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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Why Being My Own Valentine This Year is the Ultimate Act of Self-Care

Amy Sun
ByAmy SunJan 31, 2023In Partnership With BloomsyBox

It’s self-care season, babes! The best part about loving yourself is that it’s not saved exclusively for single people—I’m loved by my forever Valentine and I still want to treat myself. This year, I’m gifting myself the farm-fresh flower subscription BloomsyBox because I feel most at-peace when I’m surrounded by beautiful things.

From my BloomsyBox subscription, I’ve learned I can count on freshness, quality, and creativity when it comes to floral design. I’ve also come to really appreciate and enjoy the little flutter I feel in my stomach when the box appears on my doorstep, because I know I’m about to unpack something for myself that’s going to make my entire week that much better.

Rainforest-friendly, in-season, and fresh

Fresh-cut flowers are honestly a guilty pleasure of mine—I know that when purchased from companies who do it recklessly, they’re pretty bad for the planet. So when I saw that BloomsyBox works with all Rainforest Alliance certified farms to create bouquets from in-season flowers, I knew this was going to be how I treat myself this Valentine’s Day. The local employees of these farms have ethical working conditions and grow their flowers sustainably so as not to damage the ecosystem around them. Knowing that makes the bouquet on my counter look and smell even more gorgeous.

Pick the plan that makes your heart smile

How often do you want fresh flowers to make your day? Weekly? Every other week? Monthly? BloomsyBox gives you options that not only let you customize your delivery cadence, but also choose how many stems you’d like to receive. This subscription has the power to freshen up your space with color and aroma as often as you like. One of my favorite parts of delivery day is choosing which vase goes best with the bouquet I just received. I have a thing for vases, so pairing them with the flowers sparks my creativity and makes it feel like I’m working directly with the bouquet designer.

The beauty goes on and on

I’ve been so impressed by how long BloomsyBox flowers last. When your order is placed, the flowers are hand-cut by the farm and shipped directly to you within 2-5 days. So when they arrive, some of the flowers might still be in bud form. It’s so lovely to watch them bloom as they settle into my home.

I think the flowers’ longevity is also thanks to the specific care instructions BloomsyBox sends with each arrangement. Since every bouquet is an artful array of different flowers, some require slightly different maintenance. They also include a little packet of flower food to mix in with the water to help them stay fresh for longer.

Love on yourself with fresh flowers

I’m so pleased with my decision to treat myself to flowers, and I’ve been patting myself on the back for landing on BloomsyBox—it’s been a really positive experience. These gorgeous flowers are farm-fresh from the rainforest, wrapped with care, and arrive eager to beautify my space for longer than I would expect fresh flowers to last. No one will accuse you of being unoriginal if you steal my idea—seriously, I think you’re going to be so glad you did it!