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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Honeylove’s CrossOver Bra & Brief Set is the MVP of My 2023 Wardrobe

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereJan 11, 2023In Partnership With Honeylove

Since self-improvement is an ongoing goal, this year’s resolution is in the name of personal liberation. No more uncomfortable bras. Yep, I’m freeing myself of the burdens of undergarments that dig in, create bulge, and lead to spillage in the name of so-called support. I can see you over there sinking your forehead into your palm wondering where I would even begin looking for this fantasy dream bra, and I appreciate your concern. But I just got my hands on my first CrossOver Bundle from Honeylove and, sister, all my needs are officially met. The matching briefs are the cherry on top. Read on to learn why this bra & brief set inspired such a change in me.

This Supportive Bra & Panties Set Is My New Go-To

No Underwire, No Problems

If you’re wondering how a bra with no underwire could possibly provide enough support to get you through your day, I’d like to cordially invite you to join us in 2023. Honeylove calls its wire-free design a “bonded underbust,” which translates to support panels that hug your ribcage and truly take their job seriously. I have tried many bralettes in my day, surrendering to their utter lack of support, but in situations that call for a bit of contouring and lift, this wireless bra  is one I can rely on. It meets the need of a real, supportive bra with the comfort I can absolutely say yes to day-to-day.

Soothing by Smoothing

Now, on top of the bonded underbust, the CrossOver Bra is thoughtfully designed with a higher-cut back to prevent underarm bulge. Because Honeylove has nailed the cut, this bra does the job of shapewear without actually having to squeeze the living daylights out of the wearer. The same can be said for their CrossOver Brief. The bottoms have a mid-rise silhouette and well-placed mesh side panels that, paired with the gently smoothing support offered by their stretchy LYCRA® MyFit™ material, make them flattering while maintaining comfort. This is pretty life-changing. Because, while you may not be leaving home in your bra and panties, you are stepping out in whatever goes on top of it. And feeling good in your clothes reaches down to every layer on your body.

My New Fave

So, we’ve got all-day comfort covered. We’ve got an appealing style that makes you feel amazing with any outfit layered on top of it. And we’ve got incredible, tech-forward support with a fit that’s really well-thought-out. I love that this undergarment set is smoothing without squeezing me.

To recap, wearing shapewear everyday = unreasonable. Wearing Honeylove undergarments everyday = reasonable. And, in fact, it’s encouraged. From the stretchy-yet-supportive material, smoothing cut, and super-flattering design, this wireless bra and mid-rise underwear is the duo I’m destined to live in come 2023 and beyond.