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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Harry’s Is The Only Brand I’ll Buy for My Boyfriend

Megha Fernandes
ByMegha FernandesJan 17, 2023In Partnership With Harry's

My boyfriend used to complain that his razors were overpriced, to the point where he would put off buying new refills and shave with dull razors that needed to be replaced. When he used his old razors, he wouldn’t get a close shave and the blades would tug at his skin, leaving him with redness and irritation. Once I saw how affordable Harry’s trial set was (only $5!) I couldn’t resist ordering it for him. After reading so many great reviews, I couldn’t wait for him to try Harry’s, and, spoiler alert, he loves it.

The perfect razor with auto-refills delivered

The weighted handle of the razor gives him the perfect grip, and the head flexes and curves with the angles of his face to make sure he doesn’t miss a spot. The trial set I got him also included their shave gel- he loves the formula, which has aloe in it, and we both love the packaging. The set also includes a travel cover for the razor, which is perfect for when we’re on the go for wedding season. And my favorite part? I set up auto-refills (where I even save 6% on refills!) so that he always has the next set of blades arriving at his front door when it’s time to replace them. Between school, work, and our traveling, it’s so nice to cross something off of his to-do list.

Good enough to borrow steal

If it sounds like I’m fawning over his razor set, it’s because I am. So much so that I may or may not have stolen his razor multiple times (ok maybe daily) in the shower to shave my legs. The way the head bends is PERFECT to get around the back of my knees (the most aggravating place to shave, in my opinion), and the sharp blades get every hair and make my legs feel so smooth. It’s a good thing our his set came with multiple razor heads!

No more shaving woes

I love that Harry’s has helped solve my boyfriend’s shaving woes, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say how much I love having this razor around for myself! If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your boyfriend (and yourself!) I strongly recommend giving Harry’s a try! Now my man and I have smooth shaves and we’re saving money in the process.