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My Subscription Addiction

Why Honeylove is my go-to shapewear for wedding season

Caroline Levere
ByCaroline LevereSep 8, 2022In partnership with Honeylove

I have ten weddings this year. TEN!  ‘Wedding season’ has practically turned into ‘wedding year’, and I'm here for it. Love is in the air!

I have a steady rotation of dresses I cycle through for special occasions, and I have a secret weapon to make them all look perfect for every event: Honeylove.

Honeylove is a company that sells a variety of shapewear and other garments like bras and leggings. I am a proud owner of the SuperPower Short and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. I’ve had plenty of shapewear before that rolls down, digs in, or is so uncomfortable I literally take it off mid-event to save myself from the discomfort. Honeylove is a complete game changer.

There are so many details in this shapewear that make it a joy to wear (yes, I said shapewear was a joy to wear, and I meant it!). The most important thing is that this SuperPower Short is actually comfortable. When I wear it, I can breathe, it’s not digging into my thighs, and it doesn’t pinch me anywhere. The fabric is super soft and high end, and doesn’t stretch out after a few washes.

It also has side boning which prevents it from rolling down. No more pulling up your shapewear on the dance floor, or having a rope around your waist as soon as you sit down! You may be thinking, ‘now wait a minute: I thought you said this was comfortable? Side boning sounds awful!’ On other shapewear, you’d be totally right. But on Honeylove, the side boning is flexible so it moves with you when you’re sitting, dancing, and bending.

I also feel really sexy in it. There’s support in places where I need it, like my tummy, but it also doesn’t compress places you want to keep a lift, like my booty. And, the design is chic and sophisticated, so it feels more like I’m wearing lingerie than shapewear.

Overall, Honeylove makes everything in my closet look amazing on me, and is my secret weapon for every event I dress up for. I wear this shapewear again and again, and it never stretches out and makes the purchase totally worth it! I highly recommend Honeylove products to anyone who has a lot of events coming up, or is just looking to buy the shapewear that trumps all shapewear.