial box with two weeks of fresh food for your pet to try. I’d like to warn you that your pet is going to love it.