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My Subscription Addiction

Why Honeylove’s Leggings Will be Your Holiday Staple

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereOct 24, 2022In Partnership With Honeylove

How to Survive the Holidays

Imagine yourself snuggled up under your softest blanket, a fresh, warm mug in your hand, holiday tunes wafting through your home. You’re comfy and cozy. You’ve got this image of the ideal winter day conjured in your mind. It’s almost perfect. But what are you wearing?

If it’s not Honeylove, you’re doing it wrong.

I discovered Honeylove last year after sitting through a whole Thanksgiving dinner, bloated and uncomfortable, with the waistband of my leggings digging into my stomach. Cutting into me. It was awful. These were leggings that I spent over $100 on and I couldn’t sit in them without being in pain. After that, I searched everywhere for new leggings that I could trust to support me and still look good for the holidays. Honeylove’s leggings were the only ones up to the task.

The features of these leggings are above and beyond. Each pair features a thick, dig-proof waistband as well as flexible shaping panels to support the low belly. When I sit down they release so the waistband doesn’t stab me. The shaping panels also mean they look good no matter what I’m wearing, what I’ve eaten, or how many times I’ve worn them.

I can wear these every day and they hold their shape. How many other leggings can you say that about? That’s a testament to the materials in these leggings. They’re strong but not tight, flexible but not flimsy. Unlike other brands that rely on cheaper materials, Honeylove has concocted the perfect combination of materials for their leggings. You can tell. Sometimes I forget I’m wearing anything at all.

If they already sound too good to be true, get a load of this: they have pockets. Yes, that’s right. And they’re not just for show. So many leggings have fake pockets or these thin little things that can’t support your phone. Not Honeylove. Honeylove’s leggings fit my phone without dragging the material down, so I can actually use my hands. They’re perfect.

In the end, Honeylove’s leggings are exactly what I was looking for. They flatter me with their built-in shapewear, I can wear them every day without worrying about them stretching out, and they’re comfortable. They’re so comfortable. They’ll be able to withstand the inevitable holiday bloat with no problems. I know I’m going to grab a few more pairs to be safe, and you should too. You’ll thank me.