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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Is Finding a Decent Face Wipe in 2023 So Complicated? Let Me Save You Some Time — I’ve Found the Holy Grail

Sophya Batista
BySophya BatistaJan 19, 2023In partnership with Athena Club

POV: You’re coming home after a long day, and you can’t wait to cozy up with a good book. But first you have to wince your way through the worst part of your wind-down routine: using an abrasive face wipe. Ouch!

Lately, this has been my reality. I’ve tried every face wipe out there, and no matter how many times the label says “gentle”, the wipes still burn and sting, leaving my face red, tight, dry, and irritated.

But I didn’t give up on my quest to find a decent face wipe, so I gave Athena Club’s Soft Face Wipes a try. These wipes aren’t just decent — they’re amazing, and they’re my absolute holy grail. I’ll tell you why.

The clean ingredients align with my values

I prefer products with clean, non-toxic ingredients, but that can be a rarity in face wipes. Athena Club is an entirely different league from your run-of-the-mill drugstore options–their not-so-secret-secret is the clean ingredients & soft, plant-based cloth material.

Let me explain: ingredients, like the sugar-derived cleanser or the moisturizing niacinamide, cleanse the day off without irritating my skin. With added goodness like pomegranate extract, acai berry extract, aloe leaf juice, and vitamin B3 in these pillowy wipes, you’re erasing the day’s face naturally.

Indulge in a daily spa-like routine

Using a face wipe is an essential part of my daily routine. Even on days where I don’t wear makeup, I want to be able to wipe away the grime that is sitting on my skin by EOD. I know lots of people feel the same way – so why are so many face wipes so painful to use?

If I have to use face wipes daily, I want them to be soothing. After trying dozens, the Soft Face Wipes from Athena Club actually delivered the experience I was looking for: easy, calming, and spa-like.

The soft material of the cloth feels silky-smooth against my skin, and with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and plenty of antioxidants make my skin look like I just came back from a professional facial.

A deep clean is always on the docket

Most face wipes may offer a decent clean, but they burn and sting! And on the other hand, some gentle wipes aren’t powerful enough to get rid of mascara or concealer.

Athena Club’s Soft Face Wipes provide powerful cleaning that can even remove waterproof makeup and sweat buildup, but the gentle ingredients leave my skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated rather than tight and agitated.

The niacinamide is an important component here. This clean ingredient helps lock in moisture in the skin, rather than stripping it dry, and helps brighten and even calm acne–nice!

Less waste, less problems

While a deep (yet gentle) cleaning power and clean ingredients were my top priorities in finding a good face wipe, I also was hoping to find a sustainable option. So many products that I have tried have pretty small wipes, and I have to use two or three at a time to fully clean my face. Then, the wipes have to go in the garbage.

Athena Club designed its wipes to be larger, so just one does the trick. And: they’re compostable! I love that my beauty routine is even greener than before.

Right this way for soft, glowy skin

Finding my holy grail face wipe was a lot of painful trial and error. But now that I’ve been through all of that, I’m shouting from the rooftops to save other facest!

Athena Club’s Soft Face Wipes are everything you could want in a face wipe. From their clean ingredients to the soft, glowy skin & their ability to be composted, I won’t waste another minute with any other face wipe, and neither should you!