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My Subscription Addiction

Why Every Young Parent Needs This Stress-Free Coffee This Holiday Season

RC Williams
ByRC WilliamsNov 21, 2022In Partnership With Cometeer

If there is one thing in the world that we parents despise during the holidays, it has to be that stressful, running-out-of-the-house feeling we get when we have to rush our kids to school before break… all without our morning cup of coffee because it takes ages to make.

 ESPECIALLY during those days right before or during the fun, joyful holidays.

I mean, the struggle of preparing and busing my kids to school each morning is enough already. And now I’ve gotta set up this industrial machinery-like thing to just get a cup of mediocre coffee that I don’t even really get to *enjoy*? Not. For. Me.

Enter Cometeer, the ultimate coffee solution for all the young, stressed parents out there. Cometeer crafts speciality frozen coffee pucks that are to-die-for delicious, convenient, and affordable (unlike my Starbucks habit). Here’s why you need to give ‘em a shot today:

Cometeer is the best tasting coffee you’ll ever have.

I’ve been around the block with coffee. From unique coffee shops to other “specialty” coffee brands like Jot all the way to hole-in-the-wall cafes in South America, I’ve seen it all.

And nothing close to tasting as incredible as Cometeer does. I mean, these frozen pucks deliver 5-star coffee morning after morning. Cometeer’s coffee is hyper-flavorful due to their precision brewing technique. Plus, you get to try a variety of roasts each month. Whether you want sweet, crispy flavors or to bold, intense flavors, Cometeer delivers. It’s such a good feeling starting my stressful days with a cup of coffee from Cometeer that, frankly, blows anything my local coffee shops can make out of the water, and it saves me a stop on the way to school.

Convenience on a totally different level.

For those rushed mornings, Cometeer is incredibly convenient. No machines. No coffee ground-ridden K-Cups. No messy Nespresso concoctions. None of that!

With Cometeer, you simply peel back the lid, drop the frozen puck in your mug, and add 8oz of water (hot or cold). There’s no mess and no coffee grounds on the floor. Easy as that! My coffee used to take over 10 whole minutes to make with a machine, but now it honestly takes less than a minute each morning (super ideal when I’m rushing out the door with my kids).

And yes, Cometeer is 100% affordable!

I used to hit Starbucks after dropping my daughter off at school–and then I realized the bill was upwards of $5/day. Yikes. The coffee from Starbucks and my other local coffee shops is always good, but once I saw how Cometeer can MATCH that quality for less than $2/day, I was sold!

It definitely didn’t entirely replace my trips to my Starbucks or local coffee shop since I still like to indulge on the weekends, but during the busy week, it’s all Cometeer for me now!

They have a seemingly endless flavor and roast variety.

Cometeer has an option for every coffee drinker, and actually builds you a custom monthly box based on how you tell them you prefer your coffee. It’s really unique and is catered to my tastes.

Cometeer has partnerships with premier roasters from all around the world - literally from all across the globe - so you’re really getting the best coffee available. Even better is that Cometeer has options based on your caffeination preference: fully caffeinated, half-caff or decaf. You name it, Cometeer’s got it!

I got Cometeer’s Mixed Roast Box when I first ordered, so I can always change it up on demand and start my day with whatever flavorful cup of coffee I’m after. I’m on about my 6th or 7th box at this point, and have still stuck with their Mixed Roast Box because of the endless variety I get!

In conclusion, ALL parents should be drinking Cometeer.

If you can’t tell that I’m a Cometeer superfan, then you must have been half asleep reading about my experience. I’d highly recommend giving Cometeer a shot today, and better yet, you can save $20 on your first two boxes, a total of $40 in savings!

Their flash-frozen capsules deliver a positively premium experience day after day–Cometeer is a bright spot in my stressful, rushed mornings. I highly recommend giving Cometer a try! Shop here and redeem your $40 off today.