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My Subscription Addiction

What I Wish I Knew While Waiting 4 Months to Get a Neurologist Appointment

Jenny Scheck
ByJenny ScheckJan 25, 2023In Partnership With Cove

Let’s play a game… put a finger down if:

  • You’ve ever been ghosted by a doctor’s office
  • You’ve spent hours on hold with the insurance company when trying to find a provider
  • You received a referral for a doctor … who didn’t take your insurance
  • You’ve waited at least a month to get into a doctor's office
  • You missed work because the doctor/insurance company was only available to call during business hours
  • A lab forgot to upload your test results
  • When your appointment finally came ‘round, you sat in the waiting room for over an hour only to be seen for 15 minutes
  • You were told a doctor you were referred to wasn’t taking new patients
  • You went to pick up a prescription at your pharmacy and was told they were either out of it or it wasn’t covered by your insurance

For starters, if you’ve experienced any of these, I truly empathize with you. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing something is wrong and not being able to get the help you need - not to mention the actual pain or illness you’re going through. Getting the care you deserve should not be this much of a headache - enter, Cove.

I’ve had migraines my whole life. They’ve always been manageable enough - with around ten per year, I was usually able to take some Excedrin and sleep them off. That was until I had Omicron back in January 2022 which exasperated my migraines like never before.

For the months of February and April, I had migraines that would linger for three weeks at a time. While waiting four months to see a neurologist - virtually, mind you - I would go to work in excruciating pain, vomit at some point during the day from nausea, then go home and sleep. With a cycle like that, no work was getting done. Here’s why I wish I knew about Cove months ago:

1. As easy as 3 simple steps

First, I filled out a consultation where they asked me questions about my medical and migraine history. This triggered a licensed Cove provider to be assigned to oversee my care. Next, my provider created a treatment plan personalized to my migraine history and symptoms. All I had to do was approve the plan and the medications were shipped right to my door! The last step - complete access to my provider. She worked with me to track my progress, manage my treatment, and help build healthier habits for more migraine-free days… a true queen.

2. Insurance friendly

Cove is in-network with insurers nationwide, so I was eligible to pay for my initial consultation with my insurance plan. On average, Cove patients pay $30 for their first 3 months of care… that’s $10 per month… which is cheaper than the average cost of lunch.

3. Ample product offerings

Cove’s care is quite comprehensive. Not only do they have acute medications, but they also offer preventive medications, anti-nausea medications, and dietary supplements. While the acute medications are of course important, to me, the real show-stoppers are anti-nausea drugs. As someone who is perpetually queasy, the ability to get these prescribed as part of my migraine care is a big deal. On top of all of that, Cove also offers Mind for Migraine & Coaching programs - mental health programs specially designed for migraine patients.

Cove has quite literally changed my life. In my opinion, they’re completely revolutionizing migraine relief. Next time you hit a wall with your doctor, remember you’ve got an ally out there, and their name is Cove!