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My Subscription Addiction

Why I Never Travel Without These TSA-Friendly Packing Capsules 

Elle Leung
ByElle LeungJun 24, 2022In Partnership With Cadence

Ever struggled to fit your entire self care routine  in your bulky suitcase? If so, then you need to know about the game-changing lightweight packing capsules I’ve started using for my toiletries, vitamins, jewelry, and other personal care items.

Cadence capsules are a thoughtfully designed system of customizable, refillable containers.

They don't take up much room, they're TSA-compliant, and also 100% leak proof. Since they’re magnetic, you can connect them into whatever shape you want to maximize space.

How Cadence Fits Into My Minimalist Travel Lifestyle

As an adventurer and budget traveler, I tend to travel with only a carry-on suitcase. With limited luggage space, every inch of space becomes important.

I need certain items – particularly toothpaste, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cleansers, moisturizers, serums, aloe vera, etc. But what I don’t need is to pack way more than necessary. This is where Cadence capsules come in to truly streamline things. These TSA-friendly capsules are a minimalist packer's best friend!

Each of the capsules is about 1.8 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, and even when grouped as a set of six, they still fit in the palm  of my hand. Imagine that — 6 bulky, expensive, and leaky “travel” bottles or a container system the size of an average hand?

Despite them looking quite small, they actually fit a ton of stuff inside of them. For example, when I was packing for my most recent 4-day trip to Los Angeles, I was able to fit the following:

  • 25 toothpaste bits
  • 8 large vitamins
  • 10 full pumps of lotion, body wash, and face wash
  • enough serum and makeup remover to last at least 2 weeks
  • enough sunscreen to last 5 days

Now for shampoo and conditioner products, you might actually need more than one capsule each if you're taking a longer trip. They're not the best for products where you need globs and globs of it. But for lotions, body washes, dental, and skincare products, you'll have more than enough for 1-2 weeks' worth of travel!

Another notable feature to call out is that Cadence lets you customize capsules. The magnetic labels are interchangeable, and in addition to 40 predefined Tiles you can pick from (some of them being super cute icons and images), you can also create your own Tiles for a truly customized travel system!

They are also eco-friendly in more ways than one--they'll help you cut down on single-use plastic products and are made from recycled materials. Love that!

Are the Capsules Worth the Money?

Okay, let's touch on price a bit. At first, you might think the price tag of the capsules is steep. I know I did at first!

But when you actually calculate how much money you're saving by not needing to spend on travel-size products (and how much plastic waste you'll be sparing the world from), they're actually a great buy.

Let's say for every trip, you need to re-up on travel-size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and sunscreen. On average, this set of travel essentials will set you back $10-15 at a minimum. (This estimate is conservative because it doesn't even factor in the cost of travel-size moisturizers and serums, which can cost so much more!)

The cost is justified when you consider the quality and convenience. With the Build Your 6 bundle costing $74, you really only need to take 6-7 trips to fully “pay off” the cost. That said, preventing even one spilled bottle of expensive serum from leaking all over my favorite clothes covers that cost immediately.

Not to mention, even when I’m not traveling, I always have a capsule or two in my purse, so I use them every single day.

Cadence capsules have definitely been a game-changer for me, especially when it comes to packing smarter and more efficiently. Having extra luggage space and saving money in the long run = priceless!

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