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What your stylist wishes you knew about your hair

Julie Kim
ByJulie KimNov 3, 2022

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With curly, color-treated hair and an itchy scalp, I have quite a few hair concerns that prompted me to seek professional help. What could I do to soothe my scalp and revitalize my curls without ruining my colored hair? I spoke with my hair stylist, who recommended a customizable hair routine rather than mass-produced drugstore products. That’s how I discovered Prose.

Prose is a sustainable haircare company that creates personalized products to suit a variety of hair types. I started by taking a consultation about my hair type and concerns, which I was able to pinpoint with some help from my stylist. The result? A hair routine that has given my hair new life and garnered nods of approval every time I step into the salon for my appointment. Here’s what my stylist recommends for healthy hair — and how Prose delivers on every point.

Personalized hair products are your friend

Each person has a unique hair type and differing concerns, and even environmental factors can affect hair and scalp health. For me, I have finally embraced my naturally curly hair, but I wanted to find products that restored its vitality after years of straightening it. Additionally, there’s maintenance: more than just shampooing and conditioning, my curly hair needs a little extra TLC to look its best.

My stylist made it clear — mass–produced products can’t address all my concerns, nor can they factor in elements like my humid environment. But with Prose, I receive formulas designed specifically for my curly hair and my environment. Even better? The formulas target my hair concerns while also being vegan and silicone-free.

Go for clean ingredients

Now that I’m wearing my curly hair naturally, I wanted to find hair products that wouldn’t leave behind harmful deposits that sink into my skin, or weigh down my bouncy curls.

My stylist suggested looking for curl-specific haircare made without harmful parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Prose’s Curl Cream has been life-saving for my curls, which feel weightless and look so shiny after every use.

I can trust that my whole lineup of products from Prose is cruelty-free and formulated without harmful ingredients. To personalize my experience even more, I also opted for vegan and silicone-free formulas.

Use a shampoo that protects color-treated hair

The last thing I wanted to do was start using hair products that would wash out all the hard work my stylist puts into my hair color. Fortunately, Prose makes every product color-safe if you indicate that you have color-treated hair in your consultation. My Prose haircare products don’t just keep my color from bleeding — they even restore shine, and my color-protect shampoo helps my vibrant hair color last longer.

Use hair products that consider your environment

I live in a really humid environment, but it’s hard to find products that take environmental factors into account, which is something my stylist told me to think about when shopping for haircare.

The humidity has left me with an uncomfortably itchy scalp. As I learned from my stylist, because of the high humidity, sweat on the scalp can trap dirt and other pollutants and actually lead to dandruff. But finding dandruff products that are safe for color-treated hair is no easy feat — unless you leave it to the pros at Prose.

My customized Pre-Shampoo Mask is designed for scalp health, and it helps clear away build-up even before I use my color-protecting shampoo. It’s easy to use, and it doesn’t dull my hair color. Just by applying this mask a couple times a week, I can help counterbalance the impacts of my environment on my hair and scalp.

Prose is the secret to healthy hair

After using Prose, I immediately noticed a difference in the look and feel of my hair. My hair feels incredibly soft — I can’t stop touching it! Likewise, my stylist is impressed with how bouncy my curls have become thanks to this customized haircare line-up. I’ve even noticed more shine and vibrancy that I couldn’t obtain with basic shampoos and conditioners.

With all of the tips my stylist gave me, it was a relief to find everything I needed with Prose. From clean ingredients and color-safe formulas to customized products that account for environmental factors, Prose products are the only ones that have gained my stylist’s seal of approval.