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My Subscription Addiction

Why Every Shampoo Review is Totally Irrelevant

Ella Yvonne
ByElla YvonneSep 1, 2022

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Figuring out how to style and take care of your hair is challenging enough without having to sift through the millions of product reviews out there. After trying a customized haircare routine from Prose, every shampoo review became totally irrelevant for me — and I’ve saved so much time and effort in the process!

Your hair is unlike anyone else’s

This probably goes without saying, but your hair is unlike anyone else’s! Even if you’re spending tons of time online reading reviews and trying to figure out if your curl pattern or the dryness of your hair is comparable to someone else’s, it’s never going to be the perfect fit — because your hair is unique. Though reviews might help you address one dimension of your hair care needs, it’d be nearly impossible to find a reviewer with hair that matches yours in every aspect.

Prose’s online consultation is the most comprehensive beauty quiz I’ve ever taken. It considers not only your natural hair texture but also the thickness and density of your hair. It doesn’t just ask simple questions like if your hair is oily or dry. It gets more specific than that —  like figuring out where you tend to get oily (my roots get oily but I still have dry split ends!) and how quickly your hair gets oily after washing.

Everyone’s hair goals and styling preferences are different

Even if your hair seems like the perfect match for someone leaving a review, it’s still possible that you don’t have the same hair goals or hairstyle preferences! One thing I really appreciated about the Prose customization process was how judgment-free the questions were. Though every hairstylist I’ve ever been to has discouraged it, I really like washing my hair every day. And frankly? It’s not a goal of mine to wash my hair any less because I simply enjoy this part of my daily routine. If you like to wash your hair or like to style it a certain way every day, there should be a hair care system that caters to those preferences without judgment or asking you to change your routine.

Where you live matters

Something that I take for granted is how resilient my hair is in the face of different levels of humidity and water hardness. Since I have thick, straight hair, my hair doesn’t change all that much when water hardness or humidity levels change. However, I have friends who often have to switch up their hair routine depending on the season or their geographic location. Prose has a cool feature in their customization process that factors in the UV levels, water hardness, pollution, and the humidity typical of your location — something that you’d never normally get from a shampoo review.

Your current lifestyle affects your hair

Finally, even if your hair is the perfect replica of another person’s hair, there are guaranteed to be lifestyle factors that you don’t share. I absolutely love that Prose asked about my stress levels because as a graduate student, I know that I tend to be more stressed than the average person. Though I know this affects the health of my skin and hair, it’s really hard to find the time to research and find the proper ingredients that would address these issues. With Prose, lifestyle factors are already taken into account and I don’t have to worry about it.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I’m so happy with my Prose products and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to take better care of their hair without the hassle of having to sift through tons of reviews to figure out what products are best for you. Prose takes all of that hassle away and utilizes a holistic approach that incorporates your preferences, lifestyle, and environment into your hair care routine!

Ella Yvonne
Ella Yvonne

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