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My Subscription Addiction

What to Do For Your Pet During Flea and Tick Season 

Danielle Palko
ByDanielle PalkoJun 17, 2022

When the weather is warm, I spend more time outside, and my furry family members love to run around in the long grass and sunshine. It’s a glorious time of year. What’s not so great is flea and tick season.

Until recently, the best option for advice on flea and tick meds was to go to the vet’s office. But that can be expensive and inconvenient, not to mention stressful for your dog. But thanks to my Fuzzy subscription, it’s never been more convenient to protect my pets. I just took this quiz and even got my first month free.

Prevention is Key

During colder months with less exposure, the risk of our pets picking up pesky parasites is much lower. But from now through late fall, we have to be vigilant. Prevention is key to keeping dogs healthy and our homes parasite-free.

There are several preventative options from Fuzzy to choose from. A topical flea and tick preventative, which comes in liquid form to be applied directly to the dog’s skin, is a great option to keep pets pest-free. Fuzzy even has craveable bacon-flavored chews that repel fleas and ticks, ideal for pets with skin sensitivities. A Fuzzy subscription gives you 24/7 access to established veterinarians, who can recommend the right product for your dog.

Eliminate the Pests

Keeping fleas and ticks away is, of course, the best course of action. But there are things to do if they are already living on your pet. Ridding dogs and cats of pests depends on their coat type and the extent of the infestation. Pet parents with a dog with shorter fur (like Paisley) might have an easier time eliminating fleas and ticks because they’re easy to see. On the other hand, fleas can hide and be challenging to remove from a pet with long or thick fur.

Fuzzy has effective vet-curated products to safely remove fleas and ticks from all types of pets — and to keep them off: flea combs, tick removal tools, tablets, shampoos, and sprays.

Year-Round Care

While my mind is currently on flea and tick season, I want Paisley to have the best care all year round. A Fuzzy subscription takes out some of the worries of wondering whether or not something is worth a visit to the vet. They have a team of experienced vets online and ready, day and night, to offer expert advice and support. Check with Fuzzy first. Because there’s a very good chance that an in-person visit to your local vet might not be necessary.

Fuzzy’s experts also offer many options to keep dogs and cats in good health, from tips and tools for grooming and bathing, to preventative dental care, to diet and exercise. They can even help with pet stress and anxiety, while their range of toys and treats (including organic options) offer fun ways to aid animal wellness.

Final Thoughts

I love the confidence and convenience of being able to rely on Fuzzy to advise me and deliver the right products for Paisley’s needs. Always available via 24/7 Live Vet Chat, the Fuzzy team is on hand to help with all issues, big or small. They can recommend pet meds and health supplements. And their mobile app means that help is just a click away.

Properly protected thanks to Fuzzy, Paisley and I can get out to make the most of summer.

Danielle Palko
Danielle Palko

My name is Danielle and I'm a photographer located in a coastal town in central Florida! My dog Paisley is a Saint Bernard/American Bulldog mix and is always ready for a beach or river trip. We've done lots of training to perfect her modeling skills and she LOVES it when I bring my camera on our adventures. We enjoy being outdoors at the beach, paddling on the river, or just enjoying a nice park.