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My Subscription Addiction
My Subscription Addiction

Wantable vs. Fabletics: Which Activewear Subscription Motivates Me to Work Out More

Lauren Nowicki
ByLauren NowickiSep 29, 2022Sponsored

I’ve always loved working out at the gym. But, like many others, the pandemic really halted my progress. Well, I’ve recently gotten back into the groove of things and even discovered a new love for yoga. My simple trick for keeping myself motivated is making sure my workout clothes are cute and supportive. That’s where an activewear subscription comes in. I don’t have time to be looking through endless racks of leggings and sports bras, not to mention how expensive these items can get.

There are plenty of clothing subscriptions out there but Fabletics and Wantable have always stood out to me. So I tried both to see which one made me the most excited to work out. Here’s what I found:

If you want a larger variety of brands…Wantable

When I first signed up for Wantable and Fabletics, I noticed a vast difference when it comes to the clothing brands they offer. Fabletics just offers … Fabletics. There are different types of leggings, tops, and sports bras for a range of exercises, but it’s all made by Fabletics, which is not bad if it’s what you like. I, on the other hand, prefer a little bit of variety in my brands. Wantable sent me everything from Free People Movement to Spiritual Gangster and Beyond Yoga. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of brands they sell. I can find everything from more affordable items to premium quality brands to different fitness styles, plus I love being the first to try cool new trends.

If you want more flexibility…Wantable

For someone who doesn’t like to stick with the same schedule, Wantable lets you choose to either subscribe or order an Edit whenever you want. Your stylist sends you a personalized Edit based on your style preferences and items you request from the Stream. Once you get your 7 items, you can pick and choose what you actually keep after trying everything on. Your $20 styling fee will be credited towards any item you keep. And a huge plus is that if you keep 5 or more items from Wantable, you get 20% off your purchase.

If you want credits that can be saved…Fabletics

As a Fabletics member, you are charged a monthly membership price of $54.95 but you can skip as often as you like (assuming you don’t forget!). You can also save up your monthly credit to use in the following months with credits expiring after 12 months. That means if you don’t like any of the items that month, you don’t have to purchase anything right away. Meanwhile, with Wantable, if there’s nothing you want to keep in a particular Edit, you still have to pay the $20 styling fee that will just go to waste. But I’ve always found that I want to keep most of the items that Wantable sends me anyway.

If you want more personalized style options…Wantable

With Wantable, I was presented with a personalized list of items that matched my style quiz results. All the items were cute and definitely things that I could definitely see myself wearing. And when my stylist sent me a curated Edit, I could not be happier with what I received. There’s none of this customization with Fabletics. Every customer has to pick from the same collection each month, and there are definitely a lot of misses for me. What’s more, when there is something that catches my eye, it seems like everyone else wants it too and the items I want sell out too quickly.

The ultimate winner… Wantable

I think it’s pretty obvious which brand I prefer but Wantable is the clear winner in my eyes. Not only do I get items I actually like delivered straight to my door, but I also get to decide which items to keep or send back. On top of that, Wantable is far more personalized as I work with a stylist who offers me a wide selection of pieces depending on what I want and what I like. Getting workout gear that I love is so easy with Wantable, I can focus on more important things like perfecting my downward dog.