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What Does Joe Jonas Know About Serving Cocktails? As It Turns Out, A Lot, Actually

Kirby Mekler
ByKirby MeklerDec 16, 2022In Partnership With Ohza

I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to canned cocktails. I take pride in making things from scratch. Drinks, food, you name it. So when I heard about Ohza, I was skeptical at best. Canned sangria developed by Joe Jonas? That was bound to be a sugar bomb.

But when I started looking into it, I was surprised. According to Ohza’s website, their canned mimosas have 80% less sugar and 60% fewer calories than the average at-home mimosa. They’re also made with premium sparkling wine and real fruit juice. Ok, you have my attention! With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I decided to give it a go. After all, mimosas and sangria are certified crowd-pleasers, and I wouldn’t mind making the festive season a bit easier on myself.

The first taste

Ohza was actually delightful! I literally said, “wow, ok Joe Jonas,” after I took my first sip. I received the fizzy red sangria, the fizzy white sangria, and the classic mimosa. The fizzy white sangria was by far my favorite. It tasted very peachy to me–almost like a bellini but with more complexity, and I was super into it.

The fizzy red sangria reminded me of a grown-up fruit punch. Again, not mad about it (I love a good fruit punch). Finally, the classic mimosa was about what you’d expect. It’s orange juice and bubbly, so it’s not the most mysterious of drinks. That said, I thought the orange juice to sparkling wine ratio was solid. Much more so than a lot of at-home mimosas I’ve had! All three drinks tasted like they were made with high-quality ingredients. And I’m happy to report that none of them gave me a hangover, despite the fact that mimosas and sangrias are notoriously sweet!

Enjoying Ohza

In my opinion, the best way to enjoy Ohza is with good friends and good food–perfect for the upcoming festive season. They just feel like they’re made for an occasion, be it a holiday gathering or a summer soirée. No matter the setting, though, these pair perfectly with snacks. Ohza’s canned cocktails just feel like they’re made to be enjoyed with snacks and companions. Ohza really brings the party: 12 cans of Ohza = 4 Champagne bottles of bubbly + 2 cartons of juice. Nice!

If you’re looking to buy Ohza for your next event, you can turn to big box stores like Total Wine & More and Whole Foods, as well as a local retailer near you (check out their store locator for more info). Order more and save from Ohza’s website: a 12-pack will run about $49 + free shipping ($4.08/drink), while a bigger party order will be more cost-effective (a 36-pack costs $99, or $2.75/drink + free shipping).

Final thoughts

I owe Joe Jonas an apology. I shouldn’t have judged him so harshly. He’s doing a great job, and these drinks are lovely. They’d make a great addition to your Friendsgiving table, and they’d also be perfect to sip while sunbathing on a boat. Ohza really is versatility at its finest!