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My Subscription Addiction

Why I’m Ditching the Grocery Store and Ordering This Instead

Sammi Gonias
BySammi GoniasNov 2, 2022In Partnership With Feast & Fettle

As a stay-at-home mom to two young children, a very large portion of my life is spent in the kitchen. And if I'm not actually cooking, I'm thinking about what I'm going to be cooking or preparing for the next meal. It is tiring to constantly be mentally planning dinners and being creative with what I make to keep my family happy. I would love a break from the grocery store or cooking. But someone has to do it.

My dream in life is to have a live-in chef. And with Feast & Fettle, a local meal delivery service that currently serves Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts, I might have found the next best thing. Here’s how it compares to the grocery store:

I save 12 hours per week when I use Feast & Fettle

I used to love going to the grocery store and perusing the endless options. Now, going to the store is a huge endeavor with two kids. Sometimes they can be little angels but other times I have to drag them kicking and screaming through the aisles to get that last key ingredient. And no matter how well-behaved they are, there comes a point when they lose patience, especially waiting in long checkout lines. Then after bringing all the groceries home, I still have to chop, prep, and cook all while trying to keep my little ones entertained.

With Feast & Fettle, not only do I save so much time but there are no meltdowns. I can have a well-made, nourishing meal on the table in less than 15 minutes. The ordering process is quick and seamless, and my delivery driver even took extra care to make sure he was dropping my meals in the right spot.

But can it really match the taste of a true, home-cooked meal?

When we sit down for a Feast & Fettle meal, I am already way more relaxed because there was no mad dash to get dinner on the table. But I am even more blown away by the taste. Everything is locally-prepared and delivered fresh. And I love how there are never any ingredients I can't pronounce in the meals. They truly taste like someone came into my house and cooked them for me. Best of all, my kids and husband love them too and the generous portions are enough to satisfy everyone.

Miso teriyaki salmon is not something that's on my weekly menu and never has been. It can be now though! Feast & Fettle will also have those crowd pleasers, like pot pie, that you know checks the boxes for the entire family. There’s even a dedicated kid's section and side options that include dessert.

I was most skeptical about how the meals would reheat. But I can happily say that the quality and care that Feast & Fettle puts into their meals convinced me otherwise. Everything is packaged in a way that makes it easy to assemble and the reusable bags are a nice touch.

Let’s talk about the price.

If you only consider the cost per meal, grocery shopping is generally the cheaper option. But in between supervising my 3-year-old and helping my 7-year-old with homework, I don't have the time to prepare involved dinners. I tended to stick with the same tried and true recipes but then mealtime got boring and I worried I wasn’t giving my kids enough variety in their diets.

The convenience of Feast & Fettle and getting to sample an ever-changing menu is just incredible. And the time I get back to spend with my kids is priceless.

Our plan offers 4 entrees and 6 sides for $250 a week. It may seem pricey, but with the rising cost of food lately, if you begin breaking down the cost of all of the ingredients at the grocery store, it could cost the same or even more.

The ultimate winner…Feast & Fettle

For a busy mom like me, having this little bit of help is like a gift from the heavens above. I understand that it may not make sense for everyone, but a premium meal service like Feast & Fettle can be a smart and economical decision for families looking to spend more time together.