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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why I Won’t Be Buying a Winter Coat For At Least Another Decade, Maybe More

Sophia Caraballo
BySophia CaraballoJan 19, 2023In Partnership With Oros Apparel

There are a few things I’ve learned while living in New York City for the last 5 years: there’s never enough closet space (especially in tiny city apartments – IYKYK!), and the weather changes drastically all the time.

When I first moved here and it was time to purchase a winter coat, I knew exactly what I wanted: something sleek (because my closet can only hold so much), something versatile (for the unpredictable weather), and something truly warm to replace all the other coats that haven’t made the cut over the years.

The perfect coat is an investment, but I was prepared to drop some cash on something that would last me at least a decade–hopefully longer. When I discovered the OROS Orion Parka, it instantly checked all my boxes. Why? It doesn’t just meet my expectations–it smashes them.

From FiDi to the French Alps

In the name of saving space, the new coat in question has to be versatile and not bulky–I don’t want to feel like a marshmallow when I’m riding on the subway! OROS’ flagship garment, the Orion Parka, maintains an internal temperature of 89 degrees Fahrenheit while in temperatures below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, so it really does work for both commuting in the city and an apres-ski party in Aspen. That’s the kind of versatility I’m after!

The Orion Parka hits right at my knees, so most of my body is covered with its breathable SOLARCORE® insulation. And because it’s so sleek, I don’t have to worry about being too hot with a cozy knit sweater underneath, but it definitely traps heat if you forgo the layers.

The Orion Parka is also water- and wind-proof, so I’ll be ready when those random downpours hit. On top of that, it has an internal sternum clasp around the chest, and a zipper plus Velcro closures to keep you as protected as possible. Because this jacket truly keeps me warm without any of the bulk, it’ll be the first thing I pack as I get ready to hit the French slopes with my friends.

See ya later, layers

OROS created their famous SOLARCORE® technology after researching how astronauts (!!) keep warm when they’re in space. They applied the same thermal properties to flexible foam to create their patented insulation. The bulk-less nature of this technology means you’re not overheated, and it’s not slowing you down.

In fact, I love using the Orion Parka when I’m about to go to the gym because I can be wearing just a tank top underneath, and I'm toasty warm. I particularly love going out for girls’ night in my Orion Parka because I can pair it with a going-out top or dress and won’t have to worry about being cold. Plus, the jacket has a modern and refined silhouette. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Unbeatable quality

OROS takes outerwear seriously. Their jackets are made out of recycled poly to help them reduce CO2 emissions and they are feather-free, meaning OROS is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Additionally, they are polyfluoro-free, which means that they don’t use harmful products that make jackets water-repellent. On top of that, their insulating technology is a closed-cell foam that never sheds harmful microfibers into the environment.

And one of the best parts is that the Orion Parka has six different pockets — four outside and two inside  — so if I don’t want to carry a bag, I don’t have to!

Yep, the Orion Parka is my forever coat

To recap, if you’re looking for the perfect sleek jacket that actually keeps you warm without overheating or having to wear tons of layers underneath, the OROS Orion Parka is it. I can wear it anywhere even remotely chilly, from NYC to France. I guess I’ll circle back to OROS in another decade – or even a few years after that – because I love it that much!